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  A61L: METHODS OR APPARATUS FOR STERILISING MATERIALS OR OBJECTS IN GENERAL; DISINFECTION, STERILISATION, OR DEODORISATION OF AIR; CHEMICAL ASPECTS OF BANDAGES, DRESSINGS, ABSORBENT PADS, OR SURGICAL ARTICLES; MATERIALS FOR BANDAGES, DRESSINGS, ABSORBENT PADS, OR SURGICAL ARTICLES (preservation of bodies or disinfecting characterised by the agent employed A01N; preserving, e.g. sterilising, food or foodstuffs A23; preparations for medical, dental or toilet purposes A61K; preparation of ozone C01B13/10)  
   A61L31/00: Materials for other surgical articles {, e.g. stents, stent-grafts, shunts, surgical drapes, guide wires, materials for adhesion prevention, occluding devices, surgical gloves, tissue fixation devices (shape or structure of stent-grafts A61F2/07, of stents A61F2/82, of surgical gloves A61B42/00, of surgical drapes A61B46/00, of occluding devices A61B17/12022)}  
   A61L31/005: Ingredients of undetermined constitution or reaction products thereof  
   A61L31/02: Inorganic materials  
   A61L31/022: . . Metals or alloys  
   A61L31/024: . . Carbon; Graphite  
   A61L31/026: . . Ceramic or ceramic-like structures, e.g. glasses  
   A61L31/028: . . Other inorganic materials not covered by A61L31/022 - A61L31/026  
   A61L31/04: Macromolecular materials  
   A61L31/041: . . Mixtures of macromolecular compounds  
   A61L31/042: . . Polysaccharides  
   A61L31/043: . . Proteins; Polypeptides; Degradation products thereof  
   A61L31/044: . . . Collagen  
   A61L31/045: . . . Gelatin  
   A61L31/046: . . . Fibrin; Fibrinogen  
   A61L31/047: . . . Other specific proteins or polypeptides not covered by A61L31/044 - A61L31/046  
   A61L31/048: . . obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds (A61L31/041 takes precedence)  
   A61L31/049: . . . Rubbers  
   A61L31/06: . . obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds {A61L31/041 takes precedence}  
   A61L31/08: Materials for coatings  
   A61L31/082: . . Inorganic materials  
   A61L31/084: . . . Carbon; Graphite  
   A61L31/086: . . . Phosphorus-containing materials, e.g. apatite  
   A61L31/088: . . . Other specific inorganic materials not covered by A61L31/084 or A61L31/086  
   A61L31/10: . . Macromolecular materials  
   A61L31/12: Composite materials, i.e. containing one material dispersed in a matrix of the same or different material  
   A61L31/121: . . having an inorganic matrix  
   A61L31/122: . . . of carbon  
   A61L31/123: . . . of phosphorus-containing materials, e.g. apatite  
   A61L31/124: . . . of other specific inorganic materials not covered by A61L31/122 or A61L31/123  
   A61L31/125: . . having a macromolecular matrix  
   A61L31/126: . . . containing carbon fillers  
   A61L31/127: . . . containing fillers of phosphorus-containing inorganic materials  
   A61L31/128: . . . containing other specific inorganic fillers not covered by A61L31/126 or A61L31/127  
   A61L31/129: . . . containing macromolecular fillers  
   A61L31/14: Materials characterised by their function or physical properties {, e.g. injectable or lubricating compositions, shape-memory materials, surface modified materials}  
   A61L31/141: . . Plasticizers  
   A61L31/143: . . Stabilizers  
   A61L31/145: . . Hydrogels or hydrocolloids  
   A61L31/146: . . Porous materials, e.g. foams or sponges  
   A61L31/148: . . Materials at least partially resorbable by the body  
   A61L31/16: . . Biologically active materials, e.g. therapeutic substances {A61L31/047 takes precedence}  
   A61L31/18: . . Materials at least partially X-ray or laser opaque