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   G07F1/00: Coin inlet arrangements; Coins specially adapted to operate coin-freed mechanisms
   G07F1/02: Coin slots
   G07F1/04: Coin chutes
   G07F1/04B: . . with means, other than for testing currency, for dealing with inserted foreign matter, e.g. "stuffing", "stringing" or "salting"
   G07F1/04B2: . . . the foreign matter being a long flexible member attached to a coin
   G07F1/04B2B: . . . . Cutting or trapping of the flexible member or the attached coin
   G07F1/04B2D: . . . . Automatic detection of the flexible member
   G07F1/04B4: . . . the foreign matter being in the form of liquids
   G07F1/04F: . . with means for dealing with jamming, e.g. by bent wires
   G07F1/04H: . . with means for temporarily storing coins
   G07F1/04K: . . with means for damping coin motion
   G07F1/06: Coins specially adapted to operate coin-freed mechanisms
   G07F3/00: Coin testing or sorting means or arrangements for coin-freed apparatus (apparatus for testing coins for use apart from coin-freed apparatus G07D)
   G07F3/02: for testing coins
   G07F3/02B: . . according to shape or size
   G07F3/02D: . . according to material
   G07F3/02F: . . according to milling or relief
   G07F3/04: for sorting coins
   G07F5/00: Coin-actuated mechanisms; Interlocks
   G07F5/02: actuated mechanically by coins, e.g. by a single coin
   G07F5/04: . . wherein two or more coins of the same denomination are required for each transaction
   G07F5/06: . . wherein two or more coins of different denominations are required for each transaction
   G07F5/08: . . wherein the use of two or more coins or an equivalent single coin is optional for each transaction; wherein the use of two or more coins or an alternative equivalent combination of coins is optional for each transaction
   G07F5/10: actuated electrically by the coin, e.g. by a single coin
   G07F5/12: . . wherein two or more coins of the same denomination are required for each transaction
   G07F5/14: . . wherein two or more coins of different denominations are required for each transaction
   G07F5/16: . . wherein the use of two or more coins or an equivalent single coin is optional for each transaction; wherein the use of two or more coins or an alternative equivalent combination of coins is optional for each transaction
   G07F5/18: specially adapted for controlling several coin-freed apparatus from one place
   G07F5/20: specially adapted for registering coins as credit, e.g. mechanically actuated
   G07F5/22: . . electrically actuated
   G07F5/24: with change-giving
   G07F5/26: Interlocks, e.g. for locking the doors of compartments other than that to be used
   G07F7/00: Mechanisms actuated by objects other than coins to free or to actuate vending, hiring, coin or paper currency dispensing or refunding apparatus handling coins or paper currencies apart from coin-freed or like apparatus G07D; complete banking systems G07F19/00
   G07F7/00B: Details or accessories
   G07F7/00C: for the vending of services
   G07F7/00C2: . . in function of elapsed time, e.g. for delivery of electrical power
   G07F7/00D: for the hiring of objects, apparatus, or the like
   G07F7/10B: . . . limiting the number of PIN-introduction attempts
   G07F7/10C: . . . checking of correspondence between card-code and PIN
   G07F7/10C2: . . . . local check, e.g. with sliding contacts on the card itself
   G07F7/10C4: . . . . central check via terminal
   G07F7/10C6: . . . . with checking the mutual correspondence of the codes on the card
   G07F7/10D10: . . . . Multiple service cards, e.g. for several accounts, applications of the same person, the card to be processed by different terminals/issuers[N9510]
   G07F7/10D10M: . . . . . with protecting memory zones, assigned to one service, against access (read/write/delete) by terminals of other services (protection against unauthorised access of computer memory areas in general G06F12/14; circuits for protecting data, e.g. PIN, in card G06K19/073)[N9511]
   G07F7/10D10M2: . . . . . . Zone-allocation and setting access conditions of zones[N9511]
   G07F7/10D12: . . . . Means to guarantee integrity of card data, not provided for in G07F7/10D2 to G07F7/10D10, e.g. digital signatures, check numbers[N9511]
   G07F7/10D14: . . . . Details or accessories concerning data transfer and storing, e.g. error detection, self diagnosis (G06K19/07 takes precedence)[N9511]
   G07F7/10D16: . . . . Multiple-card systems, the cards having either different or identical functions[N9511]
   G07F7/10D2: . . . . Personalisation or initialisation of card[N9511]
   G07F7/10D2K: . . . . . with securisation during issuing/transport phase[N9912]
   G07F7/10D2M: . . . . . for several users, e.g. hierarchical[N9511]
   G07F7/10D2P: . . . . . by application program downloading (G07F7/10D10M2 takes precedence)[N9511]
   G07F7/10D4: . . . . Mutual authentication of card and transaction partner, e.g. terminal, host, other card[N9511]
   G07F7/10D4E: . . . . . the card having encyphering/decyphering capabilities[N9511]
   G07F7/10D4E2: . . . . . . used for an authentication protocol (means for verifying the identity or authority of the user of a communication system per se H04L9/32)[N9511]
   G07F7/10D4T: . . . . . with transaction monitoring means, e.g. deriving transaction authentication number; with registration of transaction[N9511]
   G07F7/10D6: . . . . Identification of card user[N9511]
   G07F7/10D6F: . . . . . with means to protect against fraudulent identification attempts, e.g. counter for erroneous PIN-attempts[N9511]
   G07F7/10D6K: . . . . . by comparing other identifying data with reference data stored in the card chip (G07C9/00B6 takes precedence)[N9912]
   G07F7/10D6P: . . . . . by PIN check[N9511]
   G07F7/10D8: . . . . Independent cards, capable to authorise a transaction without the intervention of a terminal, e.g. by self-checking of user identity or solvency[N9511]
   G07F7/10D8C: . . . . . Cards only used as intermediate carriers for identification data of user and for transaction data[N9511]
   G07F7/10D8P: . . . . . Cards combined with portable reader/writer to constitute an independent assembly[N9511]
   G07F7/02: by keys or other credit registering devices for producing a coded signal for use together with coded identity cards G07F7/10)
   G07F7/02B: . . by active credit-registering devices, e.g. counters, memories
   G07F7/02C: . . by means, e.g. cards, comprising cases representing monetary value (for cancelling tickets, see G07B11/11)
   G07F7/02D: . . by cards with numerical value (G07F7/08 takes precedence)
   G07F7/02E: . . by means, e.g. cards, providing billing information at the time of purchase, e.g. identification of seller or purchaser, quantity of goods delivered or to be delivered
   G07F7/02E2: . . . by waiter-keys, generally in connexion with a cash-register
   G07F7/04: by paper currency
   G07F7/06: by returnable containers, i.e. reverse vending systems in which a user is rewarded for returning a container that serves as a token of value , e.g. bottles
   G07F7/06B: . . by fluid containers, e.g. bottles, cups, gas containers
   G07F7/06C: . . by carts
   G07F7/06C2: . . . [N: in which the trolleys or carts are kept fixed or linked onto a rail or barrier]
   G07F7/06C3: . . . [N: in which the trolleys or carts are kept in a restricted zone such as a coral-like enclosure, or are passing a gate before use is possible]
   G07F7/06C3B: . . . . [N: in which the trolleys or carts are kept in a box or container designed to transport or store a row of trolleys or carts as a whole]
   G07F7/06C5: . . . [N: in which the lock functions according to a "pinching of the token" principle, i.e. the token is held between two members]
   G07F7/06C7: . . . [N: Constructional details of the housing of the coin or token activated lock, or of mounting of the coin-lock on the trolley or cart]
   G07F7/06C9: . . . [N: Special lock-activating tokens, serving as replacement of a payment or of a coin]
   G07F7/06C9B: . . . . [N: in which a card, pay-card or card-like object is used as the special token required to get permission or activate the lock to use the trolley or cart]
   G07F7/06D: . . by box-like containers, e.g. videocassettes, books
   G07F7/08: by coded identity card or credit card or other personal identification means without personal verification means G07F7/02
   G07F7/08A: . . [N: Details of the card (record carriers per se G06K)]
   G07F7/08A2: . . . [N: Specific details related to card security]
   G07F7/08A2B: . . . . [N: Features insuring the integrity of the data on or in the card]
   G07F7/08A2D: . . . . [N: Embedded security module]
   G07F7/08A4: . . . [N: Card having specific functional components]
   G07F7/08A4B: . . . . [N: Additional components relating to data transfer and storing, e.g. error detection, self-diagnosis]
   G07F7/08A6: . . . [N: On-card display means]
   G07F7/08A8: . . . [N: On-card keyboard means]
   G07F7/08B: . . by passive credit-cards adapted therefor, e.g. constructive particularities to avoid counterfeiting, e.g. by inclusion of a physical or chemical security-layer for security documents G07D7/00; for the reading of record-carriers in general G06K7/00; for the design of coded credit-cards G06K19/10
   G07F7/08C: . . by active credit-cards adapted therefor G07F7/10D takes precedence
   G07F7/08C2: . . . Electronic wallets suitable to be connected to similar devices for mutual funds transfer, either with or without a terminal[N9511]
   G07F7/08C2B: . . . . with central accounting to keep track of the electronic money in circulation[N9511]
   G07F7/08C2C: . . . . the wallets having several accounts[N9511]
   G07F7/08C4: . . . the value being automatically decremented in function of a variable, e.g. time, distance[N9511]
   G07F7/08C6: . . . Systems wherein such cards are used for payment[N9511][C9610]
   G07F7/08C8: . . . Separate devices accepting such cards for payment[N9610]
   G07F7/08D: . . Details or accessories, e.g. reading, decoding, printing of data from the cards (G06K takes precedence)
   G07F7/08E: . . Verification of the card, i.e. checking validity to avoid misuse, e.g. checking expiry date
   G07F7/08E2: . . . by comparing with other document or pass, e.g. with a bank-cheque
   G07F7/08E4: . . . by mutual comparing codes on the card
   G07F7/08F: . . Account status verification, e.g. checking solvency of the holder (computers adapted for financial accounting G06Q40/00A)[C0506]
   G07F7/08F2: . . . Local credit-checking, e.g. with black-list on tape
   G07F7/08F4: . . . Central credit-checking via terminal (G07F7/10 takes precedence)
   G07F7/08G: . . [N: Details of the card reader]
   G07F7/08G2: . . . [N: the card reader being part of the point of sale (POS) terminal or electronic cash register (ECR) itself]
   G07F7/08G2P: . . . . [N: the card reader being portable for interacting with a POS or ECR in realizing a payment transaction]
   G07F7/08G4: . . . [N: the card reader reading the card in a contactless manner]
   G07F7/10: . . together with a coded signal [N: e.g. in the form of personal identification information, like personal identification number (PIN) or biometric data]
   G07F7/10D: . . . Active credit-cards provided with means to personalise their use, e.g. with PIN-introduction/comparison system
   G07F7/10E: . . . Devices or methods for securing the PIN and other transaction-data, e.g. by encryption arrangements for secret communication, see H04L9/00
   G07F7/10P: . . . [N: Identification of user by a PIN code]
   G07F7/10P10: . . . . [N. Counting of PIN attempts]
   G07F7/10P12: . . . . [N: Use of an encrypted form of the PIN]
   G07F7/10P2: . . . . [N. Details of the PIN pad]
   G07F7/10P2B: . . . . . [N: PIN input keyboard gets new key allocation at each use]
   G07F7/10P4: . . . . [N: Only a part of the PIN is required to be input]
   G07F7/10P6: . . . . [N: PIN is checked locally]
   G07F7/10P6B: . . . . . [N: PIN data being compared to data on card]
   G07F7/10P8: . . . . [N: PIN is checked remotely]
   G07F7/12: . . Card verification
   G07F7/12A: . . . [N: Online card verification]
   G07F7/12B: . . . [N: Offline card verification]
   G07F7/12C: . . . [N: in which both online and offline card verification can take place]
   G07F9/00: Details other than those peculiar to special kinds or types of apparatus
   G07F9/00B: displaying the inserted coins
   G07F9/00C: [N: Details of the software used for the vending machine]
   G07F9/02: Devices for alarm or indication, e.g. when empty; Advertising arrangements in coin-freed apparatus
   G07F9/02C: . . [N: for display, data presentation or advertising arrangements in payment activated and coin-freed apparatus]
   G07F9/02D: . . [N: for alarm, monitoring and auditing in vending machines or means for indication, e.g. when empty]
   G07F9/04: Means for returning surplus or unused coins
   G07F9/06: Coin boxes
   G07F9/08: Counting total of coins inserted
   G07F9/10: Casings or parts thereof , e.g. with means for heating or cooling
   G07F9/10B: . . Heating or cooling means, for temperature and humidity control, for the conditioning of articles and their storage dispensers for food articles requiring a processing by temperature treatment or conditioning before they are ready for dispensing G07F17/00F
   G07F11/00: Coin-freed apparatus for dispensing, or the like, discrete articles
   G07F11/00B: [N: where the dispenser is part of a centrally controlled network of dispensers]
   G07F11/00C: [N: Special arrangements for insuring that only one single article may be dispensed at a time]
   G07F11/00D: [N: wherein the storage and dispensing mechanism are configurable in relation to the physical or geometrical properties of the articles to be stored or dispensed]
   G07F11/02: from non-movable magazines
   G07F11/04: . . in which magazines the articles are stored one vertically above the other
   G07F11/04B: . . . for sheet shaped or pliable articles
   G07F11/06: . . . supported individually on pivotally-mounted flaps or shelves
   G07F11/08: . . . arranged in two column in staggered relationship
   G07F11/10: . . . two or more magazines having a common delivery chute
   G07F11/12: . . . with means for automatically changing to reserve stacks
   G07F11/14: . . . with means for raising the stack of articles to permit delivery of the topmost
   G07F11/16: . . . Delivery means
   G07F11/16B: . . . . [N: Delivery by means of an xyz-picker or multi-dimensional article picking arrangement]
   G07F11/18: . . . . Recessed drawers
   G07F11/20: . . . . Pushers actuated directly by hand
   G07F11/22: . . . . Pushers actuated indirectly by hand, e.g. through cranks or levers
   G07F11/24: . . . . Rotary or oscillatory members
   G07F11/26: . . . . Endless bands
   G07F11/28: . . in which the magazines are inclined
   G07F11/30: . . . two or more magazines having independent delivery
   G07F11/32: . . . two or magazines having a common delivery chute
   G07F11/34: . . in which the magazines are of zig-zag form
   G07F11/36: . . in which the magazines are of helical or spiral form
   G07F11/38: . . in which the magazines are horizontal
   G07F11/40: . . . the articles being delivered by hand-operated means
   G07F11/42: . . . the articles being delivered by motor-driven means
   G07F11/44: . . in which magazines the articles are stored in bulk
   G07F11/46: from movable storage containers or supports
   G07F11/48: . . the storage containers or supports, e.g. magazine, being pivotally mounted
   G07F11/50: . . the storage containers or supports being rotatably mounted
   G07F11/52: . . . about horizontal axes
   G07F11/54: . . . about vertical axes
   G07F11/56: . . . . the storage containers or supports both rotating and moving axially
   G07F11/58: . . the articles being supported on or by endless belts or like conveyers
   G07F11/60: . . the storage containers or supports being rectilinearly movable
   G07F11/62: in which the articles are stored in compartments in fixed receptacles
   G07F11/64: in which the articles are individually suspended from stationary supports
   G07F11/66: in which the articles are dispensed by cutting from a mass
   G07F11/68: in which the articles are torn or severed from strips or sheets
   G07F11/70: in which the articles are formed in the apparatus from components, blanks, or material constituents
   G07F11/72: Auxiliary equipment, e.g. for lighting cigars, opening bottles
   G07F13/00: Coin-freed apparatus for controlling dispensing or fluids, semiliquids or granular material from reservoirs
   G07F13/02: by volume
   G07F13/02B: . . wherein the volume is determined during delivery
   G07F13/04: by weight
   G07F13/06: with selective dispensing of different fluids or materials or mixtures thereof
   G07F13/06B: . . for drink preparation
   G07F13/08: in the form of a spray
   G07F13/10: with associated dispensing of containers, e.g. cups or other articles
   G07F15/00: Coin-freed apparatus with meter-controlled dispensing of liquid, gas or electricity
   G07F15/00B: for gas
   G07F15/00C: for electricity
   G07F15/00C2: . . [N: dispensed for the electrical charging of vehicles (electrical charging as such, B60L11)]
   G07F15/00C4: . . [N: dispensed for the electrical charging of other devices than vehicles]
   G07F15/00C6: . . [N: Rewarding for providing delivery of electricity to the network]
   G07F15/02: in which the quantity mechanism is set forward by hand after insertion of a coin
   G07F15/04: in which the quantity mechanism is set forward automatically by the insertion of a coin
   G07F15/06: with means for prepaying basic charges, e.g. rent for meters
   G07F15/08: with means for varying the tariff or changing the price
   G07F15/10: with alarm or warning devices, e.g. indicating the interrupting of the supply
   G07F15/12: in which metering is on a time basis
   G07F17/00: Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services
   G07F17/00B: for clockworks, e.g. alarm clocks, saving clocks
   G07F17/00C: [N: for vending, access and use of specific services not covered anywhere else in 17/00 (meter-controlled dispensing of liquid, gas or electricity G07F15/00)]
   G07F17/00C2: . . [N: Access to services on a time-basis]
   G07F17/00C2D: . . . [N: Use of a wired telephone or public communication device (charging and metering the use of the telecommunication network H04M17/02)]
   G07F17/00C4: . . [N: Participation in a loyalty or discount scheme (data processing for shopping and discounts G06Q30/00)]
   G07F17/00D: [N: for hiring of objects]
   G07F17/00D2: . . [N: for the hiring of content carriers, e.g. of DVDs or CDs (reverse vending for box-like objects such as videocassettes G07F7/06D)]
   G07F17/00D4: . . [N: for the hiring or rent of vehicles e.g. cars, bicycles or wheelchairs (car rental G07B15/00)]
   G07F17/00F: [N: for processing of food articles (cooking vessels A47J37/00)]
   G07F17/00F2: . . [N: Food articles which need to be processed for dispensing in a cold condition, e.g. ice and ice cream]
   G07F17/00F4: . . [N: Food articles which need to be processed for dispensing in a hot or cooked condition, e.g. popcorn, nuts]
   G07F17/00F4B: . . . [N: Food articles which for processing need cooking in a liquid, e.g. oil, water]
   G07F17/00P: [N: for assembling and dispensing of pharmaceutical articles (medical dispensers for private use, A61J7/00; data processing for medical purposes G06F19/00)]
   G07F17/02: for optical devices, e.g. telescopes
   G07F17/04: for anthropometrical measurements, such as weight, height, strength
   G07F17/04B: . . for weighing persons weighing apparatus in general G07F17/26B
   G07F17/06: for inflating-pumps
   G07F17/08: for seats or footstools
   G07F17/10: for means for safe-keeping of property, left temporarily, e.g. by fastening the property
   G07F17/10B: . . for money boxes for saving clocks G07F17/00B
   G07F17/12: . . comprising lockable containers, e.g. for accepting clothes to be cleaned
   G07F17/14: for fastenings for doors ; for turnstiles
   G07F17/14B: . . for revolving doors or turnstiles
   G07F17/16: for devices exhibiting advertisements, announcements, pictures or the like
   G07F17/16B: . . for film projection apparatus
   G07F17/16C: . . for calendars
   G07F17/18: for washing or drying persons
   G07F17/20: for washing or drying articles, e.g. clothes, motor cars
   G07F17/22: for cleaning and polishing boots or shoes
   G07F17/24: for parking meters
   G07F17/24B: . . provided with token dispensing devices
   G07F17/24C: . . provided with means for retaining a vehicle
   G07F17/24D: . . provided with vehicle proximity-detectors detecting hidden masses, e.g. metal detectors, G01V, e.g. G01V3/00; proximity switches per se H03K17/00; traffic control systems G08G1/00
   G07F17/24E: . . Housing construction casings for coin-freed apparatus G07F9/10
   G07F17/26: for printing, stamping, franking, typing or tele-printing apparatus
   G07F17/26B: . . for weighing devices for personal weighing apparatus G07F17/04B
   G07F17/26C: . . [N: for the use of a photocopier or printing device (photocopiers H04N1/00)]
   G07F17/28: for radio apparatus
   G07F17/30: for musical instruments
   G07F17/30B: . . for record players
   G07F17/32: for games, toys, sports or amusements, e.g. casino games, online gambling or betting (game play without financial reward A63F)
   G07F17/32A: . . Gaming machines which give out additional prizes, e.g. bonus or consolation prizes[N9703]
   G07F17/32A2: . . . the additional prizes being cumulative, e.g. jackpots[N9703]
   G07F17/32B: . . combined with vending machines
   G07F17/32C: . . Hardware aspects of a gaming system, e.g. components, construction, architecture thereof
   G07F17/32C2: . . . Player-machine interfaces
   G07F17/32C2B: . . . . Player sensing means, e.g. presence detection, biometrics
   G07F17/32C2D: . . . . Input means, e.g. buttons, touch screen
   G07F17/32C2F: . . . . Display means
   G07F17/32C2F2: . . . . . Details of moving display elements, e.g. spinning reels, tumbling members
   G07F17/32C4: . . . Construction aspects of a gaming system, e.g. housing, seats, ergonomic aspects
   G07F17/32C4B: . . . . wherein at least part of the system is portable
   G07F17/32C4D: . . . . Casino tables, e.g. tables having integrated screens, chip detection means
   G07F17/32C6: . . . Architectural aspects of a gaming system, e.g. internal configuration, master/slave, wireless communication
   G07F17/32D: . . functionally connected into groups of gaming stations[N9505]
   G07F17/32D2: . . . with circulation of gaming tokens[N9505]
   G07F17/32E: . . Data transfer within a gaming system, e.g. data sent between gaming machines and users
   G07F17/32E2: . . . Configuring a gaming machine, e.g. downloading personal settings, selecting working parameters
   G07F17/32E4: . . . wherein the player is informed, e.g. advertisements, odds, instructions
   G07F17/32E6: . . . wherein the operator is informed
   G07F17/32E6B: . . . . about the performance of a gaming system, e.g. revenue, diagnosis of the gaming system
   G07F17/32E6D: . . . . about the players, e.g. profiling, responsible gaming, strategy/behavior of players, location of players
   G07F17/32E6D2: . . . . . Tracking of individual players
   G07F17/32F: . . with means for setting payout ratio (G07F17/34C takes precedence)[N9509]
   G07F17/32G: . . where winnings can be gambled in a subsidiary game, e.g. double or quit[N9511][C9602]
   G07F17/32H: . . Security aspects of a gaming system, e.g. detecting cheating, device integrity, surveillance computer security G06F21/00
   G07F17/32J: . . Display means for gaming machines (Moving members, their stopping or movement G07F17/34)[N9602]
   G07F17/32K: . . Payment aspects of a gaming system, e.g. payment schemes, setting payout ratio, bonus or consolation prizes
   G07F17/32K10: . . . Incentive, loyalty and/or promotion schemes, e.g. comps, gaming associated with a purchase, gaming funded by advertisements
   G07F17/32K12: . . . Cumulative reward schemes, e.g. jackpots
   G07F17/32K2: . . . involving coins and/or banknotes
   G07F17/32K4: . . . involving non-monetary media of fixed value, e.g. casino chips of fixed value
   G07F17/32K6: . . . involving media of variable value, e.g. programmable cards, programmable tokens
   G07F17/32K8: . . . involving articles, e.g. paying in bottles, paying out toys
   G07F17/32M: . . Game play aspects of gaming systems
   G07F17/32M2: . . . Player actions which determine the course of the game, e.g. selecting a prize to be won, outcome to be achieved, game to be played
   G07F17/32M2B: . . . . Influencing the position of stopped moving members to achieve a winning arrangement, e.g. nudging, shuffling, holding
   G07F17/32M4: . . . Game outcomes which determine the course of the subsequent game, e.g. double or quits, free games, higher payouts, different new games
   G07F17/32M6: . . . Timing aspects of game play, e.g. blocking/halting the operation of a gaming machine
   G07F17/32M8: . . . Games involving multiple players
   G07F17/32M8B: . . . . wherein the players cooperate, e.g. team-play
   G07F17/32M8D: . . . . wherein the players compete, e.g. tournament
   G07F17/32M8D2: . . . . . wherein the competition is one-to-one, e.g. match
   G07F17/32M8F: . . . . wherein game attributes are transferred between players, e.g. points, weapons, avatars
   G07F17/32M8H: . . . . wherein the number of active machines is limited
   G07F17/32P: . . Type of games
   G07F17/32P10: . . . Fairground games, e.g. Tivoli, coin pusher machines, cranes
   G07F17/32P2: . . . Betting, e.g. on live events, bookmaking
   G07F17/32P4: . . . Regular and instant lottery, e.g. electronic scratch cards
   G07F17/32P6: . . . Card games, e.g. poker, canasta, black jack
   G07F17/32P8: . . . Games involving skill, e.g. dexterity, memory, thinking
   G07F17/34: . . depending on the stopping of moving members in a mechanical slot machine , e.g. "fruit" machines
   G07F17/34B: . . . with mechanically controlled payout (G07F17/34D, G07F17/34F take precedence)[C9602]
   G07F17/34C: . . . with electrically controlled payout (G07F17/34D, G07F17/34F take precedence)[C9602]
   G07F17/34D: . . . of tumbling members, e.g. balls or dice[N9507]
   G07F17/34F: . . . Constructional details of moving members (tumbling members G07F17/34D)[N9602]
   G07F17/34L: . . . with means for selecting winning stopping positions for symbols on the moving members[N9604]
   G07F17/34N: . . . [N: with means for influencing the position of stopped moving members to achieve a winning arrangement, e.g. "nudging", shuffling" or "holding"]
   G07F17/34P: . . . with means for detecting position of moving members (G07F17/34D takes precedence)[N9604][C0404]
   G07F17/34S: . . . with means for players to initiate stopping of the moving members[N0404]
   G07F17/36: . . Age, character or fortune telling apparatus
   G07F17/38: . . Ball games; Shooting apparatus ball games, e.g. football, golf, bowls, without coin collection A63B
   G07F17/38B: . . . for billiards (billiards without coin collection A63D15/00; playing indicators for billiards G07C1/28)[C9505]
   G07F17/38C: . . . wherein a ball or disc, or the coin itself, is thrown or tossed within an area, e.g. "Tivoli" games (Tivolis or like games with balls A63F7/02; dexterity games without coin collection A63F7/04)[C9505]
   G07F17/38C2: . . . . wherein coins inserted by a player are moved automatically within the machine to determine payout, e.g. coin pusher machines[N0104]
   G07F17/38D: . . . shooting apparatus (room-, right, air, spring-, and children`s guns F41B, F41C; toys which can shoot A63H)
   G07F17/40: for devices for accepting orders, advertisements, or the like
   G07F17/42: for ticket printing or like apparatus e.g. apparatus for dispensing of printed paper tickets or payment cards
   G07F19/00: Complete banking systems; Coded card-freed arrangements adapted for dispensing or receiving monies or the like and posting such transactions to existing accounts, e.g. automatic teller machines
   G07F19/00F: Automatic teller machines (ATMs)[N0111]
   G07F19/20: [N: Automatic teller machines [ATMs] ]
   G07F19/201: . . [N: Accessories of ATMs]
   G07F19/202: . . [N: Depositing operations within ATMs (depositing in general G07D11/00)]
   G07F19/203: . . [N: Dispensing operations within ATMs (dispensing in general G07D11/00)]
   G07F19/204: . . [N: Loading of a stored value token using an ATM]
   G07F19/205: . . [N: Housing aspects of ATMs]
   G07F19/2055: . . . [N: Anti-skimming aspects at ATMs]
   G07F19/206: . . [N: Software aspects at ATMs]
   G07F19/207: . . [N: Surveillance aspects at ATMs]
   G07F19/208: . . [N: Use of an ATM as a switch or hub]
   G07F19/209: . . [N: Monitoring, auditing or diagnose of functioning of ATMs]
   G07F19/210: . . [N: Retaining of the payment card by ATMs]
   G07F19/211: . . [N: Software architecture within ATMs or in relation to the ATM network]