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   A61H1/00: Apparatus for passive exercising ; Vibrating apparatus (driving means for vibrating A61H23/00 ; Chiropractic devices, e.g. body impacting devices, external devices for briefly extending or aligning unbroken bones [M1207]
   A61H1/00B: Furniture with incorporated massage means, e.g. vibrating beds, chairs with massage rollers
   A61H1/00B2: . .  Beds[N0901]
   A61H1/00B4: . .  Chairs[N0901]
   A61H1/00C: Apparatus for applying movements to the whole body [M1207]
   A61H1/00C2: . . Rocking or oscillating around a horizontal axis transversal to the body
   A61H1/00C4: . .  Vibrating platforms[N0901]
   A61H1/00D: [N: Moveable platform, e.g. vibrating or oscillating platform for standing, sitting, laying or kneeling]
   A61H1/00L: Apparatus for applying pressure or blows for compressive stressing of a part of the skeletal structure, e.g. for preventing or alleviating osteoporosis
   A61H1/00P: Apparatus for applying pressure or blows almost perpendicular to the body or limb axis, e.g. chiropractic devices for repositioning vertebrae, correcting deformation
   A61H1/02: Stretching or bending or torsioning apparatus for exercising
   A61H1/02C: . . by rotating cycling movement
   A61H1/02D: . . Drawing-out devices suspension devices for supporting the patient in upright walking or standing position A61H3/00H; orthopedic devices for non-surgical treatment A61F5/01; stretching fractured limbs A61F5/04 [M1207]
   A61H1/02D1: . . . Traction tables A61H1/02D12 take precedence [M1207]
   A61H1/02D10: . . . in sitting position, e.g. combined with chairs
   A61H1/02D11: . . . supine, i.e. the legs in 90/90-position
   A61H1/02D12: . . . by reducing gravity forces normally applied to the body, e.g. by lifting or hanging the body or part of it [M1207]
   A61H1/02D2: . . . by hanging the patient upside down or inclined downwardly (tiltable beds for nursing A61G7/005, A61G7/008)[C9708]
   A61H1/02D3: . . . Feet or leg holding means
   A61H1/02D4: . . . Head holding means
   A61H1/02D5: . . . Thorax holding means, e.g. belts
   A61H1/02D6: . . . Pelvis holding means, e.g. belts
   A61H1/02D7: . . . Shoulder holding means, e.g. for neck stretching
   A61H1/02L: . . for the lower limbs
   A61H1/02L1: . . . Knee A61H1/02L4 takes precedence
   A61H1/02L2: . . . Hip A61H1/02L4 takes precedence
   A61H1/02L4: . . . Both knee and hip of a patient, e.g. in supine or sitting position, the feet being moved in a plane substantially parallel to the body-symmetrical-plane A61H1/02C takes precedence
   A61H1/02L4L: . . . . moved by translation
   A61H1/02L4W: . . . . Walking movement; Appliances for aiding disabled persons to walk A61H3/00 takes precedence
   A61H1/02L5: . . . Foot
   A61H1/02M: . . for the upper limbs
   A61H1/02M1: . . . Elbow
   A61H1/02M2: . . . Shoulder
   A61H1/02M5: . . . Hand
   A61H1/02M5F: . . . . Fingers
   A61H1/02N: . . for the spinal column A61H1/02D takes precedence
   A61H1/02N2: . . . Neck
   A61H3/00: Appliances for aiding patients or disabled persons to walk about [M1207]
   A61H3/00H: Using suspension devices for supporting the body in an upright walking or standing position, e.g. harnesses drawing-out devices A61H1/02D
   A61H3/02: Crutches
   A61H3/02B: . . Arrangements for storing or keeping upright when not in use
   A61H3/02S: . . Shock absorbers therefor
   A61H3/02T: . . Ferrules or tips therefor for walking sticks or umbrellas A45B9/04
   A61H3/04: Wheeled walking aids for disabled persons A61H3/00H,A61H3/06take precedence
   A61H3/06: Walking or guiding aids for blind persons
   A61H3/06E: . . with electronic detecting or guiding means
   A61H3/06G: . . Installations on the floor, e.g. special surfaces, to guide blind persons
   A61H3/06S: . . Sticks for blind persons
   A61H5/00: Exercisers for the eyes
   A61H5/00S: Exercisers for training the stereoscopic view
   A61H7/00: Devices for suction-kneading massage; Devices for massaging the skin by rubbing or brushing not otherwise provided for (Electro-medical massage devices applying electric current by contact A61N1/18 Brushes in general A46; Bathing sponges, brushes, gloves or similar cleaning or rubbing implements not specially for massage A47K7/02; Suction devices for nursing A61M1/06, A61M1/08; Rollers or balls therefore, A61H15/00 [M1207]
   A61H7/00B: without substantial movement between the skin and the device
   A61H7/00B2: . . the device being attached to, or worn by, the user
   A61H7/00B4: . . the pressure on the massaging means being exerted by user`s own weight
   A61H7/00D: by rubbing or brushing
   A61H7/00D2: . . Hand-held or hand-driven devices
   A61H7/00D2B: . . . with outlets in body-contacting parts for the delivery of liquid
   A61H7/00D4: . . power-driven e.g. electrical
   A61H7/00D4B: . . . hand-held
   A61H7/00H: Helmets for head-massage baths for the head A61H35/00H; washing, rinsing, drying A45D
   A61H7/00K: Kneading
   A61H7/00K2: . . Suction kneading
   A61H7/00S: Surfaces specially adapted for obtaining enhanced rubbing effects (A61H7/00D take precedence)
   A61H9/00: Pneumatic or hydraulic massage, e.g. sprays A61H13/00 takes precedence; underwater massage, spraying systems acting on a body or body part immersed in water A61H33/00, A61H35/00; brushes with fluid supply A46B11/00; nozzles per se B05B
   A61H9/00A: Pulsating percussion massage A61H23/00P; nozzles for pulsating streams in bathing devices A61H33/60E4S
   A61H9/00H: Hand-held devices for spraying and removing liquid while moved on the skin
   A61H9/00H2: . .  Having a layer between the skin and the fluid[N0902]
   A61H9/00H4: . . Hydraulic massage [M1207]
   A61H9/00P: Pneumatic massage
   A61H9/00P1: . . [N: Suction (suction kneading A61H7/00K2)]
   A61H9/00P4: . . [N: by localized pressure, e.g. air streams or jets]
   A61H9/00P6: . . [N: With intermittent or alternately inflated bladders or cuffs (beds with inflatable chambers A61G7/057K)]
   A61H9/00P6B: . . . Inflated by user's body movement, e.g. ambulatory devices
   A61H9/00P6C: . . . [N: Cuffs therefor]
   A61H11/00: Belts, strips or combs for massage purposes
   A61H11/02: Massage devices with strips oscillating lengthwise
   A61H13/00: Gum massage
   A61H13/00B: Hydraulic gum massage instruments or machines for rinsing the teeth A61C17/02
   A61H15/00: Massage by means of rollers, balls, e.g. inflatable, chains, or roller chains
   A61H15/00B: power-driven
   A61H15/00B2: . . hand-held
   A61H15/00C: hand-held A61H15/00B2 takes precedence
   A61H15/00U: Massage means not directly in contact with the user[N0902]
   A61H15/02: adapted for simultaneous treatment with light, heat or drugs
   A61H19/00: Massage for the genitals; Devices for improving sexual intercourse penis erection devices A61F5/41; vibration or percussion related aspects A61H23/00
   A61H19/00D: Vibrators having substantially cylindrical shape, e.g. dildos[N0902]
   A61H19/00S: Devices for use during sexual intercourse[N0902]
   A61H19/30: Devices for external stimulation of the genitals
   A61H19/32: . . for inserting the genitals therein e.g. vibrating rings for males or breast stimulating devices
   A61H19/34: . . [N: For clitoral stimulation]
   A61H19/40: Devices insertable in the genitals
   A61H19/44: . . [N: Having substantially cylindrical shape, e.g. dildos]
   A61H19/50: [N: Devices for use during sexual intercourse]
   A61H21/00: Massage devices for cavities of the body e.g. nose, ears and anus for the genitals A61H19/00; Vibration or percussion related aspects A61H23/00
   A61H23/00: Percussion or vibration massage, e.g. using supersonic vibration; Suction-vibration massage; Massage with moving diaphragms apparatus for passive exercising A61H1/00; generating or transmitting mechanical vibrations in general B06B
   A61H23/00M: With mechanical drive, e.g. spring mechanism or vibrating unit being hit for starting vibration and then applied to the body of a patient
   A61H23/00P: Percussion or tapping massage hand percussion A61H23/06
   A61H23/00S: using shock waves
   A61H23/02: with electric or magnetic drive
   A61H23/02F: . . with alternating magnetic fields producing a translating or oscillating movement
   A61H23/02F4: . . . using sonic waves, e.g. using loudspeakers
   A61H23/02P: . . with ultrasonic transducers, e.g. piezo-electric
   A61H23/02R: . . with rotary motor
   A61H23/02R2: . . . using rotating unbalanced masses
   A61H23/04: with hydraulic or pneumatic drive [N: (Hydraulic or Pneumatic massages, A61H9/00; Underwater massages, A61H33/00]
   A61H23/04B: . . with intermittent or alternately inflated bladders or cuffs
   A61H23/04B5: . . .  Cuffs therefor[N0902]
   A61H23/06: Hand percussion [N: , i.e. Hand driven (Chiropractic devices, A61H1/00P, A61H1/00L)]
   A61H31/00: Artificial respiration or heart stimulation
   A61H31/00H: Heart stimulation
   A61H31/00H2: . . with feedback for the user
   A61H31/00H4: . . [N: Power driven]
   A61H31/00H6: . . [N: Manual driven]
   A61H31/00S: [N: Supine patient supports or bases, e.g. improving air-way access to the lungs]
   A61H31/00S2: . . Supine patient supports or bases, e.g. improving air-way access to the lungs
   A61H31/02: "Iron-lungs", i.e. involving chest expansion by applying underpressure thereon , whether or not combined with gas breathing means
   A61H33/00: Bathing devices for special therapeutic or hygienic purposes
   A61H33/00E: Electrical circuits therefor
   A61H33/00N: Therapeutic baths with agitated or circulated water
   A61H33/00N2: . . Jet nozzles specially adapted for fitting in bath-tub walls (A61H33/02M, A61H33/02N take precedence)
   A61H33/00N2B: . . . with incorporated pump means
   A61H33/00N4: . . Intake mouths for recirculation of fluid in whirlpool baths[C9905]
   A61H33/00N4B: . . . combined with waste outlets
   A61H33/00N6: . . Water agitated by means moving in the bath, i.e. without water connections to an outside pump circuit
   A61H33/00N8: . . having discharge nozzle-units in the bath-tub connected to an outside pump circuit without modification of the bath-tub walls
   A61H33/00T: Arrangements for varying the temperature of the liquid
   A61H33/02: Bathing devices for use with gas-containing liquid, or liquid in which gas is led or generated, e.g. carbon dioxide baths A61H33/60E4C takes precedence [M1207]
   A61H33/02B: . . Aerating mats or frames, e.g. to be put in a bath-tub
   A61H33/02M: . . Gas nozzles specially adapted therefor
   A61H33/02N: . . Gas-water mixing nozzles therefor
   A61H33/02P: . . Means for producing a flow of gas, e.g. blowers, compressors
   A61H33/04: Appliances for sand, mud or foam baths; Appliances for metal baths, e.g. using metal salt solutions
   A61H33/06: Artificial hot-air or cold-air baths; Steam or gas baths or douches, e.g. sauna or Finnish baths
   A61H33/06B: . . for a part of the body (steam baths for the face A61H33/12)
   A61H33/06H: . . [N: Heaters specifically designed therefor]
   A61H33/06H5: . . . with steam generators
   A61H33/06K: . . Cabins therefor
   A61H33/06K2: . . . Installations for the inside of such cabins, e.g. seats
   A61H33/08: . . Air douches for hygienic purposes
   A61H33/10: . . Devices on tubs for steam baths
   A61H33/12: . . Steam baths for the face
   A61H33/14: Devices for gas baths with ozone, hydrogen, or the like
   A61H33/60: Components specifically designed for the therapeutic baths of groups A61H33/00plumbing E03C1/00
   A61H33/60C: . . Special constructive structural details of the bathtub, e.g. of the walls or supporting structure
   A61H33/60E: . . Inlet to the bath
   A61H33/60E2: . . . Cascade massage
   A61H33/60E4: . . . Nozzles
   A61H33/60E4C: . . . . [N: Nozzles in the bathtub connected to an outside pump circuit without modification of the walls]
   A61H33/60E4E: . . . . [N: Extendible or retractable]
   A61H33/60E4H: . . . . [N: Hand-held connected to a supply hose]
   A61H33/60E4O: . . . . [N: Used also as outlet]
   A61H33/60E4P: . . . . [N: With incorporated pump means]
   A61H33/60E4R: . . . . [N: Having flow regulating means]
   A61H33/60E4S: . . . . [N: Comprising means producing pulsating or intermittent streams (for massage, A61H9/00A)]
   A61H33/60E4W: . . . . [N: Specifically adapted for fitting in bathtub walls]
   A61H33/60F: . . [N: Outlet from the bath]
   A61H33/60F2: . . . [N: Intake mouths for recirculation of fluid in whirlpool baths]
   A61H33/60F2W: . . . . [N: Combined with waste outlets]
   A61H33/60F4: . . . For filling to the border or edge of the bath, i.e. no border to be seen
   A61H33/60M: . . Specific construction features for further massaging means, i.e. not for the nozzles
   A61H33/60M2: . . . Extending through the wall of the bathing device
   A61H35/00: Baths for specific parts of the body [N: (electric circuits therefor A61H33/00E; specific components therefor A61H33/60)]
   A61H35/00B: Breast baths
   A61H35/00F: for the feet
   A61H35/00H: for the head A61H35/02 and A61H35/04 takes precedence
   A61H35/02: for the eyes
   A61H35/04: for the nose
   A61H36/00: Sweating suits
   A61H37/00: Accessories for massage
   A61H37/00B: Mechanisms for moving massage elements along the body in a reciprocating manner (for shower-bath supports E03C1/06B)
   A61H37/00F: Body floating supports for relaxation in water
   A61H39/00: Devices for locating or stimulating specific reflex points of the body for physical therapy, e.g. acupuncture
   A61H39/00E: [N: Using electric currents (electrotherapy A61N1/32)]
   A61H39/00U: Stimulation by mechanical vibrations, e.g. ultrasonic
   A61H39/02: Devices for locating such points
   A61H39/04: Devices for pressing such points, e.g. Shiatsu or Acupressure [M1207]
   A61H39/06: Devices for heating or cooling such points within cell-life limits
   A61H39/08: Devices for applying needles to such points, i.e. for acupuncture; Acupuncture needles or accessories therefor
   A61H39/08H: . . Needle tubes
   A61H39/08N: . . Acupuncture needles
   A61H99/00: Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass