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  C07K: PEPTIDES (peptides in foodstuffs A23; obtaining protein compositions for foodstuffs, working-up proteins for foodstuffs A23J; preparations for medicinal purposes A61K; peptides containing beta-lactam rings C07D; cyclic dipeptides not having in their molecule any other peptide link than those which form their ring, e.g. piperazine-2,5-diones, C07D; ergot alkaloids of the cyclic peptide type C07D519/02; macromolecular compounds having statistically distributed amino acid units in their molecules, i.e. when the preparation does not provide for a specific; but for a random sequence of the amino acid units, homopolyamides and block copolyamides derived from amino acids C08G69/00; macromolecular products derived from proteins C08H1/00; preparation of glue or gelatine C09H; single cell proteins, enzymes C12N; genetic engineering processes for obtaining peptides C12N15/00; compositions for measuring or testing processes involving enzymes C12Q; investigation or analysis of biological material G01N33/00)  
   C07K7/00: Peptides having 5 to 20 amino acids in a fully defined sequence; Derivatives thereof  
   C07K7/02: Linear peptides containing at least one abnormal peptide link  
   C07K7/04: Linear peptides containing only normal peptide links  
   C07K7/06: . . having 5 to 11 amino acids  
   C07K7/062: . . . Serum thymic factor  
   C07K7/065: . . . Thymic humoral factor  
   C07K7/067: . . . Hemoregulatory peptides based on sequence Glp-Glu-Asp-Cys-Lys  
   C07K7/08: . . having 12 to 20 amino acids (gastrins C07K14/595; somatostatins C07K14/655; melanotropins C07K14/68)  
   C07K7/083: . . . Neurotensin  
   C07K7/086: . . . Bombesin; Related peptides (having more than 20 amino acids C07K14/57572)  
   C07K7/14: . . Angiotensins: Related peptides  
   C07K7/16: . . Oxytocins; Vasopressins; Related peptides  
   C07K7/18: . . Kallidins; Bradykinins; Related peptides  
   C07K7/22: . . Tachykinins, e.g.; Eledoisins {, Substance P}; Related peptides  
   C07K7/23: . . Luteinising hormone-releasing hormone [LHRH]; Related peptides  
   C07K7/28: . . Gramicidins A, B, D; Related peptides  
   C07K7/50: Cyclic peptides containing at least one abnormal peptide link  
   C07K7/52: . . with only normal peptide links in the ring  
   C07K7/54: . . with at least one abnormal peptide link in the ring  
   C07K7/56: . . . the cyclisation not occurring through 2,4-diamino-butanoic acid  
   C07K7/58: . . . . Bacitracins; Related peptides  
   C07K7/60: . . . the cyclisation occurring through the 4-amino group of 2,4-diamino-butanoic acid  
   C07K7/62: . . . . Polymyxins; Related peptides  
   C07K7/64: Cyclic peptides containing only normal peptide links  
   C07K7/645: . . Cyclosporins; Related peptides  
   C07K7/66: . . Gramicidins S, C; Tyrocidins A, B, C; Related peptides