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   A47G1/00: Mirrors ; Picture frames or the like, e.g. provided with heating, lighting or ventilating means
   A47G1/02: Mirrors used as equipment
   A47G1/04: . . Multi-part mirrors
   A47G1/06: Picture frames
   A47G1/06A: . . made from extruded or moulded profiles, e.g. of plastic or metal
   A47G1/06A1: . . . the profiles having clamping action; Elongated clips
   A47G1/06B: . . Ornamental frames, e.g. with illumination, speakers
   A47G1/06B2: . . . with illumination
   A47G1/06B4: . . . with decorative strips or layers on the frame members
   A47G1/06C: . . made of sheet material
   A47G1/06D: . . Frameless picture holders
   A47G1/06E: . . using a tension wire for holding the members or corner pieces together
   A47G1/06F: . . Interconnected frames; Frame assemblies; Frames for two or more pictures
   A47G1/06G: . . with anti-theft means
   A47G1/08: . . adjustable A47G1/06E takes precedence
   A47G1/10: . . Corner clips or corner-connecting appliances for frames
   A47G1/10S: . . . Staples or the like for connecting mitred wooden frame members
   A47G1/12: Frames or housings for storing medals, badges, or the like
   A47G1/14: Photograph stands
   A47G1/14A: . . made of sheet material
   A47G1/14B: . . Supporting legs or feet
   A47G1/14B2: . . . Pivotable legs
   A47G1/16: Devices for hanging or supporting pictures, mirrors, or the like
   A47G1/16B: . . [N: comprising a wall member cooperating with a corresponding picture member]
   A47G1/16B2: . . . [N: and being adjustable]
   A47G1/16C: . . [N: Picture members for connection to a conventional wall hook or nail]
   A47G1/16C2: . . . [N: and being adjustable]
   A47G1/16D: . . [N: Wall members for connection to a conventional picture]
   A47G1/16D2: . . . [N: and being adjustable]
   A47G1/16F: . . for decorative plates
   A47G1/16G: . . [N: for connecting to a surface other than a flat wall, e.g. room corner, ceiling, window]
   A47G1/16H: . . [N: for rotatably hanging or supporting]
   A47G1/16J: . . [N: Devices for connecting a suspension wire to a picture]
   A47G1/16P: . . Pads or the like preventing displacement of hanging pictures, mirrors, or the like
   A47G1/16R: . . Picture rails; Accessories therefor, e.g. hooks or the like, specially adapted for use with picture rails
   A47G1/17: . . using adhesives, suction or magnetism A47G1/16P takes precedence; suction cups for attaching purposes, equivalent means using adhesives F16B47/00
   A47G1/17S: . . . Stretch releasing adhesives
   A47G1/18: . . Picture loops or the like
   A47G1/20: . . Picture hooks; X-hooks
   A47G1/20B: . . . [N: adjustable]
   A47G1/20P: . . . Devices for positioning picture hooks on a wall
   A47G1/21: . . . with clamping action
   A47G1/21B: . . . . [N: Mirror clamps]
   A47G1/22: . . Pin plates
   A47G1/24: . . Appliances for adjusting pictures, mirrors, or the like, into a desired position, especially inclined [N: (A47G1/16F to A47G1/22 take precedence)]
   A47G3/00: Removable ornamental heads for nails, screws, or the like
   A47G5/00: Screens ; Draught-deflectors
   A47G5/02: Roll-up screens
   A47G5/04: Fire screens
   A47G7/00: Flower holders or the like
   A47G7/00G: Transparent holders for flowers, e.g. globes for artificial flowers
   A47G7/02: Devices for supporting flower-pots or cut flowers
   A47G7/02B: . . Flower-pot stabilisers, i.e. means to prevent flower-pots from tipping over
   A47G7/03: . . Needle cushions or needle plates for supporting flowers in pots or vases
   A47G7/04: . . Flower tables; Stands or hangers, e.g. baskets, for flowers
   A47G7/04B: . . . Flower tables or stands
   A47G7/04B2: . . . . the flower-pots being suspended therefrom by wires or the like
   A47G7/04D: . . . Hanging flower-pot holders, e.g. mounted on walls, balcony fences or the like on windows or doors A47H27/00
   A47G7/04D2: . . . . the flower-pots being suspended therefrom by wires or the like
   A47G7/04F: . . . Devices for suspending flower-pots by wires or the like A47G7/04B2 and A47G7/04D2 take precedence
   A47G7/06: . . Flower vases
   A47G7/06F: . . . foldable
   A47G7/07: . . . Guiding means for flowers in vases, e.g. perforated covers
   A47G7/08: . . Covers for flower-pots, e.g. ornamental pots
   A47G7/08S: . . . made of flexible sheets of non-resilient material
   A47G9/00: Bed-covers; Counterpanes; Travelling rugs; Sleeping rugs; Sleeping bags; Pillows loose filling materials for bedding B68G1/00
   A47G9/00T: comprising deodorising, fragrance releasing, therapeutic or disinfecting substances
   A47G9/02: Bed linen; Blankets; Counterpanes
   A47G9/02A: . . Blankets; Duvets
   A47G9/02A2: . . . with cooling or heating means electric blankets H05B3/34
   A47G9/02A4: . . . Blankets
   A47G9/02A6: . . . [N: having individualized insulation for each of two persons]
   A47G9/02B: . . Bed linen
   A47G9/02B1: . . . Fitted sheets loose furniture covers A47C31/10
   A47G9/02B2: . . . Pillow slips
   A47G9/02B4: . . . Blanket or duvet enclosing covers, e.g. bag-like
   A47G9/02C: . . Counterpanes
   A47G9/02S: . . Bed skirts, valances or dust ruffles A47G9/02C takes precedence
   A47G9/04: . . with fastening strips
   A47G9/06: Travelling rugs; Sleeping rugs
   A47G9/06B: . . for covering the ground, e.g. picnic or beach blankets
   A47G9/06D: . . for covering a standing user, e.g. transformable into a robe
   A47G9/06F: . . for covering a sitting user, e.g. with foot pocket
   A47G9/06F2: . . . adapted for a perambulator or a child car seat
   A47G9/08: Sleeping bags
   A47G9/08B: . . [N: for babies and infants]
   A47G9/08D: . . [N: for outdoor sleeping]
   A47G9/10: Pillows
   A47G9/10B: . . Rigid frame constructions
   A47G9/10D: . . Details of inflatable pillows
   A47G9/10F: . . with cooling or heating means
   A47G9/10H: . . shaped as, combined with, or convertible into other articles, e.g. dolls, sound equipments, bags or the like
   A47G9/10J: . . [N: for lying face downwards]
   A47G9/10J2: . . . [N: comprising limb accommodation]
   A47G9/10L: . . [N: for lying in reclined position, e.g. for reading]
   A47G9/10N: . . [N: comprising a neck support, e.g. a neck roll]
   A47G9/10N2: . . . [N: adapted to lie on the side and in supine position]
   A47G11/00: Table linen picnic blankets A47G9/06; placemats A47G23/03B
   A47G11/00N: Table napkins
   A47G11/00N2: . . comprising means for attaching to a diner`s clothing separate holding devices A47G21/16B
   A47G11/00T: Table-cloths
   A47G11/00T2: . . Fitted table-cloths separate holding devices A47G21/16D
   A47G11/00T4: . . Multi-part table-cloths, e.g. comprising separate skirting
   A47G11/00T6: . . Continuous table-cloths, e.g. wound on a supply roller
   A47G11/00U: Table-cloth underlays
   A47G19/00: Table service
   A47G19/02: Plates, dishes or the like
   A47G19/22B12B: . . . . from bottles[N9412]
   A47G19/22B12C: . . . . from beverage cans[N9412]
   A47G19/02B: . . Plates comprising indications for dividing cakes or the like into parts of equal size apparatus for cutting pies or the like into equal segments B26D3/24B
   A47G19/02D: . . with means for amusing or giving information to the user
   A47G19/02Q: . . with means for keeping food cool or hot
   A47G19/03: . . for using only once, e.g. made of paper
   A47G19/04: . . Plates with detachable waste receptacles
   A47G19/06: . . Plates with integral holders for spoons, glasses, or the like
   A47G19/06B: . . . with thumb holes, handles or the like enabling the user to support the plate from below
   A47G19/08: . . Plate-holders
   A47G19/10: . . . Devices for securing plates to the table
   A47G19/12: Vessels or pots for table use
   A47G19/12Q: . . with means for keeping liquid cool or hot vacuum bottles A47J41/02
   A47G19/14: . . Coffee or tea pots
   A47G19/14B: . . . Drip catchers for coffee or tea pots
   A47G19/16: . . Tea infusers, e.g. infusing bags, egg-shaped infuses
   A47G19/18: . . Containers for delivering jam, mustard, or the like
   A47G19/18B: . . . by applying external pressure, i.e. by pumping or squeezing
   A47G19/18D: . . . combined with a spreading implement
   A47G19/20: Tea or coffee pot cosies
   A47G19/22: Drinking vessels or saucers used for table service
   A47G19/22B: . . Drinking glasses or vessels A47G19/23 takes precedence
   A47G19/22B10: . . . with integral means to prevent the glass from slipping or tipping-over non-integral means A47G23/02A2
   A47G19/22B12: . . . Means for facilitating drinking, e.g. for infants or invalids
   A47G19/22B12G: . . . . from drinking glasses or cups comprising lids or covers
   A47G19/22B2: . . . Lip- or moustache-protecting devices for drinking glasses; Strainers set in a movable or fixed manner in the glasses
   A47G19/22B2B: . . . . Sanitary lip guards mounted on the rim A47G19/22B12 takes precedence
   A47G19/22B4: . . . Straw holders therefor
   A47G19/22B6: . . . with means for amusing or giving information to the user A47G23/16 takes precedence
   A47G19/22B6B: . . . . related to the evolution of bubbles in carbonated beverages
   A47G19/22B8: . . . Details related to the connection between the liquid containing part and the supporting part
   A47G19/22D: . . Saucers
   A47G19/22Q: . . with means for keeping liquid cool or hot
   A47G19/23: . . of stackable type
   A47G19/24: Shakers for salt, pepper, sugar, or the like closures comprising hand-operated members for controlling discharge B65D47/20
   A47G19/26: Butter or cheese dishes or covers, with or without cooling or heating devices; Protective covers for food containers
   A47G19/26B: . . Food-savers, i.e. devices for covering the exposed parts of food items that have been partially consumed
   A47G19/28: Egg-cups; Openers for boiled eggs
   A47G19/28Q: . . Means for keeping the eggs cold or hot
   A47G19/30: Other containers or devices used as table equipment used as kitchen equipment A47J47/02
   A47G19/30B: . . Corn cob holders; Butter spreading devices therefor
   A47G19/32: . . Food containers with dispensing devices for bread, rolls, sugar, or the like; Food containers with movable covers
   A47G19/34: . . . dispensing a certain quantity of powdered or granulated foodstuffs, e.g. sugar
   A47G21/00: Table-ware
   A47G21/00B: Holders or wrappers as eating aids for fast food, e.g. hamburgers
   A47G21/00D: Table-ware comprising food additives to be used with foodstuff spoon-like infusers A47G19/16; drinking straws A47G21/18F
   A47G21/00F: Devices for spreading butter for corn cob holders A47G19/30B; Apparatus or utensils for shaping butter or the like A47J9/00
   A47G21/00Q: with means for keeping food cool or hot
   A47G21/02: Forks; Forks with ejectors; Combined forks and spoons; Salad servers
   A47G21/02B: . . Forks; Forks with ejectors
   A47G21/02B2: . . . comprising means for rotating the fork, e.g. rotating spaghetti forks
   A47G21/04: Spoons; Pastry servers
   A47G21/04B: . . Pastry servers
   A47G21/04D: . . Spoons comprising beverage additives (spoon-like infusers 19/16)
   A47G21/06: Combined or separable sets of table-service utensils; Oyster knives with openers; Fish servers with means for removing bones
   A47G21/06B: . . Oyster knives with openers; Shellfish openers processing bivalves, e.g. oysters, A22C29/04
   A47G21/06B2: . . . Oyster splitters working by forcing a knife or the like between shells A47G21/06B4 takes precedence
   A47G21/06B2S: . . . . Separate oyster supports therefor
   A47G21/06B2T: . . . . Hand tools, e.g. shucking knives
   A47G21/06B2T2: . . . . . electrically operated
   A47G21/06B4: . . . Oyster punching devices for removing a part of its edge
   A47G21/06B6: . . . Devices for piercing the upper shell of oysters; Muscle cutters for use therewith
   A47G21/08: Serving devices for one-handed persons
   A47G21/10: Sugar tongs; Asparagus tongs; Other food tongs
   A47G21/10B: . . Chop-sticks
   A47G21/10C: . . Tea bag squeezers
   A47G21/12: Toothpick holders
   A47G21/14: Knife racks or stands; Holders for table utensils attachable to plates
   A47G21/14B: . . Holders for table utensils attachable to plates, jars or the like attachable to cooking pots A47J43/28F
   A47G21/16: Table-cloth or napkin holders
   A47G21/16B: . . Means for holding napkins on the clothes or around the neck of the user bibs A41B13/10; fastening devices for aprons A41D13/04
   A47G21/16D: . . Means for holding a table-cloth on a table
   A47G21/18: Drinking straws or the like
   A47G21/18B: . . combined with cutlery or other eating utensils
   A47G21/18E: . . with means for amusing or giving information to the user
   A47G21/18F: . . with means for changing the flavour of the liquid
   A47G21/18H: . . Dispensers therefor
   A47G21/18M: . . Mouthpieces
   A47G21/18P: . . Details of bendable straws
   A47G21/18Q: . . with means for cooling the liquid
   A47G21/18R: . . with filters to remove impurities
   A47G21/18T: . . telescoping
   A47G23/00: Other table equipment
   A47G23/02: Glass or bottle holders serving trays with openings for carrying glasses or bottles A47G23/06J; bottle racks A47B73/00; for feeding-bottles A61J9/06; in vehicles B60N3/10
   A47G23/02A: . . for drinking-glasses, plastic cups, or the like
   A47G23/02A2: . . . for one glass or cup
   A47G23/02A2B: . . . . attachable to a plate, table, or the like
   A47G23/02A2D: . . . . with a lid, e.g. for a beer glass lids attachable to beer glasses A47G19/22B
   A47G23/02B: . . for bottles; Decanters
   A47G23/02B1: . . . Oil/vinegar table sets
   A47G23/02C: . . for cartons or plastic bags
   A47G23/02D: . . for cans
   A47G23/02Q: . . with means for keeping food cool or hot[N9705]
   A47G23/02Q4: . . . for one glass or cup[N9708]
   A47G23/02Q4B: . . . . flexible sleeves or jackets[N9708]
   A47G23/03: Underlays for glasses or drinking-vessels
   A47G23/032: . . made of paper, board, or the like, e.g. beermats
   A47G23/03B: . . Table mats A47G23/03D takes precedence
   A47G23/03D: . . with means for amusing or giving information to the user A47G23/14 takes precedence
   A47G23/03D2: . . . Illuminated
   A47G23/03Q: . . with means for keeping food cool or hot
   A47G23/03S: . . supports therefor
   A47G23/04: Containers with means for keeping food cool or hot
   A47G23/06: Serving trays
   A47G23/06B: . . Lap trays
   A47G23/06D: . . suspended from handles positioned centrally above the tray
   A47G23/06F: . . with thumb holes, handles or the like positioned below the tray facilitating carrying the tray with one hand party or cocktail trays A47G19/06B
   A47G23/06H: . . Attachments to trays A47G19/04, A47G23/02A2B take precedence
   A47G23/06J: . . provided with a plurality of openings, e.g. for carrying glasses, bottles or the like
   A47G23/06J2: . . . for carrying ice-cream cones
   A47G23/06Q: . . with means for keeping food cool or hot
   A47G23/06Q2: . . . with a cover[N9705]
   A47G23/08: Food-conveying devices for tables restaurant service systems A47F10/06; conveyers for washing or rinsing crockery or tableware A47L15 ; Movable or rotary food-serving devices
   A47G23/10: Devices for counting or marking the number of consumptions
   A47G23/12: . . Consumption counters combined with table-ware or table-service [M1110]
   A47G23/14: . . . combined with underlays or holders , e.g. for glasses
   A47G23/16: . . . combined with drinking vessels or with lids therefor
   A47G25/00: Household implements used in connection with wearing apparel; Dress, hat or umbrella holders
   A47G25/00B: Shoe hangers
   A47G25/02: Dress holders; Dress suspending devices; Clothes-hanger assemblies; Clothing lifters
   A47G25/06: . . Clothes hooks; Clothes racks; Garment-supporting stands with swingable or extending arms
   A47G25/06B: . . . Clothes hooks
   A47G25/06B10: . . . . [N: preventing overloading]
   A47G25/06B12: . . . . [N: preventing knocking against, e.g. comprising a collapsible or retractable hook element]
   A47G25/06B2: . . . . [N: for mounting to a door top]
   A47G25/06B4: . . . . [N: for mounting to a door hinge]
   A47G25/06B6: . . . . [N: for mounting to a brick wall, e.g. in a mortar joint]
   A47G25/06B8: . . . . [N: comprising a separate wall plate]
   A47G25/06C: . . . Wall-mounted trouser clamps
   A47G25/06E: . . . Standing garment supporting racks; Garment supporting stands with swingable or extending arms
   A47G25/06E2: . . . . Dress valets
   A47G25/06F: . . . Hook-to-rail connections, with provisions for easy removal of the hooks
   A47G25/06H: . . . Collapsible clothes racks, e.g. swingable, foldable, extendible A47G25/06E2 takes precedence; wardrobes with extensible garment holders A47B61/02
   A47G25/06K: . . . Details of rods for suspending clothes-hangers
   A47G25/08: . . Portable pocket clothes-holders attachable to trees, walls, tables, or the like
   A47G25/10: Hat holders; Hat racks
   A47G25/12: Cane or umbrella stands or holders
   A47G25/14: Clothing hangers, e.g. suit hangers
   A47G25/14A: . . with identification means identification in general G09F
   A47G25/14A2: . . . [N: connected to the hook member]
   A47G25/14A2B: . . . . [N: at the top]
   A47G25/14A2D: . . . . [N: at or around the stem]
   A47G25/14A2F: . . . . [N: at a web between the stem and hanger body]
   A47G25/14B: . . Handling hangers, e.g. stacking, dispensing
   A47G25/14B2: . . . [N: Devices for holding or carrying multiple loaded hangers]
   A47G25/14B2B: . . . . [N: comprising a hanging hook or handle]
   A47G25/14B4: . . . [N: Storage or transport receptacles or racks for empty hangers]
   A47G25/14B6: . . . [N: Distance holders for hangers; Hanger separators]
   A47G25/14C: . . Devices for fixing clothes hangers to clothes lines
   A47G25/16: . . for complete outfits
   A47G25/18: . . for two or more similar garments, e.g. constructed to connect to, or support, a similar hanger
   A47G25/18B: . . . [N: constructed to connect to, or support a similar hanger]
   A47G25/18B2: . . . . [N: comprising a separate connecting member]
   A47G25/20: . . with devices for preserving the shape of the clothes adjustable shoulder support members A47G25/44B2
   A47G25/22: . . specially adapted for furs
   A47G25/24: . . made of wire
   A47G25/26: . . . specially adapted to prevent slipping-off of the clothes, e.g. with non-slip surfaces
   A47G25/28: . . Hangers characterised by their shape
   A47G25/30: . . . to prevent slipping-off of the clothes with clamps or the like A47G25/48
   A47G25/32: . . . involving details of the hook
   A47G25/32A: . . . . specially for hanging on clothes lines
   A47G25/34: . . . with hook and hanger made in one piece
   A47G25/36: . . . characterised by the selection of the material, e.g. paper, board, plastics, glass
   A47G25/38: . . . . Hook mountings therefor
   A47G25/40: . . Collapsible hangers
   A47G25/40B: . . . inflatable
   A47G25/40D: . . . comprising one-piece support arms at least one only pivotally-connected to a central hook member
   A47G25/40D2: . . . . collapsing downwardly away from the hook member
   A47G25/40D4: . . . . collapsing upwardly towards the hook member
   A47G25/40D6: . . . . collapsing around a vertical axis, e.g. the axis of the hook member
   A47G25/40F: . . . comprising support arms of a series of links
   A47G25/40F2: . . . . telescopically or slidably connected
   A47G25/40F4: . . . . rotatably connected A47G25/40F2 takes precedence
   A47G25/40F4L: . . . . . as a lazy tongs
   A47G25/40H: . . . comprising support arms of flexible band, cord or the like, and a trouser bar (A47G25/44Dtakes precedence)
   A47G25/44: . . Slidable hangers; Adjustable hangers A47G25/40F2, A47G25/62 take precedence
   A47G25/44B: . . . having adjustable width A47G25/44D takes precedence
   A47G25/44B2: . . . . to support shouldered garments non-adjustable shoulder support members A47G25/20
   A47G25/44B2B: . . . . . comprising shoulder support arms or members being concurrently adjustable, e.g. by a rack and pinion mechanism
   A47G25/44B4: . . . . to support trousers or skirts at the waistband or leg ends
   A47G25/44B4B: . . . . . comprising gripping members being concurrently adjustable, e.g. by a rack and pinion mechanism
   A47G25/44D: . . . having an adjustable top angle between the support arms or adjustable arc formed by the support arms
   A47G25/48: . . Hangers with clamps or the like, e.g. for trousers or skirts
   A47G25/48A: . . . [N: with parallel trouser clamping bars]
   A47G25/48B: . . . [N: with a plurality of clips integral with the hanger body]
   A47G25/48C: . . . [N: with pivoting clamps or clips having axis of rotation parallel with the hanger arms]
   A47G25/48C2: . . . . with a plurality of clips integral with, or supported by, the trouser-supporting bar
   A47G25/48E: . . . having clamping means on top of the shoulder portion of the hanger
   A47G25/48G: . . . for clamping the trousers or skirts against the trouser-supporting bar or between trouser-supporting bars A47G25/48C takes precedence
   A47G25/48I: . . . [N: with multiple hooks for hooking the stretched waist band of garments having different widths]
   A47G25/50: . . . Hooks on hangers for supporting trousers or skirts
   A47G25/52: . . . made of wire
   A47G25/54: Dust- or moth-proof garment bags, e.g. with suit hangers
   A47G25/56: . . Devices for inserting clothes
   A47G25/58: . . Moth-proof bags with provisions for pesticides or pest repellants
   A47G25/60: Hangers having provision for perfumes or for pesticides or pest repellants, e.g. for storing in moth-proof bags
   A47G25/62: Trouser or skirt stretchers or tensioners of the hanger type
   A47G25/62B: . . for stretching or tensioning trouser leg ends or the trouser skirt waistband comprising gripping members being urged apart
   A47G25/62B2: . . . at least one gripping member comprising an arm urged outwardly by a spring member
   A47G25/62B2B: . . . . the hanger being adjustable to garment width
   A47G25/62B2D: . . . . the arms being concurrently movable, e.g. by a rack and pinion mechanism
   A47G25/62B4: . . . the gripping members being provided on resilient arms
   A47G25/62B6: . . . comprising resilient gripping members
   A47G25/62B6B: . . . . the hanger being adjustable to garment width
   A47G25/62B8: . . . by the weight of the trouser or skirt A47G25/62B4 takes precedence
   A47G25/66: Trouser-stretchers with creasing or expanding devices
   A47G25/68: . . stretching in longitudinal direction
   A47G25/70: . . made of wire
   A47G25/72: Garment-pressing devices
   A47G25/74: Necktie holders; Belt holders
   A47G25/74B: . . of the clothes hanger-type
   A47G25/74D: . . mounted on wall, ceiling or the like
   A47G25/76: Necktie-stretching devices
   A47G25/78: Necktie-pressing devices, e.g. combined with holding devices
   A47G25/80: Devices for putting-on or removing boots or shoes, e.g. boot-hooks, boot-jacks
   A47G25/82: . . Shoe horns
   A47G25/84: . . Shoe benches
   A47G25/84W: . . . specially adapted for mounting to a wall
   A47G25/86: . . . with boot-pulling devices
   A47G25/88: . . Devices for tucking ends of laces inside shoes or boots; Devices for lacing
   A47G25/90: Devices for domestic use for assisting in putting-on or pulling-off clothing, e.g. stockings or trousers
   A47G25/90B: . . for bracelets
   A47G25/90F: . . for opening or closing slide fasteners
   A47G25/90G: . . for gloves glove hooks A47G25/92
   A47G25/90S: . . for stockings
   A47G25/90S2: . . . Smooth and flexible temporary foot covers, e.g. sock-shaped
   A47G25/90S4: . . . Removal devices
   A47G25/92: . . Shoe or collar buttoners; Bodkins; Glove hooks
   A47G27/00: Floor fabrics; Fastenings therefor
   A47G27/02: Carpets; Stair runners; Bedside rugs; Foot mats
   A47G27/02P: . . to protect the underlying surface, e.g. temporary covers, disposable carpets, absorbent pads, wheelchair pads, hearth rugs
   A47G27/02Q: . . to support or cushion
   A47G27/02Q2: . . . Link mats
   A47G27/02Q4: . . . for bathrooms A47G27/02Q2 takes precedence
   A47G27/02Q6: . . . for fighting fatigue A47G27/02Q2 takes precedence
   A47G27/02Q8: . . . for kneeling, praying or dancing
   A47G27/02R: . . Features of decorative rugs or carpets [M1110]
   A47G27/02R1: . . . Modular rugs
   A47G27/02R10: . . . Resisting skidding or creeping A47G27/02Q4 takes precedence
   A47G27/02R2: . . . Braided rugs
   A47G27/02R4: . . . Fur rugs
   A47G27/02R6: . . . Edge finishing
   A47G27/02R8: . . . Surface patterning of carpet modules, e.g. of carpet tiles
   A47G27/02S: . . Stair runners; Carpets for stairs
   A47G27/02T: . . Mat modules for interlocking engagement
   A47G27/04: Carpet fasteners; Carpet-expanding devices; Laying carpeting; Tools therefor laying carpeting on stairs A47G27/06; floor mats for vehicles B60N3/04; flooring laid as flexible webs E04F15/16; installation of cables under carpets H02G3/00
   A47G27/04B: . . Laying rugs or mats
   A47G27/04B1: . . . Anti-skid layers
   A47G27/04B2: . . . Fasteners; Buttons; Anchoring devices
   A47G27/04B2A: . . . . for fixing near a door
   A47G27/04B3: . . . Reinforcement or stiffening devices, e.g. edge binders, anticurl devices for corners
   A47G27/04C: . . Laying carpeting, e.g. wall-to-wall carpeting
   A47G27/04C1: . . . using hot-melt adhesives; Irons therefor
   A47G27/04C2: . . . Gripper strips; Seaming strips; Edge retainers A47G27/04C1 takes precedence
   A47G27/04C2A: . . . . combined with skirting-board skirtings in general E04F19/04
   A47G27/04C2T: . . . . Tack strips for tensioning or seaming
   A47G27/04C3: . . . Underlays; Undercarpets
   A47G27/04D: . . Laying carpet tiles
   A47G27/04D1: . . . Connecting means therefor
   A47G27/04E: . . Tools for laying carpeting A47G27/04C1 takes precedence
   A47G27/04E1: . . . Carpet-expanding devices, e.g. stretchers
   A47G27/06: Stair rods; Stair-rod fasteners ; Laying carpeting on stairs tools therefor A47G27/04E
   A47G27/06B: . . Stair rods; Stair-rod fasteners
   A47G29/00: Miscellaneous supports, holders, or containers for household use
   A47G29/02: Wall-mounted (shelves A47B); Supporting brackets or clamps therefor
   A47G29/06: Paper baskets
   A47G29/08: Holders for articles of personal use in general, e.g. brushes
   A47G29/087: Devices for fastening household utensils, or the like, to tables, walls, or the like
   A47G29/08P: . . Devices for suspending handbags from tables, chairs or the like
   A47G29/093: Devices for securing receptacles to tables, or the like
   A47G29/10: Key holders; Key boards
   A47G29/12: Mail or newspaper receptacles, e.g. letter-boxes; Openings in doors or the like for delivering mail or newspapers
   A47G29/122: . . Parts, details, or accessories, e.g. signalling devices, lamps, devices for leaving messages A47G29/12M to A47G29/12T take precedence
   A47G29/122P: . . . [N: Pouches or the like to prevent mail dropping on the floor behind the mail slot]
   A47G29/122S: . . . Signalling devices
   A47G29/124: . . . Appliances to prevent unauthorised removal of contents
   A47G29/124B: . . . . [N: Letter flap blocking devices]
   A47G29/126: . . . Lids for access slits
   A47G29/12M: . . Letter-box assemblies for apartment buildings
   A47G29/12N: . . Newspaper receptacles
   A47G29/12N2: . . . Signalling devices
   A47G29/12P: . . for posting letters combined with franking apparatus G07B17/00
   A47G29/12R: . . Rural letter-boxes
   A47G29/12R2: . . . Signalling devices
   A47G29/12R2E: . . . . comprising electrical parts
   A47G29/12R2E2: . . . . . including a receiver located remotely from the letter-box and a transmitter
   A47G29/12R4: . . . Supports
   A47G29/12T: . . Post office boxes
   A47G29/14: Deposit receptacles for food, e.g. breakfast, milk, or large parcels ; Similar receptacles for food or large parcels with appliances for preventing unauthorised removal of the deposited articles, i.e. food or large parcels
   A47G29/14E: . . comprising electronically controlled locking means
   A47G29/16: . . Combinations with letter-boxes
   A47G29/18: . . Clamping devices for holding bottles near doors or windows
   A47G29/20: . . with appliances for preventing unauthorised removal of the deposited articles
   A47G29/22: . . . having rotatable or reciprocable parts
   A47G29/24: . . . Clamping devices for holding bottles near doors or windows
   A47G29/26: . . . . freeing the bottle only on opening door or window
   A47G29/28: . . . having a receptacle inside the house and a delivery pipe or the like passing through a door, wall, or the like, e.g. for delivering milk
   A47G29/30: . . Accessories, e.g. signalling devices, lamps, means for leaving messages
   A47G33/00: Religious or ritual equipment in dwelling or for general use
   A47G33/00B: Communion cups, chalices or the like
   A47G33/00D: Trophies medals A44C 3/00; mounting of hunting trophies B44C5/02
   A47G33/00F: [N: Levitated arches]
   A47G33/00H: [N: Devices related to praying, e.g. counters, reminders, study aids, compasses, rugs, cushions, or the like]
   A47G33/02: Altars; Religious shrines; Fonts for holy water; Crucifixes
   A47G33/04: Christmas trees
   A47G33/04B: . . Underlays, i.e. mats for catching needles or to aid in disposing of Christmas trees
   A47G33/06: . . Artificial Christmas trees
   A47G33/08: . . Christmas tree decorations
   A47G33/08B: . . . involving motion
   A47G33/08D: . . . specially adapted for emitting sound
   A47G33/08F: . . . comprising means for attaching toa lamp or candle holder, e.g. reflectors, lamp shades
   A47G33/08H: . . . Artificial snow, ice or icicles
   A47G33/08J: . . . comprising fragrance releasing means
   A47G33/08L: . . . Elongated flexible decorations, e.g. tinsels, garlands, chains
   A47G33/08N: . . . comprising fire preventing means
   A47G33/08P: . . . comprising means related to watering of the tree
   A47G33/10: . . Fastening devices or clamps for Christmas tree decorations
   A47G33/10B: . . . Fastening means for Christmas tree candle holders
   A47G33/12: . . Christmas tree stands sockets or holders for poles or posts E04H12/22B
   A47G33/12B: . . . [N: of self-clamping type]
   A47G33/12D: . . . [N: comprising a single handle or pedal for releasing, tensioning or locking of clamping members]
   A47G33/12F: . . . [N: comprising a ball joint or similar fulcrum surface for straightening the tree]
   A47G33/12N: . . . supported on a surface other than a floor, e.g. wall, ceiling, or the like
   A47G33/12R: . . . allowing the tree to rotate or vibrate thereon
   A47G35/00: Other dwelling equipment