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   B25J1/00: Manipulators positioned in space by hand
   B25J1/02: articulated or flexible
   B25J1/04: rigid, e.g. shelf-reachers without grippers A47F13/06
   B25J1/06: of the lazy-tongs type
   B25J1/08: movably mounted in a wall
   B25J1/10: . . Sleeve and pivot mountings therefor
   B25J1/12: having means for attachment to a support stand
   B25J3/00: Manipulators of master-slave type, i.e. both controlling unit and controlled unit perform corresponding spatial movements
   B25J3/02: involving a parallelogram coupling of the master and slave units
   B25J3/04: involving servo mechanisms
   B25J5/00: Manipulators mounted on wheels or on carriages
   B25J5/00A: [N: mounted on an air cushion]
   B25J5/00T: mounted on endless tracks or belts
   B25J5/00W: mounted on wheels
   B25J5/02: travelling along a guideway
   B25J5/04: . . wherein the guideway is also moved, e.g. travelling crane bridge type
   B25J5/06: Manipulators combined with a control cab for the operator
   B25J7/00: Micromanipulators specimen supports for investigating or analysing materials G01N23/22D; associated with microscopes G02B21/32; means for supporting or positioning the objects or the material in discharge tubes H01J37/20
   B25J9/00: Programme-controlled manipulators
   B25J9/00D: Home robots, i.e. small robots for domestic use
   B25J9/00E: Exoskeletons, i.e. resembling a human figure
   B25J9/00H: Constructional details, e.g. manipulator supports, bases
   B25J9/00H1: . . making use of synthetic construction materials, e.g. plastics, composites
   B25J9/00H3: . . [N: Flexure members, i.e. parts of manipulators having a narrowed section allowing articulation by flexion]
   B25J9/00H5: . . [N: Bases fixed on ceiling, i.e. upside down manipulators]
   B25J9/00H7: . . [N: All motors in base]
   B25J9/00H8: . . [N: Wrist motors at rear part of the upper arm]
   B25J9/00H9: . . [N: Means for extending the operation range]
   B25J9/00K: [N: having parallel kinematics]
   B25J9/00K1: . . [N: with kinematics chains having a prismatic joint at the base]
   B25J9/00K1A: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type prismatic-rotary-rotary]
   B25J9/00K1B: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type prismatic-spherical-spherical]
   B25J9/00K1C: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type prismatic-universal-universal]
   B25J9/00K2: . . [N: with kinematics chains having a rotary joint at the base]
   B25J9/00K2A: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type rotary-rotary-rotary]
   B25J9/00K2B: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type rotary-universal-universal or rotary-spherical-spherical, e.g. Delta type manipulators]
   B25J9/00K3: . . [N: with kinematics chains having a spherical joint at the base]
   B25J9/00K3A: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type spherical-prismatic-spherical]
   B25J9/00K3B: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type spherical-prismatic-universal]
   B25J9/00K4: . . [N: with kinematics chains having an universal joint at the base]
   B25J9/00K4A: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type universal-prismatic-spherical]
   B25J9/00K4B: . . . [N: with kinematics chains of the type universal-prismatic-universal]
   B25J9/00K5: . . [N: of the hybrid type, i.e. having different kinematics chains]
   B25J9/00K6: . . [N: Truss]
   B25J9/00K7: . . [N: actuated by cables]
   B25J9/00L: with master teach-in means
   B25J9/00P: comprising a plurality of manipulators
   B25J9/00P2: . . [N: Dual arms (double SCARA arms B25J9/04B2D)]
   B25J9/00P4: . . [N: being mechanically linked with one another at their distal ends]
   B25J9/00T: co-operating with conveyer means
   B25J9/00W: co-operating with a working support, e.g. work-table
   B25J9/02: characterised by movement of the arms, e.g. cartesian coordinate type
   B25J9/02B: . . Cartesian coordinate type
   B25J9/02B2: . . . Gantry-type
   B25J9/04: . . by rotating at least one arm, excluding the head movement itself, e.g. cylindrical coordinate type or polar coordinate type
   B25J9/04B: . . . Cylindrical coordinate type
   B25J9/04B2: . . . . comprising an articulated arm
   B25J9/04B2D: . . . . . [N: double SCARAR arms]
   B25J9/04B2F: . . . . . [N: with forearm providing vertical linear movement]
   B25J9/04C: . . . Polar coordinate type
   B25J9/04D: . . . Revolute coordinate type
   B25J9/04D1: . . . . the pivoting axis of the first arm being offset to the vertical axis
   B25J9/04P: . . . Pendulum type
   B25J9/06: characterised by multi-articulated arms
   B25J9/06S: . . [N: Snake robots]
   B25J9/08: characterised by modular constructions
   B25J9/10: characterised by positioning means for manipulator elements
   B25J9/10A: . . comprising adjusting means
   B25J9/10A2: . . . using limit-switches, -stops
   B25J9/10A3: . . . using additional, e.g. micro adjustment of the end effector
   B25J9/10B: . . Gears specially adapted therefor, e.g. reduction gears gearings in general F16H
   B25J9/10B2: . . . Harmonic drives in general: F16H49/00B
   B25J9/10B3: . . . with backlash-preventing means
   B25J9/10B4: . . . Pinion and fixed rack drivers, e.g. for rotating an upper arm support on the robot base
   B25J9/10C: . . with cables, chains or ribbons
   B25J9/10C2: . . . comprising tensioning means
   B25J9/10E: . . using eccentric means B25J9/10T takes precedence
   B25J9/10G: . . by gravity
   B25J9/10L: . . with articulated links
   B25J9/10L2: . . . with parallelograms
   B25J9/10L2F: . . . . of the froglegs type
   B25J9/10M: . . with muscles or tendons
   B25J9/10N: . . using magnets (magnetic holding means B25J15/06M)
   B25J9/10R: . . Bearings specially adapted therefor bearings in general F16C
   B25J9/10S: . . positioning by means of shape-memory materials shape memory actuators F03G7/06
   B25J9/10T: . . comprising mechanical programming means, e.g. cams
   B25J9/10V: . . chemically actuated
   B25J9/12: . . electric
   B25J9/12L: . . . Linear actuators
   B25J9/12R: . . . Rotary actuators
   B25J9/14: . . fluid
   B25J9/14B: . . . comprising inflatable bodies
   B25J9/14C: . . . Coupling means
   B25J9/14L: . . . Linear actuators
   B25J9/14R: . . . Rotary actuators
   B25J9/14R2: . . . . of the oscillating vane-type in general F15B15/12
   B25J9/16: Programme controls
   B25J9/16C: . . characterised by the control system, structure, architecture
   B25J9/16C1: . . . Simulation of manipulator lay-out, design, modelling of manipulator
   B25J9/16C2: . . . Calculation of inertia, jacobian matrixes and inverses
   B25J9/16C3: . . . Hardware, e.g. neural networks, fuzzy logic, interfaces, processor
   B25J9/16H: . . characterised by the hand, wrist, grip control
   B25J9/16K: . . characterised by special kind of manipulator, e.g. planar, scara, gantry, cantilever, space, closed chain, passive/active joints and tendon driven manipulators
   B25J9/16K1: . . . Cellular, reconfigurable manipulator, e.g. cebot
   B25J9/16K2: . . . Mobile manipulator, movable base with manipulator arm mounted on it
   B25J9/16K3: . . . Parallel manipulator, Stewart platform, links are attached to a common base and to a common platform, plate which is moved parallel to the base
   B25J9/16K4: . . . Truss-manipulator for snake-like motion
   B25J9/16L: . . characterised by the control loop
   B25J9/16L1: . . . learning, adaptive, model based, rule based expert control
   B25J9/16L10: . . . parameters identification, estimation, stiffness, accuracy, error analysis
   B25J9/16L2: . . . compliant, force, torque control, e.g. combined with position control
   B25J9/16L3: . . . flexible-arm control
   B25J9/16L4: . . . compensation for arm bending/inertia, pay load weight/inertia
   B25J9/16L5: . . . compensation for backlash, friction, compliance, elasticity in the joints
   B25J9/16L6: . . . redundant control
   B25J9/16L7: . . . variable structure system, sliding mode control
   B25J9/16L8: . . . non-linear control combined or not with linear control
   B25J9/16L9: . . . acceleration, rate control
   B25J9/16P: . . characterised by programming, planning systems for manipulators
   B25J9/16P1: . . . characterised by programming language
   B25J9/16P2: . . . characterised by task planning, object-oriented languages
   B25J9/16P3: . . . characterised by motion, path, trajectory planning
   B25J9/16P3C: . . . . Avoiding collision or forbidden zones
   B25J9/16P4: . . . characterised by special application, e.g. multi-arm co-operation, assembly, grasping
   B25J9/16P5: . . . characterised by simulation, either to verify existing program or to create and verify new program, CAD/CAM oriented, graphic oriented programming systems
   B25J9/16S: . . characterised by safety, monitoring, diagnostic
   B25J9/16S1: . . . Avoiding collision or forbidden zones
   B25J9/16T: . . characterised by the tasks executed
   B25J9/16T1: . . . Dual arm manipulator; Coordination of several manipulators
   B25J9/16T2: . . . Tracking a line or surface by means of sensors
   B25J9/16T3: . . . Assembly, peg and hole, palletising, straight line, weaving pattern movement
   B25J9/16T4: . . . Teleoperation
   B25J9/16T5: . . . Calibration of manipulator
   B25J9/16V: . . characterised by use of sensors other than normal servo-feedback from position, speed or acceleration sensors, perception control, multi-sensor controlled systems, sensor fusion
   B25J9/16V1: . . . Vision controlled systems
   B25J9/20: . . fluidic
   B25J11/00: Manipulators not otherwise provided for
   B25J11/00C: [N: Manipulators having means for high-level communication with users, e.g. speech generator, face recognition means]
   B25J11/00C1: . . [N: with emotions simulating means]
   B25J11/00C2: . . [N: Face robots, animated artificial faces for imitating human expressions]
   B25J11/00D: [N: Manipulators for defensive or military tasks]
   B25J11/00D1: . . [N: handling explosives, bombs or hazardous objects]
   B25J11/00E: [N: Manipulators for entertainment]
   B25J11/00E1: . . [N: Dancing, executing a choreography]
   B25J11/00E2: . . [N: Playing a music instrument]
   B25J11/00F: [N: Manipulators used in the food industry]
   B25J11/00M: [N: Manipulators for mechanical processing tasks]
   B25J11/00M1: . . [N: Cutting]
   B25J11/00M2: . . [N: Deburring or trimming]
   B25J11/00M3: . . [N: Polishing or grinding]
   B25J11/00M4: . . [N: Riveting]
   B25J11/00P: [N: Manipulators for painting or coating]
   B25J11/00S: [N: Manipulators for service tasks]
   B25J11/00S1: . . [N: Cleaning]
   B25J11/00S2: . . [N: Nursing, e.g. carrying sick persons, pushing wheelchairs, distributing drugs]
   B25J11/00W: [N: Manipulators transporting wafers]
   B25J13/00: Controls for manipulators
   B25J13/00B: by means of an audio-responsive input audible safety signals B25J19/06B
   B25J13/00W: [N: by means of a wireless system for controlling one or several manipulators]
   B25J13/02: Hand grip control means handles or pedals for crane control B66C13/56; for measuring the force applied to control members G01L5/22; hand-held casings for switching devices, e.g. joy-sticks H01H9/02C
   B25J13/02H: . . [N: comprising haptic means]
   B25J13/04: Foot-operated control means
   B25J13/06: Control stands, e.g. consoles, switch-boards
   B25J13/06B: . . comprising joy-sticks
   B25J13/08: by means of sensing devices, e.g. viewing or touching devices
   B25J13/08B: . . Touching devices, e.g. pressure-sensitive
   B25J13/08B2: . . . Grasping-force detectors in general G01L5/16, G01L5/22
   B25J13/08B2B: . . . . fitted with slippage detectors
   B25J13/08B4: . . . Tactile sensors in general G01L5/16, G01L5/22
   B25J13/08F: . . Force or torque sensors B25J13/08B2, B25J13/08B4 take precedence
   B25J13/08P: . . Proximity sensors
   B25J13/08S: . . for sensing other physical parameters, e.g. electrical or chemical properties
   B25J13/08V: . . with position, velocity or acceleration sensors
   B25J13/08V2: . . . Determining the position of the robot with reference to its environment
   B25J15/00: Gripping heads and other end effectors grippers used in machine tools B23Q7/04; gripping members fitted on cranes B66C1/42, B66C1/44; gripping means used in the manufacture of semiconductors H01L21/687G; gripping means used for mounting electrical components H05K13/04
   B25J15/00A: with provision for adjusting the gripped object in the hand
   B25J15/00B: comprising multi-articulated fingers, e.g. resembling a human hand
   B25J15/00C: [N: having fork, comb or plate shaped means for engaging the lower surface on a object to be transported]
   B25J15/00E: End effectors other than grippers
   B25J15/00F: Gripper surfaces directly activated by a fluid flexible fingers B25J15/12
   B25J15/00G: with movable, e.g. pivoting gripping jaw surfaces
   B25J15/00H: [N: with gripping surfaces having special shapes]
   B25J15/00H2: . . [N: Cylindrical gripping surfaces]
   B25J15/00H4: . . [N: V-shaped gripping surfaces]
   B25J15/00I: [N: for internally gripping hollow or recessed objects]
   B25J15/00M: [N: multiple gripper units or multiple end effectors]
   B25J15/00M2: . . [N: mounted on a turret]
   B25J15/00M4: . . [N: mounted on a modular gripping structure]
   B25J15/00M6: . . [N: with different types of end effectors, e.g. gripper and welding gun (B25J15/00M2 and B25J15/00M4 take precedence)]
   B25J15/00N: [N: with needles engaging into objects to be gripped]
   B25J15/00P: [N: with means, e.g. Pelletier elements, for freezing a fluid interface between the gripping head and an object to be gripped]
   B25J15/00S: [N: with sticking, gluing or adhesive means]
   B25J15/00U: [N: with means for applying an electrostatic force on the object to be gripped]
   B25J15/00W: [N: with pins for accurately positioning the object on the gripping head]
   B25J15/00X: [N: with an external support, i.e. a support which does not belong to the manipulator or the object to be gripped, e.g. for maintaining the gripping head in an accurate position, guiding it or preventing vibrations]
   B25J15/02: servo-actuated
   B25J15/02A: . . comprising articulated grippers
   B25J15/02A1: . . . actuated by gears
   B25J15/02A2: . . . actuated by articulated links
   B25J15/02A3: . . . actuated by cams
   B25J15/02A4: . . . [N: actuated by chains, cables or ribbons]
   B25J15/02A5: . . . [N: having fingers directly connected to actuator]
   B25J15/02E: . . [N: actuated by an electromagnet]
   B25J15/02P: . . comprising parallel grippers
   B25J15/02P1: . . . actuated by gears
   B25J15/02P2: . . . actuated by articulated links
   B25J15/02P2G: . . . . comprising linear guide means
   B25J15/02P3: . . . actuated by cams
   B25J15/02P4: . . . [N: actuated by chains, cables or ribbons]
   B25J15/02P5: . . . [N: having fingers directly connected to actuator]
   B25J15/04: with provision for the remote detachment or exchange of the head or parts thereof
   B25J15/04C: . . [N: Connections means]
   B25J15/04C1: . . . [N: having balls]
   B25J15/04C2: . . . [N: having cams]
   B25J15/04C3: . . . [N: having gripping members]
   B25J15/04C4: . . . [N: having vacuum or magnetic means]
   B25J15/04C5: . . . [N: having screw means]
   B25J15/04C6: . . . [N: having a frustroconical member]
   B25J15/04E: . . [N: with means for checking exchange completion]
   B25J15/04F: . . Exchangeable fingers
   B25J15/04I: . . [N: with head identification means]
   B25J15/04R: . . comprising end-effector racks
   B25J15/06: with vacuum or magnetic holding means
   B25J15/06M: . . with magnetic holding means
   B25J15/06V: . . with vacuum
   B25J15/06V1: . . . [N: provided with a valve]
   B25J15/06V1A: . . . . [N: Air-flow-actuated valves]
   B25J15/06V1O: . . . . [N: Object-actuated valves]
   B25J15/06V2: . . . [N: provided with separating means for releasing the gripped object after suction]
   B25J15/06V2P: . . . . [N: Pneumatic type, e.g. air blast or overpressure]
   B25J15/06V2Z: . . . . [N: Other types, e.g. pins or springs]
   B25J15/06V3: . . . [N: of the ejector type]
   B25J15/06V4: . . . [N: Details of suction cup structure, e.g. grooves or ridges]
   B25J15/06V6: . . . [N: Suction pad made out of porous material, e.g. sponge or foam]
   B25J15/08: having finger members
   B25J15/08L: . . [N: with means for locking the fingers in an open or closed position]
   B25J15/08S: . . [N: with means for synchronizing the movements of the fingers]
   B25J15/10: . . with three or more finger members B25J15/00B takes precedence
   B25J15/10C: . . . for gripping the object in three contact points
   B25J15/10P: . . . moving in parallel relationship
   B25J15/12: . . with flexible finger members
   B25J17/00: Joints
   B25J17/02: Wrist joints
   B25J17/02B: . . Compliance devices
   B25J17/02B2: . . . comprising a stewart mechanism
   B25J17/02B4: . . . [N: with axial compliance, i.e. parallel to the longitudinal wrist axis]
   B25J17/02B6: . . . [N: with radial compliance, i.e. perpendicular to the longitudinal wrist axis]
   B25J17/02D: . . One-dimensional joints
   B25J17/02D2: . . . mounted in series
   B25J17/02F: . . Two-dimensional joints
   B25J17/02F2: . . . comprising more than two actuating or connecting rods
   B25J17/02F3: . . . Universal joints, e.g. Hooke, Cardan, ball joints
   B25J17/02G: . . Three-dimensional joints
   B25J17/02G2: . . . [N: having axes crossing at an oblique angle, i.e. other than 90 degrees]
   B25J18/00: Arms
   B25J18/00B: comprising beam bending compensation means
   B25J18/00C: [N: having a curved shape]
   B25J18/00D: arranged in parallel configuration
   B25J18/00F: the end effector rotating around a fixed point
   B25J18/02: extensible
   B25J18/02T: . . telescopic
   B25J18/04: . . rotatable
   B25J18/06: flexible
   B25J19/00: Accessories fitted to manipulators, e.g. for monitoring, for viewing; Safety devices combined with or specially adapted for use in connection with manipulators
   B25J19/00B: Braking devices brakes in general F16D
   B25J19/00D: Balancing devices
   B25J19/00D2: . . using fluidic devices
   B25J19/00D4: . . using springs
   B25J19/00D6: . . using counterweights
   B25J19/00E: Means for supplying energy to the end effector
   B25J19/00E2: . . arranged within the different robot elements
   B25J19/00E2C: . . . [N: with axial connectors in end effector flange]
   B25J19/00E2L: . . . comprising a light beam pathway, e.g. laser
   B25J19/00E2R: . . . [N: having rotary connection means]
   B25J19/00E4: . . [N: Contactless power transmission, e.g. by magnetic induction]
   B25J19/00F: using batteries, e.g. as a back-up power source
   B25J19/00G: Cooling means
   B25J19/00H: [N: Means for cleaning manipulators, e.g. dust removing means]
   B25J19/00L: [N: Lubrication means]
   B25J19/00M: [N: Means or methods for maintaining or repairing manipulators]
   B25J19/00N: [N: Means or methods for designing or fabricating manipulators]
   B25J19/00P: Means for protecting the manipulator from its environment or vice versa
   B25J19/00P1: . . using an internal pressure system
   B25J19/00P2: . . using gaiters
   B25J19/00P3: . . [N: using an antibacterial coating]
   B25J19/00S: Shock absorbers in general F16F
   B25J19/00T: [N: Means or methods for testing manipulators]
   B25J19/02: Sensing devices
   B25J19/02B: . . Optical sensing devices
   B25J19/02B2: . . . using lasers
   B25J19/02B4: . . . including video camera means
   B25J19/02B6: . . . including optical fibres
   B25J19/02C: . . Acoustical sensing devices
   B25J19/02E: . . Electromagnetic sensing devices
   B25J19/02P: . . Piezoresistive or piezoelectric sensing devices
   B25J19/04: . . Viewing devices
   B25J19/04B: . . . fitted with video camera means
   B25J19/06: Safety devices
   B25J19/06B: . . with audible signals audio controls B25J13/00B
   B25J19/06C: . . working only upon contact with an outside object
   B25J19/06C2: . . . [N: Mechanical fuse]
   B25J19/06R: . . [N: Redundant equipment]
   B25J19/06S: . . [N: Actuating means with variable stiffness]
   B25J21/00: Chambers provided with manipulation devices
   B25J21/00C: Clean rooms
   B25J21/02: Glove-boxes, i.e. chambers in which manipulations are performed by the human hands in gloves built into the chamber walls glove- boxes for removal of dirt B08B15/02G; glove-boxes shielded against radiation G21F7/04 ; Gloves therefor