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   B42D1/00: Books or other bound products
   B42D1/00B: with at least two separate sets of sheets loose-leaf binders with two or more filing appliances B42F13/00B8
   B42D1/00C: Back of leaves or signatures prepared for binding
   B42D1/00D: characterised by shape or material of the sheets B42D1/08 and B42D1/10 take precedence
   B42D1/00D2: . . Perforated or punched sheets
   B42D1/00D2B: . . . having plural perforation lines, e.g. for detaching parts of the sheets
   B42D1/00D4: . . with at least one foldable or folded sheet
   B42D1/00D6: . . Sheets or sheet blocks combined with other articles
   B42D1/00D8: . . Sheet materials
   B42D1/00E: characterised by printed matter not otherwise provided for
   B42D1/02: in which the fillings and covers are connected by end papers
   B42D1/04: in which the fillings and the spine portions of the covers are secured integrally, e.g. paper-backs ("livres brochès", "Broschüren")
   B42D1/06: in which the fillings and covers are united by other means
   B42D1/08: Albums (filing features thereof B42F)
   B42D1/10: Files with adhesive strips for mounting papers
   B42D3/00: Book covers
   B42D3/00B: Covers or strips provided with adhesive for binding
   B42D3/00C: Devices for protecting or reinforcing edges or corners of covers attaching said devices B42C7/00G; for loose-leaf binders B42F13/00B10
   B42D3/00D: Indexing means on book covers on loose-leaf binders B42F13/00B12
   B42D3/00D1: . . applied on the back of book covers
   B42D3/02: made of special materials covers of loose-leaf binders made of special materials B42F13/00B2
   B42D3/04: loose
   B42D3/04B: . . Protective cases for books
   B42D3/06: with hinges covers of loose-leaf binders with hinges B42F13/00B4
   B42D3/08: Ornamented covers
   B42D3/10: with locks or closures covers of loose-leaf binders with locks or closures B42F13/00B
   B42D3/12: combined with other articles loose leaf-binders combined with other articles B42F13/40
   B42D3/12B: . . incorporating sound producing or light emitting means or carrying sound records
   B42D3/12C: . . enabling the book to be positioned upright for loose-leaf binders B42F13/40B
   B42D3/14: . . with column markers or line or heading indicators with devices for indicating a page
   B42D3/14B: . . . attached to the back of the cover
   B42D3/16: . . with means for holding books open
   B42D3/18: Other accessories
   B42D5/00: Sheets united without binding to form pads or blocks
   B42D5/00A: perforated or punched sheets B42D5/06 takes precedence
   B42D5/00A2: . . having plural perforation lines, e.g. for detaching parts of the sheets
   B42D5/00B: Note-pads
   B42D5/00B1: . . Supports for note-pads B42F9/00 takes precedence; underlays B43L3/00
   B42D5/00B1A: . . . combined with auxiliary devices
   B42D5/00B1A1: . . . . with light emitting devices
   B42D5/00B2: . . with means for engaging sheet perforations or slots
   B42D5/02: Form sets
   B42D5/02B: . . Cheque-books
   B42D5/02B2: . . . Holders for cheque-books; Articles combined with cheque-books
   B42D5/02C: . . Continuous form sets
   B42D5/02C2: . . . Mailer assemblies
   B42D5/02C2B: . . . . with return letter or return card
   B42D5/02C4: . . . Sheets or cards attached to a carrier strip or web shipping forms B42D15/00F1
   B42D5/02D: . . Form set holders; Articles combined therewith
   B42D5/04: Calendar blocks perpetual calendars G09D3/00
   B42D5/04A: . . with means for engaging calendar sheet perforations or slots
   B42D5/04B: . . Diaries; Memorandum calendars
   B42D5/04C: . . Supports for desk-type calendars or diaries
   B42D5/04C1: . . . combined with auxiliary devices
   B42D5/04D: . . Suspension devices therefor
   B42D5/04E: . . in which the calendar sheet or sheets are combined with other articles
   B42D5/04F: . . movable-strip-type calendars
   B42D5/06: . . Tear-off calendar blocks
   B42D5/06B: . . . having plural perforation lines, e.g. for detaching parts of the sheets
   B42D7/00: Newspapers or the like
   B42D9/00: Bookmarkers; Spot indicators; Devices for holding books open ; Leaf turners
   B42D9/00B: Devices for indicating a page in a book, e.g. bookmarkers B42D9/02 takes precedence; attached to book covers B42D3/14B
   B42D9/00B2: . . permanently attached to the book
   B42D9/00B4: . . removably attached to the book
   B42D9/00B4B: . . . clamped on the sheet
   B42D9/00B4C: . . . Loose bookmarkers
   B42D9/00C: Devices for indicating a spot on a sheet B42D9/00B takes precedence
   B42D9/02: Automatic bookmarkers
   B42D9/04: Leaf turners
   B42D9/06: . . having an arm reset after each operation
   B42D9/06B: . . . magnetically or pneumatically actuated
   B42D9/08: . . having radial arms, one per leaf, operated successively
   B42D9/08B: . . . actuated by hand
   B42D9/08C: . . . actuated by a single spring
   B42D9/08D: . . . actuated by a spring for each arm
   B42D9/08E: . . . actuated by means other than springs
   B42D11/00: Carrying forward or transferring entries from one page to another, e.g. for book-keeping
   B42D12/00: Book-keeping books, forms or arrangements
   B42D12/00B: Heading indicators
   B42D12/02: Book-keeping forms
   B42D12/02B: . . specially adapted for wages or salaries
   B42D13/00: Loose leaves modified for binding; Inserts
   B42D15/00: Printed matter of special format or style not otherwise provided for
   B42D15/00B: Paper provided with guiding marks, e.g. ruled, squared or scaled paper
   B42D15/00C: Securities, e.g. bank-notes, cheques, shares, bonds
   B42D15/00C2: . . with moirè effects
   B42D15/00C4: . . with security threads
   B42D15/00D: Owner certificates, insurance policies, guarantees
   B42D15/00E: Questionnaires, statistics for manually- or mechanically-operated teaching appliances G09B3/00
   B42D15/00E1: . . Forms for staff or material planning; Inventories
   B42D15/00F: Forms specially designed for commercial use, e.g. bills, receipts, offer or order sheets, coupons
   B42D15/00F1: . . Shipping forms
   B42D15/00G: Timetables, lists or forms for shooter enlistment, e.g. for use at competitions
   B42D15/00H: characterised by shape or material of the sheets
   B42D15/00H2: . . Foldable or folded sheets
   B42D15/00H4: . . Sheets combined with other articles
   B42D15/00H6: . . Sheet materials
   B42D15/02: Postcards; Greeting, menu, business or like cards; Letter cards or letter-sheets
   B42D15/02C: . . combined with permanently fastened sound-producing or light-emitting means or carrying sound records
   B42D15/02D: . . with peel-away layer hiding information tickets for lottos or bingo games A63F3/06F
   B42D15/02E: . . combined with permanently fastened other articles, e.g. photographs
   B42D15/04: . . Foldable or multi-part cards or sheets
   B42D15/04B: . . . Foldable cards or sheets B42D15/04C and B42D15/08 take precedence
   B42D15/04C: . . . Multi-part cards or sheets, i.e. combined with detachably mounted articles
   B42D15/04C2: . . . . with photographs or slides
   B42D15/08: . . . Letter-cards or letter-sheets, i.e. cards or sheets each of which is to be folded with the message inside and to serve as its own envelope for mailing
   B42D15/08A: . . . . with special means hiding information
   B42D15/10: Identity, credit, cheque or like information-bearing cards
   B42D15/10D: . . with holograms holography G03H
   B42D17/00: Hanging or securing devices for books, newspapers or the like
   B42D17/00B: Hand-held holders for facilitating the reading of newspapers or the like
   B42D19/00: Movable-strip writing or reading apparatus
   B42D19/00B: comprising reel to reel type winding and unwinding mechanisms