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   G07B1/00: Machines for printing and issuing tickets
   G07B1/02: employing selectable printing plates
   G07B1/04: . . wherein the plates are inserted
   G07B1/06: without selectable printing plates
   G07B1/08: portable
   G07B3/00: Machines for issuing preprinted tickets
   G07B3/02: from stock in wound strip form
   G07B3/04: from a stack
   G07B5/00: Details of, or auxiliary devices for, ticket-issuing machines
   G07B5/02: for cutting-off or separating tickets
   G07B5/04: for recording or registering tickets issued
   G07B5/06: for preventing fraudulent operation
   G07B5/08: for avoiding incorrect action of the machine
   G07B5/10: . . indicating when ticket supply is exhausted
   G07B5/12: allowing manual writing on the tickets
   G07B7/00: Holders providing direct manual access to the tickets
   G07B9/00: Ticket punches
   G07B9/02: Toy ticket-punches
   G07B11/00: Apparatus for validating or cancelling issued tickets
   G07B11/02: for validating inserted tickets
   G07B11/03: . . by printing
   G07B11/05: . . by perforating
   G07B11/07: . . by separating part of ticket
   G07B11/09: . . . combined with receptacle for separated part of ticket
   G07B11/11: for cancelling tickets
   G07B13/00: Taximeters
   G07B13/00M: operating mechanically
   G07B13/02: Details; Accessories
   G07B13/04: . . for indicating fare or state of hire
   G07B13/04B: . . . with indicating means on the outside of the vehicle
   G07B13/06: . . Driving arrangements
   G07B13/08: . . Tariff-changing arrangements
   G07B13/10: . . . automatically actuated
   G07B15/00: Arrangements or apparatus for collecting fares, tolls or entrance fees at one or more control points [M1012]
   G07B15/00B: Automatic toll systems
   G07B15/00B2: . . using wireless information transmission between the vehicle and a fixed station (identification of vehicles G08G)
   G07B15/00B4: . . coin-operated
   G07B15/02: taking into account a variable factor such as distance or time, e.g. for passenger transport, parking systems or car rental systems [M1012]
   G07B15/04: . . comprising devices to free a barrier, turnstile, or the like turnstiles with registering means G07C9/02; coin-freed aspects G07F17/00
   G07B15/06: Arrangements for road pricing or congestion charging of vehicles or vehicle users, e.g. automatic toll systems [M2010.12]
   G07B15/06B: . . using wireless information transmission between the vehicle and a fixed station (identification of vehicles G08G)
   G07B15/06D: . . being coin-operated
   G07B17/00: Franking apparatus (printing aspects B41)
   G07B17/00C: operated by portable carriers, e.g. for inputting credit or information
   G07B17/00D: Relations between apparatus, e.g. franking machine at customer or apparatus at post office, in a franking system
   G07B17/00D1: . . Physical or organizational aspects of franking systems
   G07B17/00D2: . . Communication details outside or between apparatus coin-freed apparatus for franking per se G07F17/26; Mechanisms actuated by objects other than coins to free or to actuate vending, hiring, coin or paper currency dispensing or refunding apparatus for cashless transactions only G07F19/00F
   G07B17/00E: Details internally of apparatus in a franking system, e.g. franking machine at customer or apparatus at post office digital data processing G06F; coin-freed apparatus for franking per se G07F17/26
   G07B17/00E1: . . Constructional details of apparatus in a franking system
   G07B17/00E2: . . Communication within apparatus, personal computer (PC) system, or server, e.g. between printhead and central unit in a franking machine
   G07B17/00E3: . . Calculation or computing within apparatus, e.g. calculation of postage value
   G07B17/00E4: . . Details specific to central, non-customer apparatus, e.g. servers at post office or vendor
   G07B17/00F: Details relating to mailpieces in a franking system
   G07B17/00F1: . . Transporting mailpieces postal sorting B07C
   G07B17/00F2: . . Printing or attaching on mailpieces printing mechanisms B41J; security printing B41M3/14; marking methods B41M5/00; inks C09D11/00; record carriers with at least a part designed to carry digital markings G06K19/00
   G07B17/00F3: . . Sensing or measuring mailpieces weighing G01G19/00; methods or arrangements for reading or recognising printed or written characters or for recognising patterns G06K9/00
   G07B17/00G: Cryptography or similar special procedures in a franking system
   G07B17/00M: using mechanical accounting means
   G07B17/00R: with means for resetting the monetary value of the accounting means
   G07B17/00R2: . . from a central point, e.g. post office
   G07B17/02: with means for computing or counting G07B17/00M takes precedence
   G07B17/04: with means for avoiding misuse