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   A61Q1/00: Make-up preparations; Body powders; Preparations for removing make-up
   A61Q1/02: Preparations containing skin colorants, e.g. pigments
   A61Q1/02B: . . Semi-permanent tattoos, stencils, e.g. "permanent make-up"
   A61Q1/04: . . for lips
   A61Q1/06: . . . Lipsticks
   A61Q1/08: . . for cheeks, e.g. rouge
   A61Q1/10: . . for eyes, e.g. eyeliner, mascara
   A61Q1/12: Face or body powders for grooming, adorning or absorbing
   A61Q1/14: Preparations for removing make-up
   A61Q1/14B: . . Tattoo removal
   A61Q3/00: Manicure or pedicure preparations
   A61Q3/02: Nail coatings
   A61Q3/04: Nail coating removers
   A61Q5/00: Preparations for care of the hair
   A61Q5/00B: Preparations for repairing the hair, e.g. hair cure
   A61Q5/00C: Preparations used to protect coloured hair
   A61Q5/00F: Antidandruff preparations
   A61Q5/00P: Preparations for oily hair
   A61Q5/02: Preparations for cleaning the hair
   A61Q5/04: Preparations for permanent waving or straightening the hair
   A61Q5/06: Preparations for styling the hair, e.g. by temporary shaping or colouring
   A61Q5/06D: . . Preparations for temporary colouring the hair, e.g. direct dyes
   A61Q5/08: Preparations for bleaching the hair
   A61Q5/10: Preparations for permanently dyeing the hair
   A61Q5/12: Preparations containing hair conditioners
   A61Q7/00: Preparations for affecting hair growth
   A61Q7/02: Preparations for inhibiting or slowing hair growth
   A61Q9/00: Preparations for removing hair or for aiding hair removal
   A61Q9/02: Shaving preparations
   A61Q9/04: Depilatories
   A61Q11/00: Preparations for care of the teeth, of the oral cavity or of dentures; Dentifrices, e.g. toothpastes; Mouth rinses
   A61Q11/02: Preparations for deodorising, bleaching or disinfecting dentures [M1107]
   A61Q13/00: Formulations or additives for perfume preparations
   A61Q15/00: Anti-perspirants or body deodorants
   A61Q17/00: Barrier preparations; Preparations brought into direct contact with the skin for affording protection against external influences, e.g. sunlight, X-rays or other harmful rays, corrosive materials, bacteria or insect stings Note: drugs for treating burns A61P17/02
   A61Q17/00F: Antimicrobial preparations
   A61Q17/02: Containing insect repellants
   A61Q17/04: Topical preparations for affording protection against sunlight or other radiation; Topical sun tanning preparations
   A61Q19/00: Preparations for care of the skin
   A61Q19/00C: Preparations for care of the lips
   A61Q19/00H: Aftershave preparations
   A61Q19/00K: Aftersun preparations
   A61Q19/00M: Preparations for sensitive skin
   A61Q19/00P: Preparations for dry skin
   A61Q19/00S: Preparations for oily skin
   A61Q19/02: for chemically bleaching or whitening the skin
   A61Q19/04: for chemically tanning the skin
   A61Q19/06: for countering cellulitis
   A61Q19/08: Anti-ageing preparations
   A61Q19/10: Washing or bathing preparations
   A61Q90/00: Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations for specific uses not provided for in other groups of this subclass
   A61Q99/00: Cosmetic or similar toilet preparations for specific uses not provided for in other groups of this subclas