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   B64D1/00: Dropping, ejecting, releasing, or receiving articles, liquids, or the like, in flight
   B64D1/02: Dropping, ejecting, or releasing articles
   B64D1/04: . . the articles being explosive, e.g. bombs
   B64D1/06: . . . Bomb releasing; Bombs doors
   B64D1/08: . . the articles being load-carrying devices
   B64D1/10: . . . Stowage arrangements for the devices in aircraft
   B64D1/12: . . . Releasing
   B64D1/14: . . . Absorbing landing shocks
   B64D1/16: Dropping or releasing powdered, liquid, or gaseous matter, e.g. for fire-fighting
   B64D1/18: . . by spraying, e.g. insecticides
   B64D1/20: . . for sky-writing
   B64D1/22: Taking-up articles from earth`s surface
   B64D3/00: Aircraft adaptations to facilitate towing or being towed
   B64D3/02: for towing targets
   B64D5/00: Aircraft transported by aircraft, e.g. for release or reberthing during flight
   B64D7/00: Arrangements of military equipment, e.g. armaments, armament accessories, or military shielding, in aircraft; Adaptations of armament mountings for aircraft
   B64D7/02: the armaments being firearms
   B64D7/04: . . fixedly mounted
   B64D7/06: . . movably mounted
   B64D7/08: Arrangements of rocket launchers or releasing means
   B64D9/00: Equipment for handling freight; Equipment for facilitating passenger embarkation or the like
   B64D9/00A: Devices for retaining pallets or freight containers securing freight containers on vehicles B60P7/00
   B64D10/00: Flying suits helmets in general A42B3/00; breathing helmets A62B18/00
   B64D11/00: Passenger or crew accomodation; Flight-deck installations not otherwise provided for
   B64D11/00B: Devices specially adapted for food or beverage distribution services
   B64D11/00C: Arrangements for entertainment or communications, e.g. radio, television
   B64D11/00D: Movable or removable cabin dividers, e.g. for class separation bulkheads B64C1/10
   B64D11/00E: Stowage devices for passengers` personal luggage
   B64D11/02: Toilet fittings
   B64D11/04: Galleys
   B64D11/06: Arrangements or adaptations of seats
   B64D11/06B: . . specially adapted for pilots
   B64D11/06C: . . Width modification of seat assemblies, e.g. for class modification
   B64D11/06D: . . Means for fastening seats to floors, e.g. to floor rails
   B64D13/00: Arrangements or adaptations of air-treatment apparatus for aircraft crew or passenger, or freight space; or structural parts of the aircarft
   B64D13/00B: the air being used to cool structural parts of the aircraft
   B64D13/02: the air being pressurised
   B64D13/04: . . Automatic control of pressure
   B64D13/06: the air being conditioned
   B64D13/08: . . the air being heated or cooled
   B64D15/00: De-icing or preventing icing on exterior surfaces of aircraft
   B64D15/02: by ducted hot gas or liquid
   B64D15/04: . . Hot gas application
   B64D15/06: . . Liquid application
   B64D15/08: . . . exuded from surface
   B64D15/10: . . . sprayed over surface
   B64D15/12: by electric heating
   B64D15/14: . . controlled cyclically along length of surface
   B64D15/16: by mechanical means
   B64D15/16B: . . using electro-impulsive devices
   B64D15/16C: . . using pneumatic boots
   B64D15/20: Means for detecting icing or initiating de-icing
   B64D15/22: . . Automatic initiation by icing detector
   B64D17/00: Parachutes
   B64D17/02: Canopy arrangement or construction
   B64D17/02B: . . for gliding chutes
   B64D17/04: . . formed with two or more canopies arranged about a common axis
   B64D17/06: . . formed with two or more canopies arranged in a cluster
   B64D17/08: . . Secondary or shock-absorbing canopies attached to load line
   B64D17/10: . . Ribbon construction or the like
   B64D17/12: . . constructed to provide variable or non-uniform porosity over area of canopy
   B64D17/14: . . with skirt or air-deflecting panels
   B64D17/16: . . . secured to hem of main canopy
   B64D17/18: . . Vent arrangement or construction
   B64D17/20: . . . variable in area
   B64D17/22: Load suspension
   B64D17/24: . . Rigging lines
   B64D17/26: . . . attached to hem of canopy
   B64D17/28: . . . attached to apex of canopy
   B64D17/30: . . Harnesses
   B64D17/32: . . . Construction of quick-release box
   B64D17/34: . . adapted to control direction or rate of descent
   B64D17/34B: . . . by reefing means
   B64D17/34C: . . . by anti-squid lines
   B64D17/36: . . incorporating friction devices or frangible connections to reduce shock loading of canopy B64D17/34B, B64D17/34C take precedence
   B64D17/38: . . Releasable fastening devices between parachute and load or pack
   B64D17/38B: . . . Cargo release hooks
   B64D17/38C: . . . Devices adapted to cut lines or straps
   B64D17/40: Packs
   B64D17/42: . . rigid
   B64D17/44: . . . forming part of load
   B64D17/46: . . Closing means
   B64D17/48: . . with separate pack for extractor of auxiliary parachute
   B64D17/50: . . formed with separate compartments for main canopy, rigging lines, or auxiliary parachute
   B64D17/52: . . Opening, e.g. manual
   B64D17/54: . . . automatic
   B64D17/56: . . . . responsive to barometric pressure
   B64D17/58: . . . . responsive to time-delay mechanism
   B64D17/60: . . . . by static line
   B64D17/62: Deployment
   B64D17/64: . . by extractor parachute
   B64D17/66: . . . attached to hem of main canopy
   B64D17/68: . . . attached to apex of main canopy
   B64D17/70: . . by springs
   B64D17/72: . . by explosive or inflatable means
   B64D17/72B: . . . by explosive means
   B64D17/74: . . Sequential deployment of a plurality of canopies
   B64D17/76: . . facilitated by method of folding or packing
   B64D17/78: in association with other load-retarding apparatus
   B64D17/80: in association with aircraft, e.g. for braking thereof
   B64D19/00: Non-canopied parachutes
   B64D19/02: Rotary-wing parachutes
   B64D21/00: Testing of parachutes
   B64D23/00: Training of parachutists
   B64D25/00: Emergency apparatus or devices, not otherwise provided for
   B64D25/02: Supports or holding means for living bodies
   B64D25/04: . . Seat modifications
   B64D25/06: . . Harnessing
   B64D25/08: Ejecting or escaping means
   B64D25/10: . . Ejector seats
   B64D25/12: . . Ejectable capsules
   B64D25/14: . . Inflatable escape chutes
   B64D25/16: . . Dinghy stowage
   B64D25/18: . . Flotation gear
   B64D25/20: . . Releasing of crash position indicators
   B64D27/00: Arrangement or mounting of power plant in aircraft; Aircraft characterised thereby
   B64D27/02: Aircraft characterised by the type or position of power plant
   B64D27/02B: . . [N of rocket type e.g. for assisting taking-off or braking]
   B64D27/04: . . of piston type
   B64D27/06: . . . within or attached to wing
   B64D27/08: . . . within or attached to fuselage
   B64D27/10: . . of gas-turbine type
   B64D27/12: . . . within or attached to wing
   B64D27/14: . . . within or attached to fuselage
   B64D27/16: . . of jet type
   B64D27/18: . . . within or attached to wing
   B64D27/20: . . . within or attached to fuselage
   B64D27/22: . . using atomic energy
   B64D27/24: . . using steam, electricity, or spring force
   B64D27/26: Aircraft characterised by construction of power-plant mounting
   B64D29/00: Power-plant nacelles, fairings, or cowlings
   B64D29/02: associated with wings
   B64D29/04: associated with fuselages
   B64D29/06: Attaching of nacelles, fairings or cowlings
   B64D29/08: Inspection panels for power plants
   B64D31/00: Power plant control; Arrangement thereof F02 takes precedence
   B64D31/02: Initiating means
   B64D31/04: . . actuated personally
   B64D31/06: . . actuated automatically
   B64D31/08: . . . for keeping cruising speed constant
   B64D31/10: . . . for preventing asymmetric thrust upon failure of one power plant
   B64D31/12: . . . for equalising or synchronising power plants
   B64D31/14: Transmitting means between initiating means and power plants
   B64D33/00: Arrangements in aircraft of power plant parts or auxiliaries not otherwise provided for
   B64D33/02: of combustion air intakes
   B64D33/04: of exhaust outlets or jet pipes (exhaust outlets for combustion engines in general F01N; jet pipes or nozzles for jet-propulsion plants per se F02K; plants characterised by the form or arrangement of the jet pipe or nozzle F02K) attitude, flight direction, or altitude control by jet reaction B64C
   B64D33/06: . . IPC2 Silencing exhaust or propulsion jets
   B64D33/08: of power plant cooling systems
   B64D33/10: . . Radiator arrangement
   B64D33/12: . . . of retractable type
   B64D35/00: Transmitting power from power plant to propellers or rotors; Arrangements of transmissions
   B64D35/02: characterised by the type of power plant
   B64D35/04: characterised by the transmission driving a plurality of propellers or rotors
   B64D35/06: . . the propellers or rotors being counter-rotating
   B64D35/08: characterised by the transmission being driven by a plurality of power plants
   B64D37/00: Arrangements in connection with fuel supply for power plant
   B64D37/00A: Accessories not provided for in the groups B64D37/02 to B64D37/28
   B64D37/02: Tanks
   B64D37/04: . . Arrangement thereof in or on aircraft
   B64D37/06: . . Constructional adaptations thereof
   B64D37/08: . . . Internal partitioning
   B64D37/10: . . . to facilitate fuel pressurisation
   B64D37/12: . . . jettisonable
   B64D37/14: . . Filling or emptying
   B64D37/16: . . . Filling systems
   B64D37/18: . . . . Conditioning fuel during filling
   B64D37/20: . . . Emptying systems
   B64D37/22: . . . . facilitating emptying in any position of tank
   B64D37/24: . . . . using gas pressure
   B64D37/26: . . . . Jettisoning of fuel
   B64D37/28: . . . . Control thereof
   B64D37/30: Fuel systems for specific fuels
   B64D37/32: Safety measures not otherwise provided for, e.g. preventing explosive conditions
   B64D37/34: Conditioning fuel, e.g. heating
   B64D39/00: Refuelling during flight
   B64D39/02: Means for paying-in or out hose
   B64D39/04: Adaptations of hose construction
   B64D39/06: Connecting hose to aircraft; Disconnecting hose therefrom
   B64D41/00: Power installations for auxiliary purposes
   B64D41/00R: Ram air turbines
   B64D43/00: Arrangements or adaptations of instruments
   B64D43/02: for indicating aircraft speed or stalling conditions
   B64D45/00: Aircraft indicators or protectors not otherwise provided for
   B64D45/00B: Devices specially adapted to indicate the position of a movable element of the aircraft, e.g. landing gear
   B64D45/00H: Devices specially adapted for the protection against criminal attack, e.g. anti-hijacking systems
   B64D45/02: Lightning protectors; Static dischargers
   B64D45/04: Landing aids; Safety measures to prevent collision with earth`s surface
   B64D45/06: . . mechanical
   B64D45/08: . . optical
   B64D47/00: Equipment not otherwise provided for
   B64D47/02: Arrangements or adaptations of signal or lighting devices
   B64D47/04: . . the lighting devices being primarily intended to illuminate the way ahead
   B64D47/06: . . for indicating aircraft presence
   B64D47/08: Arrangements of cameras