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   B24B1/00: Processes of grinding or polishing; Use of auxiliary equipment in connection with such processes (processes characterised by the use of special machines or devices, see the relevant places for those machines or devices)
   B24B1/00B: [N: using electric current (B24B37/04D and B23H5/08 take precedence)]
   B24B1/00C: characterised by the use of specific material
   B24B1/00D: using a magnetic polishing agent [M1106]
   B24B1/00F: abrasive treatment to obtain an aged or worn-out appearance
   B24B1/04: subjecting the grinding or polishing tools, the abrading or polishing medium or work to vibration, e.g. grinding with ultrasonic frequency
   B24B3/00: Sharpening cutting edges, e.g. of tools; Accessories therefor, e.g. for holding the tools
   B24B3/00E: for skate blades
   B24B3/00F: for edges of skis, snowboards or the like [M1106]
   B24B3/02: of milling cutters
   B24B3/02B: . . of milling cutters with helical cutting edges
   B24B3/02C: . . relief grinding of milling cutters
   B24B3/02D: . . Indexing equipment
   B24B3/02E: . . Tooth rests; Supporting means for milling-cutter grinding machines
   B24B3/02G: . . of milling cutters with embedded cutters
   B24B3/02H: . . of tapered milling cutters
   B24B3/04: . . of plain milling cutters
   B24B3/04B: . . . of milling cutters with helical cutting edges
   B24B3/06: . . of face or end milling cutters or cutter heads, e.g. of shank type
   B24B3/60C: . . of thread-cutting tools
   B24B3/06B: . . . end milling cutters with rounded ends
   B24B3/08: . . of profile milling cutters, e.g. of disc type
   B24B3/08B: . . . using a template
   B24B3/10: . . of routers or engraving needles
   B24B3/12: . . of hobs
   B24B3/14: . . of mortise chain cutters
   B24B3/16: of broaches
   B24B3/18: of taps or reamers
   B24B3/20: . . Tapering or chamfering taps or reamers
   B24B3/22: . . Relief cutting of taps or reamers
   B24B3/24: of drills
   B24B3/24B: . . of step drills
   B24B3/24C: . . for simultaneously sharpening several drills; Supports therefor
   B24B3/24D: . . Supports for drills B24B3/24C takes precedence
   B24B3/26: . . of the point of twist drills
   B24B3/26B: . . . using devices specially adapted for domestic use [M1106]
   B24B3/28: . . . by swivelling the drill around an axis angularly to the drill axis
   B24B3/30: . . . . and rotating the drill about its own axis
   B24B3/32: . . . for thinning the point
   B24B3/33: . . of drills for stone
   B24B3/34: of turning or planing tools or tool bits, e.g. gear cutters
   B24B3/34B: . . of throw-away cutting bits
   B24B3/34C: . . of gear shaper cutter
   B24B3/36: of cutting blades
   B24B3/36B: . . of reciprocating blades
   B24B3/36C: . . of blades mounted on a turning drum
   B24B3/36D: . . of rotary mower blades
   B24B3/36E: . . of meat mincing or meat grinding machines [M1106]
   B24B3/36G: . . installed as an accessory on another machine B26D7/12 takes precedence
   B24B3/38: . . for planing wood, e.g. cutter blades
   B24B3/40: . . Processes or apparatus specially adapted for sharpening curved edges
   B24B3/42: . . helically bent, e.g. for lawn mowers
   B24B3/44: . . of scythes or sickles
   B24B3/46: . . of disc blades
   B24B3/46B: . . . of slicing machine disc blades
   B24B3/46C: . . . of cultivator disc blades
   B24B3/48: . . of razor blades or razors
   B24B3/48B: . . . for travelling razor blades, in the form of a band or fitted on a transfer means
   B24B3/50: . . . operated manually
   B24B3/52: . . of shear blades or scissors
   B24B3/54: . . of hand or table knives
   B24B3/54B: . . . using hand or foot driven tools
   B24B3/54C: . . . the tool being driven in a non-rotary motion, e.g. oscillatory, gyratory
   B24B3/55: of knife bars for harvesting machines
   B24B3/56: of slicing bands
   B24B3/58: of tools having scalloped cutting edges
   B24B3/58B: . . of bands
   B24B3/58C: . . of serrated edges, e.g. triangular shaped B24B3/58B takes precedence
   B24B3/60: of tools not covered by the preceding subgroups
   B24B3/60B: . . of thread cutting tools [M1106]
   B24B3/60D: . . of chirurgical or dental instruments
   B24B3/60F: . . of files
   B24B5/00: Machines or devices designed for grinding surfaces of revolution on work, including those which also grind adjacent plane surfaces; Accessories therefor
   B24B5/00B: of parabolic and other surfaces formed by the revolution of conic sections
   B24B5/00C: for mass articles in general
   B24B5/01: for combined grinding of surfaces of revolution and of adjacent plane surfaces on work
   B24B5/02: involving centres or chucks for holding work
   B24B5/02B: . . involving indexable work supporting means carrying several work pieces to be operated on in succession
   B24B5/04: . . for grinding cylindrical surfaces externally
   B24B5/04B: . . . for grinding several workpieces at once using one grinding wheel
   B24B5/04C: . . . with the grinding wheel axis perpendicular to the workpiece axis
   B24B5/04D: . . . of workpieces turning about a vertical axis
   B24B5/06: . . for grinding cylindrical surfaces internally
   B24B5/06B: . . . for brake drums
   B24B5/08: . . . involving a vertical tool spindle
   B24B5/10: . . . involving a horizontal tool spindle
   B24B5/12: . . for grinding cylindrical surfaces both externally and internally with several grinding wheels [M1203]
   B24B5/14: . . for grinding conical surfaces, e.g. of centres
   B24B5/16: . . for grinding peculiarly surfaces, e.g. bulged
   B24B5/16B: . . . controlled by a template B24B5/16D takes precedence
   B24B5/16C: . . . controlled by gearing B24B5/16D takes precedence
   B24B5/16D: . . . for rolls with large curvature radius, e.g. mill rolls
   B24B5/18: involving centreless means for supporting, guiding, floating or rotating work
   B24B5/18B: . . for internal surfaces
   B24B5/20: . . involving grooved abrading blocks
   B24B5/22: . . for grinding cylindrical surfaces, e.g. on bolts
   B24B5/22B: . . . for mass articles
   B24B5/24: . . for grinding conical surfaces
   B24B5/24B: . . . for mass articles
   B24B5/26: . . for grinding peculiarly profiled surfaces, e.g. bulged
   B24B5/28: . . for grinding outer surfaces concentrically to bores, involving additional centering means
   B24B5/30: . . Regulating-wheels; Equipment therefor
   B24B5/307: . . Means for supporting work
   B24B5/313: involving work-supporting means carrying several workpieces to be operated on in succession
   B24B5/32: . . the work-supporting means being indexable
   B24B5/35: Accessories
   B24B5/35B: . . Feeding means
   B24B5/36: Single-purpose machines or devices
   B24B5/36B: . . for grinding surfaces of revolution in situ
   B24B5/36D: . . for grinding tyres
   B24B5/37: . . for grinding rolls, e.g. barrel-shaped rolls
   B24B5/38: . . for externally grinding travelling elongated stock, e.g. wire
   B24B5/40: . . for grinding tubes internally
   B24B5/42: . . for grinding crankshafts or crankpins
   B24B5/42B: . . . Supports therefor
   B24B5/42C: . . . having a grinding wheel turning around the workpiece
   B24B5/42D: . . . in situ
   B24B5/42E: . . . Portable devices therefor
   B24B5/42F: . . . Balancing means
   B24B5/44: . . for grinding rims of vehicle wheels, e.g. for bicycles
   B24B5/46: . . for grinding railway car wheels
   B24B5/48: . . for grinding walls of very fine holes, e.g. in drawing-dies
   B24B5/48B: . . . using grinding wires or ropes
   B24B5/50: characterised by a special design with respect to properties of the material of non-metallic articles to be ground, e.g. strings
   B24B7/00: Machines or devices designed for grinding plane surfaces on work, including polishing plane glass surfaces; Accessories therefor
   B24B7/00B: Portal grinding machines
   B24B7/02: involving a reciprocatingly-moved work-table
   B24B7/04: involving a rotary work-table
   B24B7/06: involving conveyer belts, a sequence of travelling work-tables or the like
   B24B7/07: involving a stationary work-table
   B24B7/07B: . . using a reciprocating grinding head mounted on a movable carriage
   B24B7/08: . . having an abrasive wheel built in
   B24B7/10: Single-purpose machines or devices
   B24B7/12: . . for grinding travelling elongated stock, e.g. strip-shaped work
   B24B7/13: . . . grinding while stock moves from coil to coil
   B24B7/14: . . for grinding slideways
   B24B7/16: . . for grinding end-faces, e.g. of gauges, rollers, nuts, piston rings
   B24B7/16B: . . . for mass articles
   B24B7/16C: . . . end faces of piston rings
   B24B7/16D: . . . end faces coil springs
   B24B7/17: . . . for simultaneously grinding opposite and parallel end faces, e.g. double disc grinders
   B24B7/18: . . for grinding floorings, walls, ceilings or the like
   B24B7/18B: . . . for walls and ceilings
   B24B7/18B1: . . . . [N: pole sanders]
   B24B7/18D: . . . [N: with disc-type tools]
   B24B7/18F: . . . [N: with cylinder- or belt-type tools]
   B24B7/19: . . for grinding plane decorative patterns
   B24B7/20: characterised by a special design with respect to properties of the material of non-metallic articles to be ground
   B24B7/22: . . for grinding inorganic material, e.g. stone, ceramics, porcelain
   B24B7/22B: . . . for grinding vertical surfaces B24B7/26B takes precedence
   B24B7/22C: . . . Portal grinding machines; Machines having a tool movable in a plane
   B24B7/22D: . . . in which the tool is supported by the workpiece
   B24B7/22E: . . . for grinding thin, brittle parts, e.g. semiconductors, wafers grinding edges of thin, brittle parts B24B9/06B
   B24B7/24: . . . for grinding or polishing glass
   B24B7/24B: . . . . Methods
   B24B7/24C: . . . . for plate glass
   B24B7/24C1: . . . . . continuous
   B24B7/24C2: . . . . . discontinuous
   B24B7/24D: . . . . using reciprocating grinding tools
   B24B7/24D1: . . . . . high-frequency reciprocating tools, e.g. magnetically driven
   B24B7/26: . . . . for simultaneously grinding or polishing opposite faces of continuously travelling sheets or bands
   B24B7/26B: . . . . . of vertical surfaces
   B24B7/28: . . for grinding wood
   B24B7/30: . . for grinding plastics
   B24B9/00: Machines or devices designed for grinding edges or bevels on work or for removing burrs; Accessories therefor
   B24B9/00B: for travelling workpieces
   B24B9/00C: for mass articles
   B24B9/00D: for end faces of tubes cleaning pipe ends or pipe fittings, e.g. before soldering B08B9/02F
   B24B9/02: characterised by a special design with respect to properties of materials specific to articles to be ground
   B24B9/04: . . of metal, e.g. skate blades B24B3/00E takes precedence
   B24B9/06: . . of non-metallic inorganic material, e.g. stone, ceramics, porcelain
   B24B9/06B: . . . of thin, brittle parts, e.g. semiconductors, wafers
   B24B9/08: . . . of glass
   B24B9/08B: . . . . for watch glasses
   B24B9/10: . . . . of plate glass
   B24B9/10B: . . . . . for travelling sheets
   B24B9/10C: . . . . . using a template
   B24B9/10D: . . . . . for glass plates while they are turning
   B24B9/12: . . . . of hollow glassware, e.g. drinking glasses, preserve jars, television picture tube viewing panels
   B24B9/14: . . . . of optical work, e.g. lenses, prisms control of the position of the tool for bevelling optical work B24B47/22B
   B24B9/14B: . . . . . for contact lenses
   B24B9/14C: . . . . . the spectacles being used as a template
   B24B9/14D: . . . . . Accessories, e.g. lens mounting devices
   B24B9/14E: . . . . . electrically, e.g. numerically, controlled
   B24B9/16: . . . of diamonds; of jewels or the like; Diamond grinders` dops; Dop holders or tongs
   B24B9/16B: . . . . Dops, dop holders
   B24B9/16C: . . . . by bruting, i.e. rubbing two precious stones against each other
   B24B9/16D: . . . . of gem stones or convex surfaces, cabochons
   B24B9/16E: . . . . of diamond tools
   B24B9/16G: . . . . for grinding cavities in gem stones
   B24B9/16H: . . . . using heat
   B24B9/16I: . . . . with means for turning and positioning the gem stones
   B24B9/16K: . . . . grinding peripheral, e.g. conical or cylindrical, surfaces [M1203]
   B24B9/16K1: . . . . . using templates
   B24B9/18: . . of wood
   B24B9/20: . . of plastics
   B24B11/00: Machines or devices designed for grinding spherical surfaces or parts of spherical surfaces on work; Accessories therefor
   B24B11/02: for grinding balls
   B24B11/04: . . involving grinding wheels
   B24B11/06: . . . acting by the front faces, e.g. of plane, grooved or bevelled shape
   B24B11/08: . . . acting by the circumference
   B24B11/10: . . . of cup type
   B24B13/00: Machines or devices designed for grinding or polishing optical surfaces on lenses or surfaces of similar shape on other work; Accessories therefor
   B24B13/005: Blocking means, chucks or the like; Alignment devices
   B24B13/005B: . . Lens block moulding devices
   B24B13/005C: . . Positioning of lenses; Marking of lenses
   B24B13/005D: . . [N: Deblocking of lenses]
   B24B13/00B: [N: for intraocular lenses]
   B24B13/00D: for multifocal lenses
   B24B13/00F: for plane optical surfaces
   B24B13/00G: for contact lenses
   B24B13/00H: Machines having several working posts; Feeding and manipulating devices
   B24B13/00H1: . . the lenses being worked by different tools, e.g. for rough-grinding, fine-grinding, polishing
   B24B13/00J: the workpieces being deformed during the grinding operation
   B24B13/01: Specific tools, e.g. bowl-like; Production, dressing or fastening of these tools
   B24B13/015: of television picture tube viewing panels, headlight reflectors or the like
   B24B13/01B: . . [N: conformable in shape to the optical surface, e.g. by fluid pressure acting on an elastic membrane]
   B24B13/02: by means of tools with abrading surfaces corresponding in shape with the lenses to be made
   B24B13/02B: . . for grinding several lenses simultaneously
   B24B13/02C: . . the contact between tool and workpiece being a line
   B24B13/04: grinding of lenses involving grinding wheels controlled by gearing
   B24B13/04C: . . using cup-type grinding wheels
   B24B13/04D: . . using a pointed tool or scraper-like tool (B24B13/015andB24B13/06Btake precedence)
   B24B13/06: grinding of lenses, the tool or work being controlled by information-carrying means, e.g. patterns, punched tapes, magnetic tapes
   B24B13/06B: . . using a template
   B24B15/00: Machines or devices designed for grinding seat surfaces; Accessories therefor
   B24B15/02: in valve housings
   B24B15/03: . . using portable or mobile machines
   B24B15/04: on valve members
   B24B15/06: on openings of bottles; on bottle stoppers or the like
   B24B15/08: for grinding co-operating seat surfaces by moving one over the other
   B24B17/00: Special adaptations of machines or devices for grinding controlled by patterns, drawings, magnetic tapes or the like ; Accessories therefor
   B24B17/00B: [N: with electrical feeler and a hydraulic control system
   B24B17/02: involving mechanical transmission means only
   B24B17/02B: . . using a pantograph
   B24B17/02C: . . using two or more templates
   B24B17/02D: . . for grinding rotating workpieces (three dimensional)
   B24B17/02D1: . . . for the periphery of plane workpieces, e.g. cams, lenses
   B24B17/02G: . . using an abrasive belt
   B24B17/04: involving optical auxiliary means, e.g. optical projection form grinding machines
   B24B17/06: . . combined with electrical transmission means, e.g. controlled by photoelectric cells
   B24B17/08: involving fluid transmission means only
   B24B17/10: involving electrical transmission means only, e.g. controlled by magnetic tape
   B24B19/00: Single-purpose machines or devices for particular grinding operations not covered by any other main group
   B24B19/00B: for table cutlery
   B24B19/00B1: . . for knife blades sharpening table knife blades B24B3/54
   B24B19/00D: for the underframes of locomotives
   B24B19/00F: for grinding rails, T, I, H or other similar profiles
   B24B19/00G: for grinding skins or similar sheets
   B24B19/00H: for grinding hollow glassware, bottles
   B24B19/00K: for grinding buttons, nail heads, screw heads, bottle capsules or the like
   B24B19/00M: for grinding ceramics, pottery, table ware
   B24B19/00N: for grinding profiled workpieces using a profiled grinding tool
   B24B19/02: for grinding grooves, e.g. on shafts, in casings, in tubes, homokinetic joint elements
   B24B19/02B: . . for helicoidal grooves B24B19/04 takes precedence [M1203]
   B24B19/02B1: . . . on electrical resistances
   B24B19/02C: . . for checks for pilger rolls
   B24B19/02D: . . for microgrooves or oil spots
   B24B19/03: . . for grinding grooves in glass workpieces, e.g. decorative grooves
   B24B19/04: . . for fluting drill shanks
   B24B19/06: . . for grinding races, e.g. roller races
   B24B19/08: for grinding non-circular cross-sections, e.g. shafts of elliptical or polygonal cross-section
   B24B19/09: . . for grinding trochoidal surfaces, e.g. in rotor housings of Wankel engines
   B24B19/09B: . . . using templates
   B24B19/10: . . for grinding pistons
   B24B19/11: . . for grinding the circumferential surface of rings, e.g. piston rings
   B24B19/12: . . for grinding cams or camshafts
   B24B19/12B: . . . electrically controlled, e.g. numerically controlled
   B24B19/14: for grinding turbine blades, propeller blades or the like
   B24B19/16: for grinding sharp-pointed workpieces, e.g. needles, pens, fish hooks, tweezers or record player styli [M1208]
   B24B19/16B: . . Phonograph needles and the like
   B24B19/18: . . for grinding carding equipment, e.g. card-clothings
   B24B19/20: for grinding dies
   B24B19/22: characterised by a special design with respect to properties of the material of non-metallic articles to be ground
   B24B19/22B: . . of paper or similar sheet material, e.g. perforating, cutting by means of a grinding wheel
   B24B19/22C: . . of the ends of optical fibres
   B24B19/24: . . of wood, e.g. furniture
   B24B19/26: for grinding workpieces with arcuate surfaces, e.g. parts of car bodies, bumpers or magnetic recording heads [M1208]
   B24B19/26B: . . for bumpers
   B24B19/28: . . for grinding shoes or linings of drum brakes
   B24B21/00: Machines or devices using grinding or polishing belts ; Accessories therefor
   B24B21/00B: for grinding impeller blades
   B24B21/00C: for grinding edges or bevels
   B24B21/00D: using abrasive rolled strips
   B24B21/00F: for special purposes, e.g. for television tubes, car bumpers
   B24B21/00G: Machines comprising two or more tools or having several working posts B24B21/00F takes precedence
   B24B21/02: for grinding rotationally symmetrical surfaces
   B24B21/02B: . . for travelling elongated stock, e.g. wire
   B24B21/04: for grinding plane surfaces
   B24B21/06: . . involving members with limited contact area pressing the belt against the work, e.g. shoes sweeping across the whole area to be ground
   B24B21/08: . . . Pressure shoes; Pressure members, e.g. backing belts
   B24B21/10: . . involving a rigid member, e.g. pressure bar, table, pressing or supporting the belt over substantially its whole span
   B24B21/12: . . involving a contact wheel or roller pressing the belt against the work
   B24B21/14: . . . Contact wheels; Contact rollers; Belt supporting rolls
   B24B21/16: for grinding other surfaces of particular shape
   B24B21/16B: . . [N: for vanes or blades of turbines, propellers, impellers, compressors and the like]
   B24B21/18: Accessories
   B24B21/20: . . for controlling or adjusting the tracking or the tension of the grinding belt
   B24B21/22: . . for producing a reciprocation of the grinding belt normal to its direction of movement
   B24B23/00: Portable grinding machines, e.g. hand-guided; Accessories therefor
   B24B23/00C: Auxiliary devices used in connection with portable grinding machines, e.g. holders
   B24B23/02: with rotating grinding tools; Accessories therefor
   B24B23/02B: . . Spindle-locking devices, e.g. for mounting or removing the tool
   B24B23/02C: . . driven by hands or feet
   B24B23/02D: . . Fluid driven
   B24B23/02E: . . Angle tools
   B24B23/03: . . the tool being driven in a combined movement
   B24B23/04: with oscillating grinding tools; Accessories therefor
   B24B23/04B: . . reciprocatingly driven by a pneumatic or hydraulic piston
   B24B23/04D: . . [N: Clamping or tensioning means for abrasive sheets]
   B24B23/06: with abrasive belts, e.g. with endless travelling belts; Accessories therefor
   B24B23/08: Portable grinding machines designed for fastening on work-pieces or other parts of particular section, e.g. for grinding commutators
   B24B25/00: Grinding machines of universal type
   B24B27/00: Other grinding machines or devices
   B24B27/00B: Movable machines
   B24B27/00C: Hanging grinding machines
   B24B27/00D: grinding machines with a plurality of working posts
   B24B27/00F: using a tool turning around the work-piece
   B24B27/00G: with the grinding tool mounted at the end of a set of bars
   B24B27/00H: Column grinding machines
   B24B27/00I: Radial grinding machines
   B24B27/00K: having several tools on a revolving tools box
   B24B27/00L: with means for feeding the work-pieces to the grinding tool, e.g. turntables, transfer means see also B24B27/00D, B24B7/16
   B24B27/00M: grinding machines comprising two or more grinding tools
   B24B27/00N: the grinding wheel support being angularly adjustable
   B24B27/00P: [N: Grinding attachments for lathes or the like]
   B24B27/02: Bench grinders
   B24B27/027: having a flexible shaft
   B24B27/033: for grinding a surface for cleaning purposes, e.g. for descaling or for grinding off flaws in the surface
   B24B27/04: . . Grinding machines or devices in which the grinding tool is supported on a swinging arm
   B24B27/06: Grinders for cutting-off
   B24B27/06B: . . using a saw movable on slideways
   B24B27/06C: . . using a tool turning around the workpiece
   B24B27/06D: . . whereby the workpieces are radially fed by means of a turning drum
   B24B27/06E: . . using a cutting wire
   B24B27/06F: . . for grinding holes
   B24B27/06G: . . the saw being mounted on a pivoting arm
   B24B27/06H: . . for cutting workpieces while they are turning about their longitudinal axis
   B24B27/06J: . . the saw blade being arranged underneath a work-table
   B24B27/06M: . . methods therefor
   B24B27/06P: . . Accessories therefor
   B24B27/06P1: . . . for controlling the feeding or return movement of the saw
   B24B27/08: . . being portable
   B24B27/08B: . . . Stands therefor
   B24B29/00: Machines or devices for polishing surfaces on work by means of tools made of soft or flexible material with or without the application of solid or liquid polishing agents
   B24B29/00B: [N: using brushes]
   B24B29/02: designed for particular workpieces
   B24B29/04: . . for rotationally symmetrical workpieces, e.g. ball-, cylinder- or cone-shaped workpieces
   B24B29/06: . . for elongated workpieces having uniform cross-section in one main direction
   B24B29/08: . . . the cross-section being circular, e.g. tubes, wires, needles
   B24B29/10: . . for table cutlery
   B24B31/00: Machines or devices designed for polishing or abrading surfaces on work by means of tumbling apparatus or other apparatus in which the work and/or the abrasive material is loose; Accessories therefor
   B24B31/00C: whereby the workpieces are mounted on a holder and are immersed in the abrasive material
   B24B31/00D: for grinding the interior surfaces of hollow workpieces
   B24B31/02: involving rotary barrels
   B24B31/023: . . with tiltable axis
   B24B31/027: . . with additional oscillating movement
   B24B31/02C: . . for descaling wires travelling through the rotating drum
   B24B31/02D: . . the barrels being submitted to a composite rotary movement
   B24B31/02D1: . . . the barrels are moving around two parallel axes, e.g. gyratory, planetary movement B24B31/033 takes precedence
   B24B31/02G: . . the workpieces being fitted on a support
   B24B31/03: . . the workpieces being continuously-travelling
   B24B31/033: . . having several rotating or tumbling drums with parallel axes
   B24B31/037: . . having several rotating or tumbling drums with non-parallel axes B24B31/02D, B24B31/02D1 take precedence
   B24B31/05: involving a container formed as a conveyer belt
   B24B31/06: involving oscillating or vibrating containers
   B24B31/067: . . involving a bowl formed as a straight through
   B24B31/06C: . . the workpieces travelling through the containers B24B31/067, B24B31/073 take precedence
   B24B31/06D: . . the workpieces being fitted on a support
   B24B31/073: . . involving a bowl being ring- or spiral-shaped
   B24B31/10: involving other means for tumbling of work
   B24B31/104: . . involving a rotating bowl, in which a ring zone of abrasive powder is formed by centrifugal force
   B24B31/108: . . involving a sectioned bowl, one part of which, e.g. its wall, is stationary and the other part of which is moved, e.g. rotated
   B24B31/10B: . . using an alternating magnetic field
   B24B31/112: . . using magnetically consolidated grinding powder, moved relatively to the workpiece under the influence of pressure
   B24B31/116: . . using plastically deformable grinding compound, moved relatively to the workpiece under the influence of pressure
   B24B31/12: Accessories; Protective equipment or safety devices; Installations for exhaustion of dust or for sound absorption specially adapted for machines covered by group B24B31/00 (in general B24B55/00 ] [M1208]
   B24B31/14: . . Abrading-bodies specially designed for tumbling apparatus, e.g. abrading-balls
   B24B31/16: . . Means for separating the workpiece from the abrasive medium at the end of operation
   B24B33/00: Honing machines or devices; Accessories therefor
   B24B33/02: designed for working internal surfaces of revolution, e.g. of cylindrical or conical shapes
   B24B33/02B: . . Horizontal honing machines
   B24B33/02C: . . Internal surface of conical shape
   B24B33/02D: . . using an unexpandable tool
   B24B33/04: designed for working external surfaces of revolution
   B24B33/05: designed for working grooves, e.g. in gun barrels
   B24B33/055: designed for working plane surfaces
   B24B33/06: with controlling or gauging equipment
   B24B33/08: Honing tools for manufacturing gear teeth B23F21/03
   B24B33/08B: . . for external surfaces
   B24B33/08C: . . having only one honing stone
   B24B33/08D: . . with different sets of honing stones
   B24B33/08F: . . having honing stones at the end of bars
   B24B33/08G: . . in which the honing element consists of a deformable body
   B24B33/08H: . . Abrading blocks for honing tools
   B24B33/08I: . . provided with measuring equipment
   B24B33/08K: . . for holes having a shape other than cylindrical
   B24B33/08L: . . with a rack-and-pinion mechanism for expanding the honing segments
   B24B33/10: Accessories
   B24B33/10B: . . Honing spindles; Devices for expanding the honing elements B24B33/04 takes precedence
   B24B35/00: Machines or devices designed for superfinishing surfaces on work, i.e. by means of abrading blocks reciprocating with high frequency
   B24B35/00B: for making three-dimensional objects by electroerosion B23H5/04
   B24B37/00: IPC2012.01 Lapping machines or devices; Accessories
   B24B37/005: IPC2012.01 Control means for lapping machines or devices
   B24B37/005B: . . detecting loss or breakage of a workpiece during lapping
   B24B37/005D: . . taking regard of the pH-value of lapping agents
   B24B37/013: . . IPC2012.01 Devices or means for detecting lapping completion
   B24B37/015: . . IPC2012.01 Temperature control
   B24B37/02: designed for working surfaces of revolution
   B24B37/025: . . IPC2012.01 designed for working spherical surfaces
   B24B37/02B: . . characterised by the movement of the work between two lapping plates [M1106]
   B24B37/04: designed for working plane surfaces
   B24B37/04B: . . operating processes therefor [M1203]
   B24B37/04B1: . . . [N: characterised by the composition of the lapping agent]
   B24B37/04C: . . both sides of the workpieces being lapped simultaneously
   B24B37/04D: . . [N: using electric current]
   B24B37/04E: . . the workpieces in their holder are both pressed against the lap and also able to rotate about an axis parallel to the axis of the lap without the aid of a motor
   B24B37/04F: . . [N: of sliders and magnetic heads of hard disc drives or the like]
   B24B37/04G: . . the workpieces are rotated by a motor about a fixed axis parallel to the axis of the lap, whilst being pressed against the lap
   B24B37/04H: . . the workpieces or lap are driven in a combined movement (B24B37/04C, and B24B37/04G take precedence)
   B24B37/04I: . .  Components, accessories, e.g. for cooling, dressing, measuring
   B24B37/04I1: . . . Workpiece holders
   B24B37/04I1B: . . . . having a resilient contact face
   B24B37/04I2: . . . Lapping plates, tools
   B24B37/04I3: . . . Feeding, loading or unloading workpieces
   B24B37/07: . . IPC2012.01 characterised by the movement of the work or lapping tool
   B24B37/08: . . . IPC2012.01 for double side lapping
   B24B37/10: . . . IPC2012.01 for single side lapping
   B24B37/10B: . . . . the workpieces or work carriers being able to rotate freely due to a frictional contact with the lapping tool
   B24B37/10D: . . . . the workpieces or work carriers being actively moved by a drive, e.g. in a combined rotary and translatory movement
   B24B37/10D1: . . . . . in a rotary movement only, about an axis being stationary during lapping
   B24B37/11: IPC2012.01 Lapping tools
   B24B37/12: . . IPC2012.01 Lapping plates for working plane surfaces
   B24B37/14: . . . IPC2012.01 characterised by the composition or properties of the plate materials
   B24B37/16: . . . IPC2012.01 characterised by the shape of the lapping plate surface, e.g. grooved
   B24B37/20: . . IPC2012.01 Lapping pads for working plane surfaces
   B24B37/20F: . . . provided with a window for inspecting the surface of the work being lapped
   B24B37/22: . . . IPC2012.01 characterised by a multi-layered structure
   B24B37/24: . . . IPC2012.01 characterised by the composition or properties of the pad materials
   B24B37/24F: . . . . Pads with fixed abrasives
   B24B37/26: . . . IPC2012.01 characterised by the shape of the lapping pad surface, e.g. grooved
   B24B37/27: IPC2012.01 Work carriers
   B24B37/28: . . IPC2012.01 for double side lapping of plane surfaces
   B24B37/30: . . IPC2012.01 for single side lapping of plane surfaces
   B24B37/30R: . . .  having a resilient contact surface[N1106]
   B24B37/32: . . . IPC2012.01 Retaining rings
   B24B37/34: IPC2012.01 Accessories
   B24B37/34F: . . Feeding, loading or unloading work specially adapted to lapping
   B24B39/00: Burnishing machines or devices, i.e. requiring pressure members for compacting the surface zone ; Accessories therefor
   B24B39/00B: the working tool being composed of a plurality of working rolls or balls see also B24B39/02B, B24B39/04B
   B24B39/00C: Peening and tools therefor
   B24B39/02: designed for working internal surfaces of revolution
   B24B39/02B: . . the working tool being composed of a plurality of working rolls or balls see also B24B39/00B, B24B39/04B
   B24B39/02C: . . Impact burnishing
   B24B39/04: designed for working external surfaces of revolution
   B24B39/04B: . . the working tool being composed of a plurality of working rolls or balls see also B24B39/00B, B24B39/04B
   B24B39/06: designed for working plane surfaces
   B24B39/06B: . . [N: Graining of metal plates, e.g. printing or lithographic plates]
   B24B41/00: Component parts such as frames, beds, carriages, headstocks
   B24B41/00B: Grinding heads
   B24B41/00C: Feeding or manipulating devices specially adapted to grinding machines feeding, loading or unloading work specially adapted to lapping machines B24B37/34F [M1106]
   B24B41/00D: Weight compensation; Temperature compensation; Vibration damping
   B24B41/02: Frames; Beds; Carriages
   B24B41/04: Headstocks; Working-spindles; Features relating thereto
   B24B41/047: . . Grinding heads for working on plane surfaces
   B24B41/047B: . . . equipped with oscillating abrasive blocks, e.g. mounted on a rotating head
   B24B41/04B: . . Balancing mechanisms
   B24B41/04C: . . Grinding spindles with magnetic or electromagnetic bearings; Features related thereto electric motors with magnetic bearings H02K7/09
   B24B41/053: . . . for grinding or polishing glass B24B41/047B takes precedence
   B24B41/06: Work supports, e.g. adjustable steadies
   B24B41/06B: . . axially supporting turning workpieces, e.g. magnetically, pneumatically
   B24B41/06B1: . . . between centres; Dogs
   B24B41/06B1B: . . . . [N: Lubrication of centres]
   B24B41/06C: . . Steady rests
   B24B41/06D: . . adapted for supporting work in the form of tools, e.g. drills [M1203]
   B24B41/06F: . . radially supporting workpieces
   B24B41/06G: . . Table-like supports for panels, sheets or the like
   B24B45/00: Means for securing grinding wheels on rotary arbors
   B24B45/00B: Accessories therefor
   B24B45/00C: Quick mount and release means for disc-like wheels, e.g. on power tools
   B24B47/00: Drives or gearings; Equipment therefor
   B24B47/02: for performing a reciprocating movement of carriages or work- tables
   B24B47/04: . . by mechanical gearing only
   B24B47/06: . . by liquid or gas pressure only
   B24B47/08: . . by mechanical gearing combined with fluid systems
   B24B47/10: for rotating or reciprocating working-spindles carrying grinding wheels or workpieces
   B24B47/12: . . by mechanical gearing or electric power
   B24B47/14: . . by liquid or gas pressure
   B24B47/16: . . performing a reciprocating movement, e.g. during which the sense of rotation of the working-spindle is reversed
   B24B47/18: . . for rotating the spindle at a speed adaptable to wear of the grinding wheel
   B24B47/20: relating to feed movement
   B24B47/20B: . . driven by hand
   B24B47/20C: . . for centreless grinding machines; for machines comprising work supports, e.g. steady rests
   B24B47/22: Equipment for exact control of the position of the grinding tool or work at the start of the grinding operation
   B24B47/22B: . . for bevelling optical work, e.g. lenses
   B24B47/25: for compensating grinding wheel abrasion resulting from dressing
   B24B47/26: Accessories, e.g. stops
   B24B47/28: Equipment for preventing backlash
   B24B49/00: Measuring or gauging equipment for controlling the feed movement of the grinding tool or work; Arrangements of indicating or measuring equipment, e.g. for indicating the start of the grinding operation
   B24B49/00B: [N: involving acoustic means]
   B24B49/00D: [N: taking regard of the speed]
   B24B49/02: according to the instantaneous size and required size of the workpiece acted upon, the measuring or gauging being continuous or intermittent
   B24B49/03: . . according to the final size of the previously ground workpiece
   B24B49/04: . . involving measurement of the workpiece at the place of grinding during grinding operation
   B24B49/04B: . . . Specially adapted gauging instruments
   B24B49/05: . . . including the measurement of a first workpiece already machined and of another workpiece being machined and to be matched with the first one
   B24B49/06: . . requiring comparison of the workpiece with standard gauging plugs, rings or the like
   B24B49/08: involving liquid or pneumatic means
   B24B49/10: involving electrical means
   B24B49/10B: . . [N: using eddy currents]
   B24B49/12: involving optical means
   B24B49/14: taking regard of the temperature during grinding
   B24B49/16: taking regard of the load
   B24B49/16D: . . for grinding tyres
   B24B49/18: taking regard of the prescence of dressing tools
   B24B49/18B: . . Wear compensation without the presence of dressing tools
   B24B49/18C: . . taking regard of the wear of the dressing tools
   B24B51/00: Arrangements for automatic control of a series of individual steps in grinding a workpiece
   B24B53/00: Devices or means for dressing or conditioning abrasive surfaces
   B24B53/007: Cleaning of grinding wheels
   B24B53/00B: involving the use of electric current
   B24B53/00C: using at least two conditioning tools
   B24B53/00D: Positioning devices for conditioning tools
   B24B53/013: Application of loose grinding agent as auxiliary tool during truing operation
   B24B53/017: IPC2012.01 Devices or means for dressing, cleaning or otherwise conditioning lapping tools
   B24B53/02: IPC2012.01 of plane surfaces on abrasive tools
   B24B53/04: IPC2012.01 of cylindrical or conical surfaces on abrasive tools or wheels
   B24B53/047: . . equipped with one or more diamonds
   B24B53/053: . . using a rotary dressing tool
   B24B53/06: of profiled abrasive wheels
   B24B53/065: . . having other than straight profiles, e.g. crowned
   B24B53/06C: . . using rotary dressing tools B24B53/07 takes precedence
   B24B53/07: . . by means of forming tools having a shape complementary to that to be produced, e.g. blocks, profile rolls
   B24B53/075: . . for workpieces having a grooved profile, e.g. gears, splined shafts, threads, worms
   B24B53/08: . . controlled by information means, e.g. patterns, templets, punched tapes or the like
   B24B53/085: . . . for workpieces having a grooved profile, e.g. gears, splined shafts, threads, worms [N: ]
   B24B53/08B: . . . by means of a template
   B24B53/08B1: . . . . for tools having a screw-thread profile
   B24B53/08C: . . . for tools having a screw-thread profile B24B53/08B takes precedence
   B24B53/09: . . . having transfer elements formed as pantograph mechanism
   B24B53/095: Cooling or lubricating during dressing operation
   B24B53/10: of travelling flexible backings coated with abrasives; Cleaning of abrasive belts
   B24B53/12: Dressing tools; Holders therefor
   B24B53/14: . . Dressing tools equipped with rotary rollers or cutters; Holders therefor
   B24B55/00: Safety devices for grinding or polishing machines; Accessories fitted to grinding or polishing machines for keeping tools or parts of the machine in good working condition
   B24B55/02: Equipment for cooling the grinding surfaces, e.g. devices for feeding coolant [M1208]
   B24B55/03: . . designed as a complete equipment for feeding or clarifying coolant
   B24B55/04: Protective covers for the grinding wheel
   B24B55/04C: . . with cooling means incorporated
   B24B55/05: . . specially designed for portable grinding machines
   B24B55/05B: . . . [N: with rotating tools]
   B24B55/05D: . . . [N: with oscillating tools]
   B24B55/05F: . . . [N: with belt-like tools]
   B24B55/06: Dust extraction equipment on grinding or polishing machines
   B24B55/08: . . specially designed for belt grinding machines
   B24B55/10: . . specially designed for portable grinding machines, e.g. hand-guided
   B24B55/10B: . . . with rotating tools [M1203]
   B24B55/10C: . . . with oscillating tools [M1203]
   B24B55/10D: . . . with belt-like tools [M1203]
   B24B55/12: Devices for exhausting mist of oil or coolant; Devices for collecting or recovering materials resulting from grinding or polishing, e.g. of precious metals, precious stones, diamonds or the like
   B24B57/00: Devices for feeding, applying, grading or recovering grinding, polishing or lapping agents
   B24B57/02: for feeding of fluid, sprayed, pulverised, or liquefied grinding, polishing or lapping agents
   B24B57/04: for feeding of solid grinding, polishing or lapping agents