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   A61M1/00: Suction or pumping devices for medical purposes; Devices for carrying-off, for treatment of, or for carrying-over, body-liquids; Drainage systems  
   A61M1/02: Blood transfusion apparatus  
   A61M1/04: Pneumothorax apparatus  
   A61M1/06: Milking pumps  
   A61M1/08: Cupping glasses  
   A61M1/10: Blood pumps; Artificial hearts; Devices for mechanical circulatory assistance, e.g. intra-aortic balloon pumps  
   A61M1/12: . . implantable into the body  
   A61M1/14: Dialysis systems; Artificial kidneys; Blood oxygenators  
   A61M1/16: . . with membranes  
   A61M1/18: . . . in the shape of hollow fibres  
   A61M1/20: . . . tubular  
   A61M1/22: . . . sheet-like  
   A61M1/24: . . . . spirally wound  
   A61M1/26: . . . which are moving  
   A61M1/28: . . Peritoneal dialysis  
   A61M1/30: . . Single needle dialysis  
   A61M1/32: . . Oxygenators without membranes  
   A61M1/34: Filtering material out of the blood by passing it through a membrane, i.e. hemofiltration, diafiltration  
   A61M1/36: Other treatment of blood in a by-pass of the natural circulatory system, e.g. temperature adaptation, irradiation  
   A61M1/38: . . Removing constituents from donor blood and returning remainder to body  
   A61M3/00: Medical syringes, e.g. enemata; Irrigators  
   A61M3/02: Enemata; Irrigators  
   A61M3/04: . . specially adapted for the uterus  
   A61M3/06: . . combined with bidets  
   A61M5/00: Devices for bringing media into the body in a subcutaneous, intra-vascular or intramuscular way; Accessories therefor, e.g. filling or cleaning devices, arm rests  
   A61M5/14: Infusion devices, e.g. infusing by gravity; Blood infusion; Accessories therefor  
   A61M5/142: . . Pressure infusion, e.g. using pumps  
   A61M5/145: . . . using pressurised reservoirs, e.g. by means of pistons  
   A61M5/148: . . . . flexible  
   A61M5/152: . . . . . pressurised by contraction of elastic reservoirs  
   A61M5/155: . . . . pressurised by gas  
   A61M5/158: . . Needles  
   A61M5/162: . . Needle sets, i.e. connections by puncture between reservoir and tube  
   A61M5/165: . . Filtering accessories, e.g. blood filters, filters for infusion liquids  
   A61M5/168: . . Means for controlling media flow to the body or for metering media to the body, e.g. drip meters, counters  
   A61M5/172: . . . electrical or electronic  
   A61M5/175: . . . mechanical  
   A61M5/178: Syringes  
   A61M5/19: . . having more than one chamber  
   A61M5/20: . . Automatic syringes, e.g. with automatically actuated piston rod, with automatic needle injection, filling automatically  
   A61M5/24: . . Ampoule syringes, i.e. syringes with needle for use in combination with replaceable ampoules or cartridges, e.g. automatic  
   A61M5/28: . . Syringe ampoules or cartridges, i.e. ampoules or cartridges provided with a needle  
   A61M5/30: . . Syringes for injection by jet action, without needle, e.g. for use with replaceable ampoules or cartridges  
   A61M5/303: . . . Media expelled from injector by explosive charge  
   A61M5/307: . . . Media expelled from injector by pressurised fluid  
   A61M5/31: . . Details  
   A61M5/315: . . . Pistons; Piston-rods; Guiding, blocking or restricting the movement of the rod; Appliances on the rod for facilitating dosing  
   A61M5/32: . . . Needles; Details of needles pertaining to their connection with syringe or hub; Accessories for bringing the needle into, or holding the needle on, the body; Devices for protection of needles  
   A61M5/34: . . . . Constructions for connecting the needle  
   A61M5/36: with means for eliminating or preventing injection or infusion of air into body  
   A61M5/38: . . using hydrophilic or hydrophobic filters  
   A61M5/40: . . using low-level float-valve to cut off media flow from reservoir  
   A61M5/42: having means for desensitising skin, for protruding skin to facilitate piercing, or for locating point where body is to be pierced  
   A61M5/44: having means for cooling or heating the devices or media  
   A61M5/46: having means for controlling depth of insertion  
   A61M5/48: having means for varying, regulating, indicating or limiting injection pressure  
   A61M5/50: having means for preventing re-use, or for indicating if defective, used, tampered with or unsterile  
   A61M5/52: Arm-rests  
   A61M9/00: Baths for subaquatic intestinal cleaning  
   A61M11/00: Sprayers or atomisers specially adapted for therapeutic purposes  
   A61M11/02: operated by air pressure applied to the liquid to be sprayed or atomised  
   A61M11/04: operated by the vapour pressure of the liquid to be sprayed or atomised  
   A61M11/06: of the injector type  
   A61M11/08: . . Pocket atomisers of the injector type  
   A61M13/00: Insufflators for therapeutic or disinfectant purposes  
   A61M15/00: Inhalators  
   A61M15/02: with activated or ionized gases; Ozone-inhalators  
   A61M15/06: Inhaling appliances shaped like cigars, cigarettes or pipes  
   A61M15/08: Inhaling devices inserted into the nose  
   A61M16/00: Devices for influencing the respiratory system of patients by gas treatment, e.g. mouth-to-mouth respiration; Tracheal tubes  
   A61M16/01: specially adapted for anaesthetising  
   A61M16/04: Tracheal tubes  
   A61M16/06: Respiratory or anaesthetic masks  
   A61M16/08: Bellows; Connecting tubes  
   A61M16/10: Preparation of respiratory gases or vapours  
   A61M16/12: . . by mixing different gases  
   A61M16/14: . . by mixing different fluids, one of them being in a liquid phase  
   A61M16/16: . . . Devices to humidify the respiration air  
   A61M16/18: . . . Vaporising devices for anaesthetic preparations  
   A61M16/20: Valves specially adapted to medical respiratory devices  
   A61M16/22: Carbon dioxide-absorbing devices  
   A61M19/00: Devices for local anaesthesia; Devices for hypothermia  
   A61M21/00: Other devices or methods to cause a change in the state of consciousness; Devices for producing or ending sleep by mechanical, optical, or acoustical means, e.g. for hypnosis  
   A61M21/02: for inducing sleep or relaxation, e.g. by direct nerve stimulation, hypnosis, analgesia  
   A61M23/00: Solid probes; Bougies  
   A61M25/00: Catheters; Hollow probes  
   A61M25/01: Introducing, guiding, advancing, emplacing or holding catheters  
   A61M25/02: . . Holding devices, e.g. on the body  
   A61M25/04: . . . in the body, e.g. expansible  
   A61M25/06: . . Body-piercing guide needles or the like  
   A61M25/08: . . Advancing means, e.g. self-propelled  
   A61M25/082: . . . Self-propulsion arrangements  
   A61M25/085: . . . Fluid propulsion  
   A61M25/088: . . using an additional catheter, e.g. to reach relatively inaccessible places  
   A61M25/09: . . Guide wires  
   A61M25/092: . . Remote control of the orientation of the distal end  
   A61M25/095: . . Arrangements for enabling the detection of the internal position of the catheter, e.g. radiographically  
   A61M25/098: . . . using radio-opaque markers  
   A61M25/10: Balloon catheters  
   A61M25/12: . . Arrangements for detaching the balloon when in place  
   A61M25/14: Arrangement or shape of fluid flow passages, e.g. of plural fluid passages  
   A61M25/16: Making or assembling not otherwise provided for  
   A61M25/18: . . Connecting catheters or probes to hubs  
   A61M27/00: Drainage appliances for wounds, or the like  
   A61M29/00: Dilators with or without means for introducing media, e.g. remedies  
   A61M29/02: Inflatable dilators; Dilators made of swellable materials  
   A61M29/04: . . Dilators made of swellable materials  
   A61M31/00: Devices for introducing or retaining media, e.g. remedies, in cavities of the body  
   A61M35/00: Devices for applying media, e.g. remedies, on the human body  
   A61M36/00: Applying radioactive material to the body  
   A61M36/02: combined with other radiant- or wave-energy source, e.g. electromagnetic, thermal, microwave  
   A61M36/04: Arrangements specially adapted for placing, e.g. inhaling or injecting, radioactive material within the body  
   A61M36/06: . . by fluid injection of radioactive or enhancing agent through a body-piercing conduit  
   A61M36/08: . . . Fluid reservoir shielding, e.g. syringe shielding  
   A61M36/10: . . Utero-vaginal or pelvic application  
   A61M36/12: . . Injectors, holders for seeds or implants, e.g. capsules  
   A61M36/14: Radioactive dressings  
   A61M37/00: Other apparatus for introducing media into the body; Percutany, i.e. introducing medicines into the body by diffusion through the skin  
   A61M39/00: Tubes, tube connectors, tube couplings, valves, access sites or the like, specially adapted for medical use  
   A61M39/02: Access sites  
   A61M39/04: . . having pierceable self-sealing members  
   A61M39/06: . . Haemostasis valves, i.e. gaskets sealing around a needle, catheter or the like, closing on removal thereof  
   A61M39/08: Tubes; Storage means specially adapted therefor  
   A61M39/10: Tube connectors or tube couplings  
   A61M39/12: . . for joining a flexible tube to a rigid attachment  
   A61M39/14: . . for connecting tubes having sealed ends  
   A61M39/16: . . having provision for disinfection or sterilisation  
   A61M39/18: . . . Methods or apparatus for making the connection under sterile conditions, i.e. sterile docking  
   A61M39/20: Closure caps or plugs for connectors or open ends of tubes  
   A61M39/22: Valves or arrangement of valves  
   A61M39/24: . . Check- or non-return valves  
   A61M39/26: . . Valves closing automatically on disconnecting the line and opening on reconnection thereof  
   A61M39/28: . . Clamping means for squeezing flexible tubes, e.g. roller clamps  
   A61M99/00: Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass