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  G06F: ELECTRIC DIGITAL DATA PROCESSING (computer systems based on specific computational models G06N)  
   G06F19/00: Digital computing or data processing equipment or methods, specially adapted for specific applications (specially adapted for specific functions G06F17/00; data processing systems or methods specially adapted for administrative, commercial, financial, managerial, supervisory or forecasting purposes G06Q; healthcare informatics G16H)  
   G06F19/30: Medical informatics, i.e. computer-based analysis or dissemination of patient or disease data (measuring for diagnostic purposes A61B5/00; recognising patterns in biomedical signals G06K9/00496; data processing systems or methods specially adapted for administrative or managerial aspects of healthcare or welfare G06Q50/22)  
   G06F19/32: . . Medical data management, e.g. systems or protocols for archival or communication of medical images, computerised patient records or computerised general medical references (information retrieval or databases per seG06F16/00; data security aspects G06F21/00)  
   G06F19/321: . . . Management of medical image data, e.g. communication or archiving systems such as picture archiving and communication systems [PACS] or related medical protocols such as digital imaging and communications in medicine protocol [DICOM]; Editing of medical image data, e.g. adding diagnosis information (image data processing in general G06T, image data processing related to 3D objects G06F17/00; biomedical image inspection G06T7/0012)  
   G06F19/324: . . . Management of patient independent data, e.g. medical references in digital format  
   G06F19/325: . . . . Medical practices, e.g. general treatment protocols  
   G06F19/326: . . . . Medication information, e.g. drug reference databases  
   G06F19/328: . . . Health insurance management, e.g. payments or protection against fraud  
   G06F19/34: . . Computer-assisted medical diagnosis or treatment, e.g. computerised prescription or delivery of medication or diets, computerised local control of medical devices, medical expert systems or telemedicine  
   G06F19/3418: . . . Telemedicine, e.g. remote diagnosis, remote control of instruments or remote monitoring of patient carried devices  
   G06F19/3456: . . . Computer-assisted prescription or delivery of medication, e.g. prescription filling or compliance checking  
   G06F19/3462: . . . . Computer-assisted distribution of medication from dispensers, i.e. making sure that medication is correctly delivered to patients (medication containers A61J1/00; dispensers activated by money or the like G07F)  
   G06F19/3468: . . . . Computer-assisted delivery of medication via infusion or injection (infusion devices per seA61M5/14)  
   G06F19/3475: . . . Computer-assisted prescription or delivery of diets, e.g. prescription filling or compliance checking  
   G06F19/3481: . . . Computer-assisted prescription or delivery of treatment by physical action, e.g. surgery or physical exercise (surgical instruments, devices or methods A61B17/00; apparatuses for physical training A63B)  
   G06F19/36: . . Computer-assisted acquisition of medical data, e.g. computerised clinical trials or questionnaires (measuring analogue medical signals A61B5/00)