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   B62D1/00: Steering controls, i.e. means for initiating a change of direction of the vehicle
   B62D1/16F: . . . Steering column modules
   B62D1/16H: . . . Preventing ROTATION of steering column in case of accident
   B62D1/18C: . . . . axially adjustable (B62D1/18D1 takes precedence)
   B62D1/18D: . . . . angularly adjustable
   B62D1/18D1: . . . . . axially and angularly adjustable
   B62D1/18D2: . . . . . adjusting devices therefor
   B62D1/18E: . . . . power actuated, e.g. electrically
   B62D1/18F: . . . . for providing easy access
   B62D1/02: vehicle-mounted
   B62D1/04: . . Hand wheels
   B62D1/04B: . . . with a device allowing single-hand operation of the steering wheel
   B62D1/04D: . . . Adaptations on rotatable parts of the steering wheel for accomodation of switches
   B62D1/06: . . . Rims, e.g. with heating means; Rim covers
   B62D1/06B: . . . . Steering wheels with heating and ventilating means (heating and ventilating arrangements for spaces of vehicles B60H)
   B62D1/08: . . . Spokes, e.g. resilient
   B62D1/10: . . . Hubs; Connecting hubs to steering columns, e.g. adjustable
   B62D1/10B: . . . . Non-rotatable hubs, e.g. the central part of the steering wheel not rotatingfor storing airbagsB60R21/203F
   B62D1/11: . . . incorporating energy-absorbing arrangements, e.g. by being yieldable or collapsible
   B62D1/12: . . Hand levers
   B62D1/14: . . . Tillers, i.e. hand levers operating on steering columns
   B62D1/16: . . Steering columns
   B62D1/16B: . . . Part of the steering column replaced by flexible means, e.g. cable or belt
   B62D1/16D: . . . Means changing the transfer ratio between steering wheel and steering gear by continuous supply of energy, e.g. from electric motor B62D5/00D; controlling steering depending on driving conditions sensed and responded to B62D6/00
   B62D1/18: . . . yieldable or adjustable, e.g. tiltable
   B62D1/181: . . . . with power actuated adjustment, e.g. with position memory
   B62D1/183: . . . . adjustable between in-use and out-of-use positions, e.g. to improve access
   B62D1/184: . . . . Mechanisms for locking columns at selected positions locking of telescopic systems in general F16B7/10
   B62D1/184B: . . . . . [N: not manually actuated]
   B62D1/185: . . . . adjustable by axial displacement, e.g. telescopically
   B62D1/187: . . . . with tilt adjustment; with tilt and axial adjustment
   B62D1/189: . . . . . the entire column being tiltable as a unit
   B62D1/19: . . . . incorporating energy-absorbing arrangements, e.g. by being yieldable or collapsible
   B62D1/19B: . . . . . Yieldable or collapsible columns
   B62D1/19C: . . . . . Yieldable supports for the steering column
   B62D1/19D: . . . . . incorporating devices for preventing ingress of the steering column into the passengers space in case of accident
   B62D1/20: . . . Connecting steering column to steering gear
   B62D1/22: . . Alternative steering-control elements, e.g. for teaching purposes
   B62D1/24: not vehicle-mounted special adaptations of automatic tractor steering A01B69/04; devices for lifting, movable on wheels, automatically guided B66F9/06D
   B62D1/26: . . mechanical, e.g. by a non-load-bearing guide
   B62D1/26B: . . . especially adapted for guiding road vehicles carrying loads or passengers, e.g. in urban networks for public transportation
   B62D1/28: . . non-mechanical e.g. following a line or other known markers steering position indicators B62D15/02; steering aids B62D15/02F; parking aids B62D15/02H; steering assistants B62D15/02K; determination or calculation of trajectory of land vehicles G05D1/02E
   B62D1/28B: . . . for unmanned vehicles
   B62D1/28D: . . . Systems for interrupting non-mechanical steering due to driver intervention
   B62D3/00: Steering gears
   B62D3/12F: . . .  end-of-stroke dampers or limiters
   B62D3/02: mechanical
   B62D3/04: . . of worm type
   B62D3/06: . . . with screw and nut
   B62D3/08: . . . . using intermediate balls or the like
   B62D3/10: . . . with worm engaging in sector or roller gear
   B62D3/12: . . of rack-and-pinion type
   B62D3/12B: . . . characterised by pressure yokes
   B62D3/12D: . . . characterised by the rack
   B62D3/14: hydraulic
   B62D5/00: Power-assisted or power-driven steering
   B62D5/00B: Mechanical aspects of steer-by-wire systems, not otherwise provided in B62D5hydraulic steer-by-wire systems B62D5/09B
   B62D5/00B2: . . Backup systems, e.g. for manual steering B62D5/30 takes precedence
   B62D5/00B4: . . means for generating torque on steering wheel, e.g. feedback
   B62D5/00B4B: . . . power actuated control thereof B62D6/00H
   B62D5/00D: Changing the transfer ratio between the steering wheel and the steering gear by variable supply of energy, e.g. by using a superposition gear
   B62D5/02: mechanical, e.g. using a power-take-off mechanism for taking power from a rotating shaft of the vehicle and applying it to the steering gear
   B62D5/04: electrical, e.g. using an electric servo-motor connected to, or forming part of, the steering gear
   B62D5/04B: . . characterised by constructional features, e.g. common housing for motor and gear box
   B62D5/04B2: . . . including housing for electronic control unit
   B62D5/04C: . .  Electric motor acting on or near the steering wheel
   B62D5/04D: . . Electric motor acting on the steering column
   B62D5/04D2: . . . the axes of motor and steering column being parallel
   B62D5/04D2B: . . . . the axes being coaxial
   B62D5/04F: . . Electric motor acting on road wheel carriers
   B62D5/04H: . . Electric motor acting on or near steering gear
   B62D5/04H2: . . . the axes of motor and final driven element of steering gear, e.g. rack, being parallel
   B62D5/04H2B: . . . . the axes being coaxial
   B62D5/04K: . . characterised by clutch means between driving element, e.g. motor, and driven element, e.g. steering column or steering gear
   B62D5/04K2: . . . the clutch being of on-off type
   B62D5/04K2B: . . . . the clutch being a controlled emergency clutch, e.g. for disconnecting at motor break-down
   B62D5/04K4: . . . Controllable friction clutches B62D5/04K2B takes precedence
   B62D5/04M: . . Conversion of rotational into longitudinal movement
   B62D5/04M2: . . . Screw drives Screw mechanisms in general F16H25/20
   B62D5/04M2B: . . . . Ball nuts
   B62D5/04M4: . . . Roller spindle drives
   B62D5/04M6: . . . Worm gears
   B62D5/04P: . . characterised by control features of the drive means as such controlling steering depending on driving conditions sensed and responded to B62D6/00; determination of steering angle B62D15/02D; measuring torque applied to steering wheels G01L5/22B; control of electric motor as such H02P
   B62D5/04P2: . . . Controlling the motor
   B62D5/04P2B: . . . . for generating assisting torque
   B62D5/04P2D: . . . . for returning the steering wheel to neutral position
   B62D5/04P2F: . . . . End-of-stroke control
   B62D5/04P2H: . . . . for damping vibrations
   B62D5/04P4: . . . Controlling other elements
   B62D5/04P4B: . . . . Clutches
   B62D5/04P6: . . . monitoring the steering system, e.g. failures
   B62D5/04P6B: . . . . for reaction to failures, e.g. limp home
   B62D5/04P6D: . . . . detecting motor faults B62D5/04P6K takes precedence
   B62D5/04P6F: . . . . detecting sensor failures
   B62D5/04P6H: . . . . detecting processor errors, e.g. plausibility of steering direction
   B62D5/04P6K: . . . . by using a temperature sensor
   B62D5/06: fluid, i.e. using a pressurised fluid for most or all the force required for steering a vehicle
   B62D5/065: . . characterised by specially adapted means for varying pressurised fluid supply based on need, e.g. on-demand, variable assist
   B62D5/06G: . . provided with effort, steering lock, or end-of-stroke limiters
   B62D5/06K: . . Details, component parts
   B62D5/06K2: . . . Pump driven by vehicle engine B62D5/065 takes precedence
   B62D5/06K4: . . . Pump driven independently from vehicle engine, e.g. electric driven pump B62D5/065 takes precedence
   B62D5/07: . . Supply of pressurised fluid for steering also supplying other consumers; control thereof
   B62D5/07B: . . . using priority valves priority valves in general F15B13/02D
   B62D5/08: . . characterised by type of steering valve used
   B62D5/083: . . . Rotary valves
   B62D5/083B: . . . . with elastic means other than a torsion bar, e.g. leaf springs
   B62D5/083D: . . . . characterised by means for actively limiting the deflection angle, e.g. depending on driving parameters controlling steering depending on driving conditions sensed and responded to B62D6/00
   B62D5/083F: . . . . characterised by the shape of the control edges, e.g. to reduce noise
   B62D5/087: . . . Sliding spool valves
   B62D5/08B: . . . Seat valves
   B62D5/09: . . characterised by means for actuating valves
   B62D5/093: . . . Telemotor driven by steering wheel movement
   B62D5/097: . . . . Gerotor type
   B62D5/09A: . . . [N: electrically, e.g. depending on driver input with the driver steering means mechanically connected with the steered wheels]
   B62D5/09B: . . . Hydraulic steer-by-wire systems, e.g. the valve being actuated by an electric motor
   B62D5/09B2: . . . . the electric motor being connected to the final driven element of the steering gear, e.g. rack
   B62D5/10: . . characterised by type of power unit
   B62D5/12: . . . Piston and cylinder
   B62D5/14: . . . Rotary motor
   B62D5/16: . . . Expansible chamber with flexible wall
   B62D5/18: . . characterised by power transmitting means
   B62D5/20: . . specially adapted for particular type of steering gear or particular application
   B62D5/22: . . . for rack-and-pinion type pressure yokes B62D3/12B
   B62D5/24: . . . for worm type
   B62D5/26: . . . for pivoted axles
   B62D5/28: . . . for pivoted bogies
   B62D5/30: . . Safety devices, e.g. alternate emergency power supply or transmission means to ensure steering upon failure of the primary steering means
   B62D5/32: . . . for telemotor systems
   B62D6/00: Arrangements for automatically controlling steering depending on driving conditions sensed and responded to, e.g. control circuits
   B62D6/00B: the torque NOT being among the input parameters
   B62D6/00D: computing target steering angles for front or rear wheels B62D7/15G takes precedence
   B62D6/00D2: . . in order to control vehicle yaw movement, i.e. around a vertical axis B62D6/00F take precedence; stability systems acting on the brakes B60T8/00B10H
   B62D6/00D2B: . . . treating sensor outputs to obtain the actual yaw rate
   B62D6/00D4: . . using a measured or estimated road friction coefficient
   B62D6/00F: adjustable by the driver, e.g. sport mode
   B62D6/00H: Control of feed-back to the steering input member, e.g. simulating road feel in steer-by-wire applications
   B62D6/02: responsive only to vehicle speed
   B62D6/04: responsive only to forces disturbing the intended course of the vehicle, e.g. forces acting transversely to the direction of vehicle travel
   B62D6/06: responsive only to vehicle vibration dampening arrangements
   B62D6/08: responsive only to driver input torque
   B62D6/10: . . characterised by means for sensing or determining torque
   B62D7/00: Steering linkage; Stub axles or their mountings
   B62D7/02: for pivoted bogies
   B62D7/02B: . . Steering turntables
   B62D7/02C: . . characterised by comprising more than one bogie, e.g. situated in more than one plane transversal to the longitudinal centre line of the vehicle
   B62D7/04: . . with more than one wheel
   B62D7/06: for individually-pivoted wheels, e.g. on king-pins
   B62D7/08: . . the pivotal axes being situated in a single plane transverse to the longitudinal centre line of the vehicle
   B62D7/09: . . . characterised by means varying the ratio between the steering angles of the steered wheels
   B62D7/10: . . . with single-output steering gear
   B62D7/12: . . . with twin-output steering gear
   B62D7/14: . . the pivotal axes being situated in more than one plane transverse to the longitudinal centre line of the vehicle, e.g. all-wheel steering
   B62D7/14B: . . . specially adapted for particular vehicles, e.g. tractors, carts, earth-moving vehicles, trucks
   B62D7/14B1: . . . . for vehicles with more than two axles
   B62D7/14C: . . . characterised by comprising means for steering by acting on the suspension system, e.g. on the mountings of the suspension arms means on vehicle for adjusting camber, castor or toe-in B62D17/00
   B62D7/14S: . . . provided with safety devices
   B62D7/15: . . . characterised by means varying the ratio between the steering angles of the steered wheels B62D7/14S takes precedence
   B62D7/15B: . . . . with different steering modes, e.g. crab-steering, or steering specially adapted for reversing of the vehicle
   B62D7/15D: . . . . comprising a mechanical interconnecting system between the steering control means of the different axles
   B62D7/15D1: . . . . . comprising only mechanical parts, i.e. without assistance means
   B62D7/15D2: . . . . . provided with hydraulic assistance; power-assisted fluid steering per se B62D5/06
   B62D7/15D3: . . . . . provided with electrical assistance; power-assisted electrical steering per se B62D5/04
   B62D7/15E: . . . . comprising a fluid interconnecting system between the steering control means of the different axles; power-assisted fluid steering per se B62D5/06
   B62D7/15E1: . . . . . provided with fluid control means; B62D7/15E2 takes precedence
   B62D7/15E2: . . . . . provided with electro-hydraulic control means
   B62D7/15F: . . . . characterised by comprising an electrical interconnecting system between the steering control means of the different axles; power-assisted electrical steering per se B62D5/04
   B62D7/15G: . . . . characterised by computing methods or stabilisation processes or systems, e.g. responding to yaw rate, lateral wind, load, road condition
   B62D7/16: Arrangement of linkage connections
   B62D7/16B: . . substantially in axial direction, e.g. between rack bar and tie-rod
   B62D7/16D: . . substantially perpendicular, e.g. between tie-rod and steering knuckle steering knuckles in general B62D7/18
   B62D7/18: Steering knuckles; King pins
   B62D7/20: Links, e.g. track rods
   B62D7/22: Arrangements for reducing or eliminating reaction, e.g. vibration, from parts, e.g. wheels, of the steering system dampers in general F16F
   B62D7/22B: . . acting on the steering wheel
   B62D7/22D: . . acting between the steering wheel and the steering gear, e.g. on the steering column
   B62D7/22F: . . acting on the steering gear
   B62D7/22H: . . acting between the steering gear and the road wheels, e.g. on tie-rod
   B62D9/00: Steering deflectable wheels not otherwise provided for
   B62D9/00B: combined with means for differentially distributing power on the deflectable wheels during cornering
   B62D9/00D: Emergency systems using brakes for steering
   B62D9/00F: Emergency systems using the steering system for braking
   B62D9/02: combined with means for inwardly inclining vehicle body on bends
   B62D9/04: combined with means for inwardly inclining wheels on bends
   B62D11/00: Steering non-deflectable wheels; Steering endless tracks or the like
   B62D11/00B: control systems B62D11/18B takes precedence
   B62D11/00B2: . . Electric or electronic control systems
   B62D11/00B4: . . Hydraulic control systems
   B62D11/00B6: . . Mechanical control systems
   B62D11/00B8: . . Pneumatic control systems
   B62D11/02: by differentially driving ground-engaging elements on opposite vehicle sides
   B62D11/04: . . by means of separate power sources
   B62D11/06: . . by means of a single main power source
   B62D11/08: . . . using brakes or clutches as main steering-effecting means
   B62D11/10: . . . using gearings with differential power outputs on opposite sides, e.g. with twin-differential or epicyclic gears arrangements or mounting of transmissions in vehicles B60K17/00; gearing in general F16H
   B62D11/10B: . . . . using variable ratio belt and pulley gearings gearing for conveying rotary motion by endless flexible members F16H7/00, F16H9/00
   B62D11/12: . . . . using separate change-speed gearings
   B62D11/14: . . . . differential power outputs being effected by additional power supply to one side, e.g. power originating from secondary power source
   B62D11/16: . . . . . the additional power supply being supplied mechanically
   B62D11/18: . . . . . the additional power supply being supplied hydraulically
   B62D11/18B: . . . . . . Control systems therefor
   B62D11/18C: . . . . . . Uncoupling devices for the hydraulic motors, e.g. to allow towing
   B62D11/20: Endless-track steering having pivoted bogie carrying track
   B62D11/22: Endless track steering being effected by deflecting endless track rollers or the like
   B62D11/24: Endless track steering specially adapted for vehicles having both steerable wheels and endless track
   B62D12/00: Steering specially adapted for vehicles operating in tandem or having pivotally connected frames
   B62D12/02: for vehicles operating in tandem
   B62D13/00: Steering specially adapted for trailers
   B62D13/00B: operated from tractor steering system
   B62D13/02: for centrally-pivoted axles
   B62D13/02B: . . the pivoted movement being initiated by the coupling means between tractor and trailer
   B62D13/04: for individually-pivoted wheels
   B62D13/06: for backing a normally drawn trailer
   B62D15/00: Steering not otherwise provided for
   B62D15/02: Steering position indicators; Steering position determination; Steering aids
   B62D15/02B: . . Mechanical indicators, e.g. in or near steering wheel
   B62D15/02D: . . Determination of steering angle sensors in general G01B
   B62D15/02D10: . . . Other means for determination of steering angle without directly measuring it, e.g. deriving from wheel speeds on different sides of the car
   B62D15/02D12: . . . Means or methods for determination of the central position of the steering system, e.g. straight ahead position
   B62D15/02D2: . . . by measuring on the steering column
   B62D15/02D2B: . . . . on or near the connection between the steering wheel and steering column
   B62D15/02D4: . . . by measuring on a steering gear element, e.g. on a rack bar
   B62D15/02D6: . . . by measuring on the king pin
   B62D15/02D8: . . . by measuring or deriving directly at the electric power steering motor
   B62D15/02F: . . Active steering aids, e.g. helping the driver by actively influencing the steering system after environment evaluation B62D1/28 takes precedence; parking aids B62D15/02H
   B62D15/02F2: . . . Automatic changing of lane, e.g. for passing another vehicle
   B62D15/02F4: . . . combined with automatic distance control, i.e. electronic tow bar
   B62D15/02F6: . . . Automatic obstacle avoidance by steering
   B62D15/02H: . . Parking aids, e.g. instruction means
   B62D15/02H2: . . . by overlaying a vehicle path based on present steering angle over an image without processing that image
   B62D15/02H4: . . . Guided parking by providing commands to the driver, e.g. acoustically or optically
   B62D15/02H6: . . . Parking performed automatically
   B62D15/02K: . . Steering assistants using warnings or proposing actions to the driver without influencing the steering systemparking aidsB62D15/02H, determination or calculation of trajectory of land vehiclesG05D1/02E, image processingG06T
   B62D15/02K2: . . . by overlaying a vehicle path based on present steering angle over an image without processing that image
   B62D17/00: Means on vehicles for adjusting camber, castor, or toe-in
   B62D19/00: Radius rods, i.e. distance members
   B62D21/00: Understructures, i.e. chassis frame on which a vehicle body may be mounted
   B62D21/02: comprising longitudinally or transversely arranged frame members
   B62D21/03: . . transverse members providing body support
   B62D21/04: . . single longitudinal type
   B62D21/05: . . pinched frame type, i.e. formed of at least two longitudinal frame sections connected by other longitudinal frame sections of lesser transverse dimension
   B62D21/06: of X-shaped or fork-shaped construction, i.e. having members which form an X or fork as the frame is seen in plan view
   B62D21/07: wide-hipped frame type, i.e. a wide box-shaped mid portion with narrower sections extending from said mid portion in both fore and aft directions
   B62D21/08: built up with interlaced cross members
   B62D21/09: Means for mounting load bearing surfaces
   B62D21/10: in which the main member is plate-like
   B62D21/11: with resilient means for suspension , e.g. of wheels or engine; sub-frames for mounting engine or suspensions
   B62D21/12: assembled from readily detachable parts
   B62D21/14: of adjustable length or width
   B62D21/15: having impact absorbing means, e.g. a frame designed to permanently or temporarily change shape or dimension upon impact with another body
   B62D21/15A: . . Front or rear frames
   B62D21/15A1: . . . Sub-frames or underguards
   B62D21/15B: . . for side impacts
   B62D21/16: having fluid storage compartment
   B62D21/17: forming fluid or electrical conduit means or having other means to accomodate the transmission of a force or signal
   B62D21/18: characterised by the vehicle type and not provided for in groups B62D21/02 to B62D21/17
   B62D21/18B: . . specially adapted for sports vehicles, e.g. race, dune buggies, go-karts tubular skeleton B62D23/00B
   B62D21/18C: . . for building site vehicles or multi-purpose tractors tracked vehicles B62D55/10; tractors in general B62D49/00; building site vehicles in general E02F; lift-trucks B66F
   B62D21/20: . . trailer type, i.e. a frame specifically constructed for use in a non-powered vehicle
   B62D23/00: Combined superstructure and frame, i.e. monocoque constructions [M1104]
   B62D23/00B: with integrated chassis in the whole shell e.g. meshwork, tubes, or the like B62D33/04C takes precedence
   B62D24/00: Connections between vehicle body and vehicle frame
   B62D24/02: Vehicle body, not intended to move relatively to the vehicle frame, and mounted on vibration absorbing mountings, e.g. rubber pads
   B62D24/04: Vehicle body mounted on resilient suspension for movement relative to the vehicle frame
   B62D25/00: Superstructure or monocoque structure sub-units; Parts or details thereof not otherwise provided for having impact absorbing means B62D21/15; running-boards, steps, or the like as superstructure sub-unit B60R3/00
   B62D25/02: Side panels B62D33/04D takes precedence; sideboards for open load compartments B62D33/023
   B62D25/02B: . . Side sills thereof
   B62D25/04: Door pillars; windshield pillars [M1104]
   B62D25/06: Fixed roofs [M1104]
   B62D25/07: . . having water drainage or guide means integral with roof structure
   B62D25/08: Front or rear portions sub-frames for mounting engine or suspensions B62D21/11
   B62D25/08B: . . Cowls ventilating openings situated directly in front of the vehicle front window B60H 1/28
   B62D25/08C: . . Engine compartments
   B62D25/08C1: . . . Radiator supports
   B62D25/08C2: . . . Front-end modules
   B62D25/08D: . . Luggage compartments
   B62D25/08E: . . Details of structures as upper supports for springs or dampers
   B62D25/10: . . Bonnets or lids, e.g. for trucks, tractors, busses, work vehicles for truck beds B60J7/16B; for boats B63B19/12; doors arranged at the vehicle rear B60J5/10; inlet covers for vehicle fuel tanks B60K15/05; for protecting non-occupants of a vehicle B60R21/38 [M1104]
   B62D25/10A: . . . for motor cars
   B62D25/12: . . . Parts or details thereof [M1104]
   B62D25/14: . . Dashboards as superstructure sub-units
   B62D25/14A: . . . having ventilation channels incorporated therein
   B62D25/14B: . . . having a crossbeam incorporated therein
   B62D25/14B1: . . . . with adjustable connection to the A-pillars
   B62D25/16: . . Mud-guards or wings; Wheel cover panels
   B62D25/16B: . . . Mud-guards made of non-conventional material, e.g. rubber, plastics
   B62D25/16C: . . . Mounting devices
   B62D25/16C2: . . . . including sealing devices
   B62D25/16C3: . . . . by rods or other distance-keeping devices
   B62D25/16D: . . . Mud guards for utility vehicles
   B62D25/18: . . . Parts or details thereof, e.g. mudguard flaps
   B62D25/18B: . . . . Movable mudguards, or mudguards comprising movable or detachable parts B62D25/18D takes precedence
   B62D25/18B2: . . . . . to facilitate access to wheels
   B62D25/18B4: . . . . . being attached or suspended laterally from the wheel B62D25/18B2 takes precedence
   B62D25/18D: . . . . Mud-guard flaps for utility vehicles
   B62D25/20: Floors or bottom sub-units sub-frames for mounting engine or suspensions B62D21/11; drip trays F16N31/00C
   B62D25/20A: . . in connection with other superstructure subunits
   B62D25/20A1: . . . the subunits being front structures
   B62D25/20A2: . . . the subunits being rear structures
   B62D25/20A3: . . . the subunits being side panels, sills or pillars B62D21/15B takes precedence
   B62D25/20A4: . . . the subunits being fire walls
   B62D25/20B: . . Load carrying floors for commercial vehicles
   B62D25/20C: . . Floor elements for repairs
   B62D25/20F: . . Floor protection, e.g. from corrosion or scratching floor mats B60N3/04, armour F41H7/04B, insulation B60R13/08, streamlining B62D35/02C0502 [M1104
   B62D25/20G: . . Jack receiving devices
   B62D25/20H: . . Arrangements for the mounting of vehicle hitches vehicle connections in general B60D
   B62D25/24: Superstructure sub-units with access or drainage openings having movable or removable closures; Sealing means therefor
   B62D27/00: Connections between superstructure or understructure sub-units B62D33/02D, B62D33/04C take precedence; between sub-units predominently made of synthetic material B62D29/04D
   B62D27/02: rigid
   B62D27/02B: . . Assembly of structural joints
   B62D27/02C: . . Connections by glue bonding in general F16B11/00; processes C09J5/00
   B62D27/04: resilient
   B62D27/06: readily releasable
   B62D27/06A: . . using screwthread Connection of crossbeam to A- pillars B62D25/14B1; mounting load bearing surfaces B62D21/09; securing mudguards B62D25/16C; connections for synthetic parts B62D29/04D
   B62D29/00: Superstructures, understructures, or sub-units thereof, characterised by the material thereof B62D33/04C, B62D33/04F take precedence [M1104]
   B62D29/00A: characterised by combining metal and synthetic material
   B62D29/00A1: . . a foamable synthetic material or metal being added in situ shaping of substances in a plastic state by foaming, in general B29C44/00
   B62D29/00A2: . . the metal being over-moulded by the synthetic material, e.g. in a mould
   B62D29/00A3: . . preformed metal and synthetic material elements being joined together, e.g. by adhesives
   B62D29/00B: predominantly of special steel or specially treated steel, e.g. stainless steel or locally surface hardened steel [M1104]
   B62D29/00C: predominantly of light alloys, e.g. extruded
   B62D29/00F: combining metal and synthetic material[N9503]
   B62D29/00F1: . . [N: The material being foamable in situ (shaping of substances in a plastic state by foaming in general B29C44/00 and subgroups)]
   B62D29/02: predominantly of wood
   B62D29/04: predominantly of synthetic material (working of plastics or substances in a plastic state B29) [M1104]
   B62D29/04A: . . Understructures
   B62D29/04B: . . Superstructures B62D25/16B takes precedence
   B62D29/04B1: . . . Van bodies composed of substantially rectangular panels [M1104]
   B62D29/04C: . . Combined superstructure and frame, i.e. monocoque constructions
   B62D29/04D: . . Connections therefor, e.g. joints B62D29/04B1 takes precedence [M1104]
   B62D31/00: Superstructure for passenger vehicles [M1104]
   B62D31/00B: compact cars e.g. city cars
   B62D31/00B2: . . foldable droppable B60F5/00B2
   B62D31/02: for carrying large numbers of passengers, e.g. omnibus
   B62D31/02B: . . having modular sections
   B62D31/04: with more than one deck
   B62D33/00: Superstructures for load-carrying vehicles
   B62D33/02: Platforms; Open load compartments Flat wagons including posts or standards B61D3/08
   B62D33/023: . . Sideboard or tailgate structures vehicle side panels in general B62D25/02
   B62D33/027: . . . movable
   B62D33/027A: . . . . Movable tailboards for vehicles comprising non-movable sideboards, e.g. pick-up trucks B62D33/037 takes precedence
   B62D33/027B: . . . . by vertical translation B62D33/027A takes precedence
   B62D33/02D: . . Connections of movable or detachable racks or stanchions to platforms
   B62D33/02D2: . . . for log hauling vehicles vehicles for log transport in general B60P3/41
   B62D33/02F: . . Connecting elements between stanchions, e.g. roof supporting elements, stiffeners non-fixed roofs B60J7/00; securing and covering of load B60P7/00
   B62D33/03: . . . . by swinging down B62D33/027A takes precedence
   B62D33/033: . . . . removable B62D33/027A takes precedence
   B62D33/037: . . . . Latching means therefor
   B62D33/04: Enclosed load compartments Frameworks for movable panels, tarpaulins or side curtains tarpaulins per se B60J7/00, B60P7/04; side curtains per se B60J5/06B1
   B62D33/04B: . . divided into compartments movable bulk heads B60P7/14; cattle transport B60P3/04; bottled liquids B60P3/02
   B62D33/04C: . . built up with profiles of constant elongated shape, e.g. extruded, mechanically interconnected by coupling members, e.g. by clamping, riveting or bolting
   B62D33/04D: . . built up with flat self-supporting panels; Fixed connections between panels B62D29/04B1, B62D33/04F take precedence
   B62D33/04F: . . for refrigerated goods vehicles
   B62D33/06: Drivers` cabs overhead guards, e.g. against loads falling down B60R21/11; roll-over protection B60R21/13
   B62D33/063: . . movable from one position into at least one other position, e.g. tiltable, pivotable about a vertical axis, displaceable from one side of the vehicle to the other
   B62D33/063B: . . . pivotable about a vertical axis
   B62D33/063C: . . . displaceable along a linear path
   B62D33/067: . . . tiltable
   B62D33/06C: . . Cabs insulated against vibrations or noise, e.g. with elastic suspension resilient connections between superstructure sub-units B62D27/04; damping noise in general G10K11/00; for vehicles in general B60R13/08
   B62D33/06C2: . . . pneumatic or hydraulic suspension
   B62D33/06D: . . [N: Cabins with living accommodation, especially for long distance road vehicles, i.e. sleeping, cooking, or other facilities (beds in general adapted to be used in vahicles A47C17/80; sanitation devices in vehicles in general B60R15/20; living accommodation in vehicles in general B60P3/32; passenger fittings in general B60N3/00)]
   B62D33/06E: . . for tractors or off-the-road vehicles protective devices for drivers in case of overturning of tractors B60R21/13B
   B62D33/06E2: . . . able to be dismantled, folding
   B62D33/06E3: . . . open
   B62D33/07: . . . . characterised by the device for locking the cab in the tilted or in the driving position
   B62D33/073: . . . characterised by special adaptations of vehicle control devices
   B62D33/077: characterised by the connection of the superstructure to the vehicle frame B62D33/06 takes precedence
   B62D33/07B: . . . . . Locking devices for cabins in driving position; Shock and vibration absorbing devices therefor
   B62D33/08: comprising adjustable means
   B62D33/10: . . comprising means for the suspension of the superstructure on the frame
   B62D35/00: Vehicle bodies characterised by streamlining
   B62D35/00B: For commercial vehicles or tractor-trailer combinations e.g. caravans
   B62D35/00B1: . . for caravans B62D35/00B2 takes precedence
   B62D35/00B2: . . Inflatable nose or rear cones
   B62D35/00C: Front spoilers B62D35/00B takes precedence
   B62D35/00D: Rear spoilers B62D35/00B takes precedence
   B62D35/00F: Side spoilers B62D35/00B takes precedence
   B62D35/02: Streamlining the undersurfaces B62D35/00C, B62D35/00D, B62D35/00F take precedence
   B62D37/00: Stabilising vehicle bodies without controlling suspension arrangements
   B62D37/02: by aerodynamic means
   B62D37/04: by means of movable masses
   B62D37/06: . . using gyroscopes
   B62D39/00: Vehicle bodies not otherwise provided for e.g. safety vehicles safety equipment B60R21/00
   B62D41/00: Fittings for identifying vehicles in case of collision; Fittings for marking or recording collision areas
   B62D43/00: Spare wheel stowing, holding, or mounting arrangements
   B62D43/00B: Handling devices, mainly for heavy wheels via cables and chains B62D43/04B
   B62D43/00C: Protective coverings for spare wheels
   B62D43/00D: Anti-theft devices for spare wheels
   B62D43/02: external to the vehicle body
   B62D43/04: . . attached beneath the vehicle body
   B62D43/04B: . . . the wheel or its cradle being attached to one or more chains or cables for handling
   B62D43/06: within the vehicle body
   B62D43/08: . . and arranged substantially vertically
   B62D43/10: . . and arranged substantially horizontally
   B62D47/00: Motor vehicles or trailers predominantly for carrying passengers
   B62D47/00B: convertible in order to modify the number of seats foldable compact cars B62D31/00B2; convertible from one use to a different one B60P3/42
   B62D47/00C: Vehicles which can be divided in sub-vehicles; nestable vehicles
   B62D47/02: for large numbers of passengers, e.g. omnibus
   B62D47/02B: . . articulated buses with interconnecting passageway, e.g. bellows coupling aspects B60D5/00
   B62D49/00: Tractors tractors for handling aircraft B64F1/22; transport specially adapted for underground galleries E21F13/02
   B62D49/00A: characterised by being of the low ground pressure type
   B62D49/00B: Tractors for semi-trailers combinations of tractor plus semi- trailer B62D53/06
   B62D49/00B2: . . Tractors for handling trailers, e.g. roll-trailers in terminals
   B62D49/02: modified to take lifting devices
   B62D49/04: modified to take pushing devices
   B62D49/06: adapted for multi-purpose use
   B62D49/06B: . . Straddle tractors, used for instance above vine stocks, rows of bushes, or the like
   B62D49/06C: . . equipped with visual aids for positioning implements or to control working condition optical signalling for vehicles in general B60Q1/26
   B62D49/06D: . . comprising traction increasing arrangements e.g. all-wheel traction devices, multiple-axle traction arrangements, auxiliary traction increasing devices anti-skid or anti-slip devices fitted onto the wheels B60B15/02, B60B39/12; arrangements of transmission for driving both front and rear wheels or tandem wheels of vehicles B60K17/34, B60K17/36
   B62D49/06D2: . . . using detachable weights counterweights against overturning B62D49/08B; movable stabilisation masses B62D37/04
   B62D49/06D3: . . . using additional ground engaging means, e.g. endless tracks vehicles with endless tracks and either additional or alternative ground wheels B62D55/02, B62D55/04
   B62D49/06D4: . . . by coupling of tractors
   B62D49/06E: . . Coupling of multi-purpose tractors with equipment towing bars B60D; with load transfer B62D53/08; power take-off B60K; with lifting devices B62D49/02; pushing gear B62D49/04
   B62D49/06F: . . [N. Asymmetrical tractors]
   B62D49/06G: . . Light, simple, and economical tractors B62D49/00A takes precedence
   B62D49/06G2: . . . the driver riding on the tractor
   B62D49/06H: . . [N. Tractors of variable track width or wheel base ]
   B62D49/06J: . . [N. Reversible tractors adapted for shuttle work]
   B62D49/06K: . . characterised by the particular arrangement of control devices, e.g. having more than one control stand, operable from vehicle extension (control devices or systems characterised by mechanical features only)
   B62D49/08: having means for preventing overturning or tipping
   B62D49/08B: . . [N. Counterweight]
   B62D51/00: Motor vehicles characterised by the driver not being seated wheeled carriers for golf bags A63B55/08
   B62D51/00B: characterised by the vehicle control device mechanical features of control devices in general G05G; arrangements of vehicle control devices in general B60K20/00, B60K23/00, B60K26/00
   B62D51/00B2: . . comprising safety arrangements safety devices for vehicle propulsion unit control B60K28/00
   B62D51/00C: characterised by the transmission arrangements or mounting of transmissions in vehicles B60K17/00; gearing in general F16H
   B62D51/00D: Vehicular characteristics of load handling vehicles, e.g. pedestrian trucks fork-lift trucks B66F9/06
   B62D51/00E: the vehicle being of the endless track type endless track vehicles in general B62D55/00
   B62D51/00F: characterised by the vehicle being formed by articulated or separable units road trains B62D53/00
   B62D51/02: the driver standing in the vehicle
   B62D51/04: the driver walking
   B62D51/06: . . Uniaxle walk-type tractors
   B62D51/06D: . . . the vehicle baving only one wheel
   B62D53/00: Tractor-trailer combinations; Road trains tracked vehicles comprising at least two articulated parts B62D55/06B2
   B62D53/00B: Combinations with at least three axles and comprising two or more articulated parts articulated buses B62D47/02B
   B62D53/02: comprising a uniaxle tractor unit and a uniaxle trailer unit see B60B11/00 - B60B11/08
   B62D53/02C: . . comprising a universal coupling joint
   B62D53/02D: . . with two or more coupling joints allowing staggering of the units from a central plane
   B62D53/02E: . . Comprising a transmission shaft passing through the coupling joints B62D53/02C takes precedence; trailers with powered axles B62D59/00
   B62D53/02E2: . . . With all wheels powered
   B62D53/02F: . . Having only coupling joints other than directional articulated frames B62D21/18C and B62D55/10
   B62D53/04: comprising a vehicle carrying an essential part of the other vehicle`s load by having supporting means for the front or rear part of the other vehicle
   B62D53/04B: . . with rigid linkage in the horizontal plane luggage trailers B62D63/06C2 to B62D63/06C3B
   B62D53/06: . . Semi-trailers
   B62D53/06B: . . . of flat bed or low loader type or fitted with swan necks detachable swan necks B62D53/06B2C; swan neck-fifth wheel couplings B62D53/08
   B62D53/06B2: . . . . having inclinable, lowerable platforms; Lift bed trailers; Straddle trailers lifting coupling saddles B62D53/08B2; crane vehicles B60P3/28
   B62D53/06B2B: . . . . . inclining platforms by detachable bogies
   B62D53/06B2C: . . . . . [N. inclining platforms by detachable or folding swan necks]
   B62D53/06C: . . . Multi-purpose, convertible or extendable load surface semi-trailers for container transport B60P1/64C; convertible road transport vehicles in general B60P3/42
   B62D53/06F: . . . having devices to equalise or modify the load between the fifth wheel and the rear wheels adjustable couping saddles per se B62D53/08B; load transfer devices to permit coupling or uncoupling B62D53/08D; anti jack-knifing devices B62D53/08E
   B62D53/08: . . Fifth wheel traction couplings Tractors for handling trailers in terminals 49/00B2
   B62D53/08B: . . . adjustable coupling saddles mounted on sub-frames; Mounting plates therefor
   B62D53/08B1: . . . . with adjustment of the clearance between the tractor or the trailer devices modifying the load in tractor-trailer combinations B62D53/06F
   B62D53/08B2: . . . . Lifting saddles, i.e. to lift the trailer front tilting body constructions B60P
   B62D53/08B3: . . . . Removable or fold-away traction couplings for non-specialised tractor vehicles
   B62D53/08B4: . . . . Coupling saddles able to rock in all directions, e.g. for use in rough terrain
   B62D53/08C: . . . King pins
   B62D53/08C2: . . . . fitted with anti-coupling devices, pivotal or retractable king pins, e.g. to prevent theft vehicle fittings for preventing theft in general B60R25/00
   B62D53/08D: . . . Auxiliary semi-trailer handling or loading equipment, e.g. ramps, rigs, coupling supports
   B62D53/08D3: . . . . Dollies for fifth wheel coupling
   B62D53/08E: . . . with stabilising means, e.g. to prevent jack-knifing, pitching, rolling, buck jumping stabilising in general B62D37/00; tractors B62D49/08
   B62D53/08E2: . . . . the fifth wheel coupling incorporating braking or restraining means
   B62D53/08F: . . . Comprising devices to limit or to compensate for wear or excessive play; Lubricating, shock absorbing, bearing devices, or the like
   B62D53/08G: . . . comprising power transmission shafts trailers with driven ground wheels B62D59/00
   B62D53/10: . . . with means for preventing accidental uncoupling
   B62D53/12: . . . engaging automatically
   B62D53/12B: . . . . with simultaneous coupling of the service lines
   B62D55/00: Endless track vehicles
   B62D55/02: with tracks and additional ground wheels for multi-purpose tractors B62D49/06D3
   B62D55/04: with tracks and alternative ground wheels, e.g. changeable from endless track vehicle into wheeled vehicle and vice versa for multi-purpose tractors B62D49/06D3
   B62D55/06: with tracks without ground wheels
   B62D55/065: . . Multi-track vehicles, i.e. more than two tracks soil-shifting machines E02F; mining machines E21C
   B62D55/065B: . . . Articulated endless track vehicles steering specially adapted for trailers B62D13/00; articulated buses B62D47/02B; tractor-trailer combinations or road trains comprising a uni-axle unit and a uni-axle trailer B62D53/02
   B62D55/06C: . . Tracked vehicles of great dimensions adapted for moving bulky loads or gear
   B62D55/07: . . Mono-track vehicles
   B62D55/075: . . Tracked vehicles for ascending or descending stairs, steep slopes or vertical surfaces
   B62D55/08: Endless track units; Parts thereof
   B62D55/084: . . Endless-track units or carriages mounted separably, adjustably or extensibly on vehicles, e.g. portable track units
   B62D55/084B: . . . Tracked vehicle with track carriages suspended on three points, e.g. by an equaliser bar
   B62D55/084C: . . . Protection devices
   B62D55/084D: . . . Track blocking devices mounted on the frame; Track guides
   B62D55/088: . . with means to exclude or remove foreign matter, e.g. sealing means, self-cleaning track links or sprockets, deflector plates or scrapers
   B62D55/088B: . . . Track or sprocket cleaning devices mounted on the frame wheel cleaning devices in general B60S
   B62D55/088C: . . . Self-cleaning sprockets
   B62D55/088D: . . . Track-articulation sealings against dust, water, mud or the like sealing of bearings in general F16C33/72; chain bushings in general F16G15/00
   B62D55/092: . . with lubrication means
   B62D55/096: . . with noise reducing means
   B62D55/096B: . . . Anti-noise driving sprockets
   B62D55/096C: . . . Low noise rollers, e.g. with antivibration means elastic wheel rims in general B60B9/00
   B62D55/10: . . Bogies; Frames
   B62D55/104: . . Suspension devices for wheels, rollers, bogies or frames
   B62D55/108: . . . with mechanical springs, e.g. torsion bars
   B62D55/108B: . . . . Torsion-bar springs
   B62D55/108C: . . . . Rubber springs
   B62D55/112: . . . with fluid springs, e.g. hydraulic pneumatic
   B62D55/112B: . . . . Hydro-pneumatic or pneumatic, e.g. air-cushioned
   B62D55/116: . . . Attitude or position control of chassis by action on suspension, e.g. to compensate for a slope
   B62D55/12: . . Arrangement, location, or adaptation of driving sprockets
   B62D55/125: . . . Final drives
   B62D55/13: . . . . readily interchangeable modular type
   B62D55/135: . . . with dismountable driving crown
   B62D55/14: . . Arrangement, location, or adaptation of rollers
   B62D55/14D: . . . Rollers with replaceable wear rings or rims driving sprockets with replaceable rims B62D55/12
   B62D55/15: . . . Mounting devices, e.g. bushings, axles, bearings, sealings with lubrication means B62D55/092
   B62D55/18: . . Tracks
   B62D55/20: . . . of articulated type, e.g. chains with lubrication means B62D55/092
   B62D55/205: . . . . Connections between track links
   B62D55/20E: . . . . Wheel engaging parts; Wheel guides on links
   B62D55/21: . . . . . Links connected by transverse pivot pins
   B62D55/215: . . . . . Resilient connections between links
   B62D55/21B: . . . . . . Bitubular chain links assembled by pins and double connectors
   B62D55/21C: . . . . . . Master track links
   B62D55/22: . . . . Arrangements for preventing or modifying back-flexing
   B62D55/24: . . . of continuously flexible type, e.g. rubber belts
   B62D55/247: . . . . Gas filled or inflatable flexible tracks
   B62D55/24B: . . . . The flexible band being semi-rigid for resisting back-flexing and contributing to spring the vehicle
   B62D55/24D: . . . . Moulded in one piece, with either smooth surfaces or surfaces having projections, e.g. incorporating reinforcing elements
   B62D55/253: . . . . having elements interconnected by one or more cables or like elements
   B62D55/26: . . . Ground engaging parts or elements tracks specially adapted for amphibious vehicles B60F3/00B2
   B62D55/265: . . . . having magnetic or pneumatic adhesion
   B62D55/27: . . . . having different types of crampons for progression over varying ground
   B62D55/275: . . . . with street plate, i.e. means to prevent tread from cutting into road surface
   B62D55/28: . . . . detachable
   B62D55/28C: . . . . . and movable, e.g. around an axis or perpendicularly to the track
   B62D55/28D: . . . . . For soft grounds, e.g. consisting of snow or swamp
   B62D55/30: . . Track-tensioning means
   B62D55/30B: . . . acting on pivotably mounted idlers
   B62D55/32: Assembly, disassembly, repair or servicing of endless-track systems
   B62D57/00: Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track
   B62D57/02: with ground-engaging propulsion means, e.g. walking members
   B62D57/024: . . specially adapted for moving on inclined or vertical surfaces
   B62D57/028: . . having wheels and mechanical legs
   B62D57/02B: . . the ground engaging means being sequentially inflatable bags for peristaltic movement B62D57/024 takes precedence
   B62D57/02C: . . consisting of members having both rotational and walking movements
   B62D57/032: . . with alternately or sequentially lifted supporting base and legs; with alternately or sequentially lifted feet or skid
   B62D57/036: . . screw type, e.g. Archimedian screw amphibious vehicles comprising screw-type ground-engaging means B60F3/00B3
   B62D57/04: having other than ground-engaging propulsion means, e.g. having propellers
   B62D59/00: Trailers with driven ground wheels or the like
   B62D59/02: driven from external propulsion unit
   B62D59/04: driven from propulsion unit on trailer
   B62D61/00: Motor vehicles or trailers, characterised by the arrangement or number of wheels, not otherwise provided for, e.g. four wheels in diamond pattern
   B62D61/02: with two road wheels in tandem on the longitudinal centre line of the vehicle
   B62D61/04: . . with two other wheels which are coaxial
   B62D61/06: with only three wheels
   B62D61/06B: . . with single rear wheel
   B62D61/08: . . with single front wheel
   B62D61/08B: . . . with single rear wheel
   B62D61/10: with more than four wheels tractors of the low ground pressure type B62D49/00A
   B62D61/12: with variable number of ground engaging wheels, e.g. with some wheels arranged higher than others, or with retractable wheels
   B62D61/12B: . . the retractable wheel being a part of a set of tandem wheels resilient suspension for a single set of tandem wheels B60G5/00
   B62D63/00: Motor vehicles or trailers not otherwise provided for
   B62D63/02: Motor vehicles
   B62D63/02A: . . Modular vehicles superstructures for busses having modular sections B62D31/02B
   B62D63/04: . . Component parts or accessories
   B62D63/06: Trailers
   B62D63/06B: . . Foldable, extensible or yielding trailers foldable caravans B60P3/34; adjustable chassis frames B62D21/14
   B62D63/06C: . . Trailers with one axle or two wheels semi-trailers B62D53/06
   B62D63/06C2: . . . light luggage or equipment trailers, e.g. for batteries, gas generators, gas bottles, stretchers luggage carriers per se B60R
   B62D63/06C3: . . . forming an extension of the towing vehicle, i.e. with two point fixation
   B62D63/06C3B: . . . . single wheeled (rigid or semi-rigid couping)
   B62D63/06D: . . with more than two axles or more than four wheels vehicles with more than four wheels in general B62D61/10
   B62D63/08: . . Component parts or accessories
   B62D65/00: Designing, manufacturing, e.g. assembling, facilitating disassembly, or structurally modifying motor vehicles or trailers, not otherwise provided for [M1104]
   B62D65/00G: Inspection and final control devices
   B62D65/02: Joining sub-units or components to, or positioning sub-units or components with respect to, body shell or other sub-units or components
   B62D65/02B: . . Transferring or handling sub-units or components, e.g. in work stations or between workstations and transportation systems
   B62D65/02D: . . Positioning of sub-units or components with respect to body shell or other sub-units or components
   B62D65/02D2: . . . by using a jig or the like; Positioning of the jig
   B62D65/02D4: . . . by determining relative positions by measurement
   B62D65/04: . . Joining preassembled modular units composed of sub-units performing diverse functions, e.g. engine and bonnet
   B62D65/06: . . the sub-units or components being doors, windows, openable roofs, lids, bonnets, or weather strips or seals therefor assembling sealing arrangements with vehicle parts, e.g. doors, windows B60J10/00G10 [M1104]
   B62D65/10: . . the sub-units or components being engines, clutches or transmissions [M1104]
   B62D65/12: . . the sub-units or components being suspensions, brakes or wheel units
   B62D65/14: . . the sub-units or components being passenger compartment fittings, e.g. seats, linings, trim, instrument panels
   B62D65/16: . . the sub-units or components being exterior fittings, e.g. bumpers, lights, wipers , exhausts
   B62D65/18: . . Transportation, conveyor or haulage systems specially adapted for motor vehicle or trailer assembly lines conveyers and haulage in general B65G
   B62D67/00: Systematic disassembly of vehicles for recovery of salvageable components, e.g. for recycling