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   G09F1/00: Cardboard or like show-cards of foldable or flexible material
   G09F1/02: Single substantially flat cards
   G09F1/04: Folded cards
   G09F1/06: . . to be erected in three dimensions
   G09F1/06A: . . . [N: Totem-like displays; Portable collapsible columnar displays]
   G09F1/08: wholly or partly imitating the form of an object, e.g. of the article to be advertised
   G09F1/10: Supports or holders for show-cards
   G09F1/10B: . . using suspension clamps
   G09F1/12: . . Frames therefor
   G09F1/14: . . in the form of legs
   G09F3/00: Labels, tag tickets, or similar identification or indication means ; Seals; Postage or like stamps
   G09F3/00B: Identification bracelets, e.g. secured to the arm of a person
   G09F3/02: Forms or constructions
   G09F3/02B: . . provided with adaptations for labelling machines
   G09F3/02C: . . Labels or tickets consisting of more than one part, e.g. with address of sender or other reference on separate section to main label; Multi-copy labels
   G09F3/02C2: . . . Pull- or fold out labels
   G09F3/02D: . . Labels or tickets undergoing a change under particular conditions, e.g. heat, radiation, passage of time
   G09F3/02D2: . . . tamper indicating labels
   G09F3/02D3: . . . where the change is not permanent, e.g. labels only readable under a special light, temperature indicating labels and the like
   G09F3/02E: . . Labels or tickets for tubes, pipes and the like
   G09F3/02F: . . including a machine-readable marking, e.g. a bar code digitally marked record carriers in general G06K19/00
   G09F3/02F1: . . . [N: Bar code orientation; Labels in which the bar code orientation is different]
   G09F3/03: . . of security seals means for indicating unauthorised opening of container closures B65D, e.g. B65D27/30, B65D55/02; theft deterrent tags E05B73/00B
   G09F3/03A: . . . characterised by the type of seal used
   G09F3/03A1: . . . . having arrow-like sealing means
   G09F3/03A2: . . . . having bolt like sealing means means for preventing relative axial movement of a pin, spigot, shaft or the like and a member surrounding it F16B21/00
   G09F3/03A3: . . . . having clamp-like sealing means
   G09F3/03A4: . . . . having electronic sealing means
   G09F3/03A4B: . . . . . using RFID tags
   G09F3/03A5: . . . . having label sealing means
   G09F3/03A6: . . . . having padlock-type sealing means padlocks in general E05B67/00
   G09F3/03A6B: . . . . . using cable lock
   G09F3/03A6C: . . . . . using a rigid hasp lock
   G09F3/03A7: . . . . having rotary sealing means
   G09F3/03A8: . . . . having tie-wrap sealing means
   G09F3/03B: . . . using a special technique to detect tampering, e.g. by ultrasonic or optical means
   G09F3/03C: . . . [N: Seals with transparent casing]
   G09F3/03C1: . . . . [N: With semi-transparent casing]
   G09F3/03R: . . . with violation indication by generating a random number random number generators G06F7/58, G07C15/00
   G09F3/04: to be fastened or secured by the material of the label itself, e.g. by thermo-adhesion
   G09F3/06: . . by clamping action
   G09F3/08: Fastening or securing by means not forming part of the material of the label itself
   G09F3/10: . . by an adhesive layer
   G09F3/12: . . by pins, staples, or the like
   G09F3/14: . . by strings, straps, chains, or wires
   G09F3/16: . . by clamps
   G09F3/18: . . Casings, frames or enclosures for labels
   G09F3/18B: . . . Enclosures enveloping completely the labels G09F3/20B takes precedence
   G09F3/20: . . . for adjustable, removable, or interchangeable labels
   G09F3/20B: . . . . Enclosures enveloping completely the labels G09F3/20D to G09F3/20H take precedence
   G09F3/20C: . . . . for labels being formed by a combination of interchangeable elements, e.g. price labels G09F3/20D to G09F3/20H take precedence
   G09F3/20D: . . . . specially adapted to be attached to a transparent surface, e.g. the window of a car
   G09F3/20E: . . . . specially adapted to be attached to a shelf or the like
   G09F3/20F: . . . . specially adapted for electric cables, pipes or the like
   G09F3/20G: . . . . specially adapted for marking or identifying plants
   G09F3/20H: . . . . in the form of a badge to be worn by a person
   G09F3/20J: . . . . [N: Electronic labels, Labels integrating electronic displays]
   G09F5/00: Means for displaying samples
   G09F5/02: Portable sample cases
   G09F5/04: Cards of samples; Books of samples
   G09F5/04B: . . in paper, paperboard, or the like
   G09F5/04C: . . for fabrics
   G09F5/04D: . . for carpets
   G09F7/00: Signs, name or number plates, letters, numerals, or symbols ; Panels or boards
   G09F7/00B: weather-proof panels or boards G09F7/02 to G09F7/14, G09F7/18 to G09F7/22 take precedence
   G09F7/02: Signs, plates, panels or boards using readily-detachable elements bearing or forming symbols
   G09F7/04: . . the elements being secured or adapted to be secured by magnetic means
   G09F7/06: . . the elements being secured or adapted to be secured by means of pins and holes
   G09F7/08: . . the elements being secured or adapted to be secured by means of grooves, rails, or slits
   G09F7/10: . . . and slideably mounted
   G09F7/12: . . the elements being secured or adapted to be secured by self-adhesion, moisture, suction, slow-drying adhesive or the like
   G09F7/14: . . Constructional features of the symbol bearing or forming elements
   G09F7/16: Letters, numerals, or other symbols adapted for permanent fixing to a support
   G09F7/16B: . . The letters, numerals, or other symbols being obtained by a treatment of the support
   G09F7/18: Means for attaching signs, plates, panels, or boards to a supporting structure
   G09F7/20: . . for adjustably mounting
   G09F7/22: . . for rotatably or swingably mounting, e.g. for boards adapted to be rotated by the wind
   G09F9/00: Indicating arrangements for variable information in which the information is built-up on a support by selection or combination of individual elements
   G09F9/30: in which the desired character or characters are formed by combining individual elements
   G09F9/302: . . characterised by the form or geometrical disposition of the individual elements
   G09F9/302A: . . . [N: Segmented electronic displays]
   G09F9/302B: . . . Video wall, i.e. stackable semiconductor matrix display modules video wall control systems G06F3/14C6, S09G206/04
   G09F9/305: . . being the ends of optical fibres
   G09F9/307: . . being incandescent filaments
   G09F9/30C: . . [N: flexible foldable or roll-able electronic displays e.g. thin LCD, OLED]
   G09F9/313: . . being gas discharge devices
   G09F9/33: . . being semiconductor devices, e.g. diodes
   G09F9/35: . . being liquid crystals
   G09F9/37: . . being movable elements
   G09F9/37E: . . . the positions of the elements being controlled by the application of an electric field
   G09F9/37M: . . . the position of the elements being controlled by the application of a magnetic field
   G09F9/37P: . . . the positions of the elements being controlled by pneumatic means
   G09F9/40: in which the desired character is selected from a number of characters arranged one beside the other, e.g. on a common carrier plate
   G09F9/40B: . . the selected character being projected on a common screen accommodating only one character at a time, to provide the same display position for all characters
   G09F9/46: in which the desired character is selected from a number of characters arranged one behind the other
   G09F11/00: Indicating arrangements for variable information in which the complete information is permanently attached to a movable support which brings it to the display position
   G09F11/02: the display elements being secured to rotating members, e.g. drums, spindles
   G09F11/02B: . . the members being rotated simultaneously, each face of the member carrying a part of the sign
   G09F11/04: . . the elements being secured to rotating discs G09F11/02B takes precedence
   G09F11/06: . . the elements being stiff plates or cards
   G09F11/08: . . the elements being flexible sheets
   G09F11/10: . . Electrical control therefor
   G09F11/12: the display elements being carried by endless belts, chains, or the like
   G09F11/14: . . the elements being in the form of stiff flaps, boards, cards, or the like
   G09F11/15: . . the elements being flexible sheets
   G09F11/16: . . Electric control therefor
   G09F11/18: the display elements being carried by belts, chains, or the like other than endless
   G09F11/20: . . the elements being in the form of stiff flaps, boards, cards or the like
   G09F11/21: . . the elements being flexible sheets
   G09F11/22: . . Electric control therefor
   G09F11/23: the advertising or display material forming part of rotating members, e.g. in the form of perforations, print, or transparencies on a drum or disc
   G09F11/235: . . Electric control therefor
   G09F11/23A: . . [N: Disc card or folded disc shaped card information display devices]
   G09F11/24: the advertising or display material forming part of a moving band, e.g. in the form of perforations, print, or transparencies
   G09F11/26: . . of an endless band
   G09F11/28: . . . Electric control therefor
   G09F11/29: . . of a band other than endless
   G09F11/295: . . . Electric control therefor
   G09F11/30: the display elements being fed one by one from storage place to a display position
   G09F11/32: . . the feeding means comprising belts or chains, e.g. endless belts or chains
   G09F11/32B: . . . the display elements being stored in the form of rolls fixed in between transporting belts or chains
   G09F11/34: . . the feeding means comprising electromagnets
   G09F13/00: Illuminated signs; Luminous advertising
   G09F13/00C: [N: Illumination controller or illuminated signs including an illumination control system]
   G09F13/02: Signs, boards, or panels, illuminated by artificial light sources positioned in front of the insignia
   G09F13/04: Signs, boards or panels, illuminated from behind the insignia
   G09F13/04B: . . the light source being enclosed in a box forming the character of the sign
   G09F13/04C: . . Arrangements for homogeneous illumination of the display surface, e.g. using a layer having a non-uniform transparency arrangements of reflectors G09F13/14
   G09F13/04D: . . Frames or casing structures therefor transparency frames G03B21/64
   G09F13/06: . . using individual cut-out symbols or cut-out silhouettes, e.g. perforated signs
   G09F13/08: . . using both translucent and non-translucent layers
   G09F13/10: . . . using transparencies
   G09F13/12: . . using a transparent mirror or other light reflecting surface transparent to transmitted light whereby a sign, symbol, picture or other is visible only when illuminated
   G09F13/14: . . Arrangements of reflectors theron
   G09F13/16: Signs formed of or incorporating reflecting elements or surfaces, e.g. warning signs having triangular or other geometrical shape
   G09F13/16B: . . rotatably or swingatly mounted reflecting elements or surfaces
   G09F13/18: edge-illuminated signs
   G09F13/20: with luminescent surfaces or parts
   G09F13/22: . . electroluminescent
   G09F13/24: using tubes or the like filled with liquid, e.g. bubbling liquid
   G09F13/26: Signs formed by electric discharge tubes
   G09F13/28: Signs formed by filament-type lamp
   G09F13/30: with moving light sources, e.g. rotating luminous tubes
   G09F13/32: with moving optical part of parts, e.g. mirrors
   G09F13/34: with light sources co-operating with movable members e.g. with shutters to cover or uncover the light source
   G09F13/36: . . co-operating with rotating screening means
   G09F13/42: with light sources activated by non-visible radiation
   G09F13/44: with gas as a lighting source
   G09F13/46: Advertising by fireworks
   G09F15/00: Boards, hoardings, pillars, or like structures for notices, placards, posters, or the like
   G09F15/00B: planar structures comprising one or more panels
   G09F15/00B2: . . frames therefor
   G09F15/00B3: . . panel clamping or fastening means
   G09F15/00B4: . . display surface tensioning means
   G09F15/00B4A: . . . [N: Tensioned curved signs; Signs with curved tensioning structures]
   G09F15/00B5: . . supported by a post
   G09F15/00B6: . . connected to a receptacle of public utility, e.g. a waste receptacle
   G09F15/00B7: . . for orientation or public information
   G09F15/00B8: . . portable display standards
   G09F15/00B8B: . . . collapsible
   G09F15/00C: Modular articulated structures, e.g. stands, and articulation means therefor
   G09F15/00D: Pillars
   G09F15/00D2: . . Rotating pillars
   G09F15/00E: including movable parts, e.g. movable by the wind
   G09F15/02: Bills, posters, or the like therefor
   G09F15/02P: . . [N: Poster carriers, i.e. devices for holding temporarily posters in order to transfer and apply them onto flat vertical surfaces]
   G09F17/00: Flags; Banners; Mountings therefor
   G09F17/00J: [N: Anti-foiling flagpoles; Sliding means to avoid foiling of flags on the poles]
   G09F19/00: Miscellaneous advertising or display means not provided for elsewhere
   G09F19/02: incorporating moving display members
   G09F19/04: . . operated by the opening or closing of doors, e.g. shop door
   G09F19/06: . . Writing devices
   G09F19/08: . . Dolls, faces, or other representations of living forms with moving parts
   G09F19/10: . . Devices demonstrating the action of an article to be advertised
   G09F19/12: using special optical effects
   G09F19/14: . . displaying different signs depending upon the view-point of the observer
   G09F19/16: . . involving the use of mirrors
   G09F19/18: . . involving the use of optical projection means, e.g. projection of images on clouds (projection apparatus per se G03B)
   G09F19/20: . . with colour-mixing effects
   G09F19/20A: . . . [N: Special effects using different wavelengths]
   G09F19/22: Advertising or display means on roads, walls, or similar surfaces, e.g. illuminated
   G09F19/22D: . . [N: Building external wall displays; Facade advertisement]
   G09F19/22E: . . [N: Ground signs, i.e. display signs fixed on the ground]
   G09F21/00: Mobile visual advertising
   G09F21/02: by a carrier person or animal
   G09F21/02B: . . [N: Advertising carried by a person, e.g. carried on the shoulders]
   G09F21/04: by land vehicles
   G09F21/04B: . . supported by tyres
   G09F21/04C: . . supported by the wheels
   G09F21/04D: . . using the shaking brought about by the locomotion of the vehicle
   G09F21/04E: . . [N: Advertisement panels on sides, front or back of vehicles]
   G09F21/06: by aeroplanes, airships, balloons, or kites
   G09F21/08: . . the advertising matter being arranged on the aircraft
   G09F21/10: . . . illuminated
   G09F21/12: . . the advertising matter being towed by the aircraft
   G09F21/14: . . . illuminated
   G09F21/16: . . Sky-writing
   G09F21/18: by ships or other floating means
   G09F21/20: . . illuminated
   G09F21/22: Dispensing devices for pamphlets or similar advertising matter from vehicles
   G09F23/00: Advertising on or in specific articles, e.g. ashtrays, letter-boxes
   G09F23/00F: on electrical household appliances, e.g. on a dishwasher, a washing machine or a refrigerator.
   G09F23/00G: on sports articles, e.g. golf clubs
   G09F23/00H: on tooth brushes
   G09F23/00K: on petrol dispensers
   G09F23/00L: on soda or beer cans
   G09F23/02: the advertising matter being displayed by the operation of the article
   G09F23/04: . . illuminated
   G09F23/06: the advertising matter being combined with articles for restaurants, shops or offices
   G09F23/06A: . . [N: Advertising in food vending machines]
   G09F23/08: . . with tableware
   G09F23/10: Advertisement on paper articles, e.g. booklets, newspapers
   G09F23/10F: . . on paper for wrapping flowers
   G09F23/12: . . on toilet paper
   G09F23/14: on toys, games, puzzles, or similar devices
   G09F23/16: on clocks, e.g. controlled by the clock mechanism
   G09F25/00: Audible advertising
   G09F27/00: Combined visual and audible advertising or displaying, e.g. for public address
   G09F27/00C: Displays including an emergency or alarm message
   G09F27/00D: [N: Signs associated with a sensor]
   G09F27/00E: [N: Displays with power supply provided by solar cells or photocells]
   G09F27/00G: [N: Sun shades, shades, hoods or louvers on electronic displays to minimize the effect of direct sun light on the display (rigidly arranged sunshade roofs with coherent surface E04F10/00B)]