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   A61P1/00: Drugs for disorders of the alimentary tract or the digestive system  
   A61P1/02: Stomatological preparations, e.g. drugs for caries, aphtae, periodontitis  
   A61P1/04: for ulcers, gastritis or reflux esophagitis, e.g. antacids, inhibitors of acid secretion, mucosal protectants  
   A61P1/06: Anti-spasmodics, e.g. drugs for colics, esophagic dyskinesia  
   A61P1/08: for nausea, cinetosis or vertigo; Antiemetics  
   A61P1/10: Laxatives  
   A61P1/12: Antidiarrhoeals  
   A61P1/14: Prodigestives, e.g. acids, enzymes, appetite stimulants, antidyspeptics, tonics, antiflatulents  
   A61P1/16: for liver or gallbladder disorders, e.g. hepatoprotective agents, cholagogues, litholytics  
   A61P1/18: for pancreatic disorders, e.g. pancreatic enzymes  
   A61P3/00: Drugs for disorders of the metabolism  
   A61P3/02: Nutrients, e.g. vitamins, minerals  
   A61P3/04: Anorexiants; Antiobesity agents  
   A61P3/06: Antihyperlipidemics  
   A61P3/08: for glucose homeostasis  
   A61P3/10: . . for hyperglycaemia, e.g. antidiabetics  
   A61P3/12: for electrolyte homeostasis  
   A61P3/14: . . for calcium homeostasis  
   A61P5/00: Drugs for disorders of the endocrine system  
   A61P5/02: of the hypothalamic hormones, e.g. TRH, GnRH, CRH, GRH, somatostatin  
   A61P5/04: . . for decreasing, blocking or antagonising the activity of the hypothalamic hormones  
   A61P5/06: of the anterior pituitary hormones, e.g. TSH, ACTH, FSH, LH, PRL, GH  
   A61P5/08: . . for decreasing, blocking or antagonising the activity of the anterior pituitary hormones  
   A61P5/10: of the posterior pituitary hormones, e.g. oxytocin, ADH  
   A61P5/12: . . for decreasing, blocking or antagonising the activity of the posterior pituitary hormones  
   A61P5/14: of the thyroid hormones, e.g. T3, T4  
   A61P5/16: . . for decreasing, blocking or antagonising the activity of the thyroid hormones  
   A61P5/18: of the parathyroid hormones  
   A61P5/20: . . for decreasing, blocking or antagonising the activity of PTH  
   A61P5/22: . . for decreasing, blocking or antagonising the activity of calcitonin  
   A61P5/24: of the sex hormones  
   A61P5/26: . . Androgens  
   A61P5/28: . . Antiandrogens  
   A61P5/30: . . Oestrogens  
   A61P5/32: . . Antioestrogens  
   A61P5/34: . . Gestagens  
   A61P5/36: . . Antigestagens  
   A61P5/38: of the suprarenal hormones  
   A61P5/40: . . Mineralocorticosteroids, e.g. aldosterone; Drugs increasing or potentiating the activity of mineralocorticosteroids  
   A61P5/42: . . for decreasing, blocking or antagonising the activity of mineralocorticosteroids  
   A61P5/44: . . Glucocorticosteroids; Drugs increasing or potentiating the activity of glucocorticosteroids  
   A61P5/46: . . for decreasing, blocking or antagonising the activity of glucocorticosteroids  
   A61P5/48: of the pancreatic hormones  
   A61P5/50: . . for increasing or potentiating the activity of insulin  
   A61P7/00: Drugs for disorders of the blood or the extracellular fluid  
   A61P7/02: Antithrombotic agents; Anticoagulants; Platelet aggregation inhibitors  
   A61P7/04: Antihaemorrhagics; Procoagulants; Haemostatatic agents; Antifibrinolytic agents  
   A61P7/06: Antianaemics  
   A61P7/08: Plasma substitutes; Perfusion solutions; Dialytics or haemodialytics; Drugs for electrolytic or acid-base disorders, e.g. hypovolemic shock  
   A61P7/10: Antioedematous agents; Diuretics  
   A61P7/12: Antidiuretics, e.g. drugs for diabetes insipidus  
   A61P9/00: Drugs for disorders of the cardiovascular system  
   A61P9/02: Non-specific cardiovascular stimulants, e.g. drugs for syncope, antihypotensives  
   A61P9/04: Inotropic agents, i.e. stimulants of cardiac contraction; Drugs for heart failure  
   A61P9/06: Antiarrhythmics  
   A61P9/08: Vasodilators for multiple indications  
   A61P9/10: for treating ischaemic or atherosclerotic diseases, e.g. antianginal drugs, coronary vasodilators, drugs for myocardial infarction, retinopathy, cerebrovascula insufficiency, renal arteriosclerosis  
   A61P9/12: Antihypertensives  
   A61P9/14: Vasoprotectives; Antihaemorrhoidals; Drugs for varicose therapy; Capillary stabilisers  
   A61P11/00: Drugs for disorders of the respiratory system  
   A61P11/02: Nasal agents, e.g. decongestants  
   A61P11/04: for throat disorders  
   A61P11/06: Antiasthmatics  
   A61P11/08: Bronchodilators  
   A61P11/10: Expectorants  
   A61P11/12: Mucolytics  
   A61P11/14: Antitussive agents  
   A61P11/16: Central respiratory analeptics  
   A61P13/00: Drugs for disorders of the urinary system  
   A61P13/02: of urine or of the urinary tract, e.g. urine acidifiers  
   A61P13/04: for urolithiasis  
   A61P13/06: Anti-spasmodics  
   A61P13/08: of the prostate  
   A61P13/10: of the bladder  
   A61P13/12: of the kidneys  
   A61P15/00: Drugs for genital or sexual disorders; Contraceptives  
   A61P15/02: for disorders of the vagina  
   A61P15/04: for inducing labour or abortion; Uterotonics  
   A61P15/06: Antiabortive agents; Labour repressants  
   A61P15/08: for gonadal disorders or for enhancing fertility, e.g. inducers of ovulation or of spermatogenesis  
   A61P15/10: for impotence  
   A61P15/12: for climacteric disorders  
   A61P15/14: for lactation disorders, e.g. galactorrhoea  
   A61P15/16: Masculine contraceptives  
   A61P15/18: Feminine contraceptives  
   A61P17/00: Drugs for dermatological disorders  
   A61P17/02: for treating wounds, ulcers, burns, scars, keloids, or the like  
   A61P17/04: Antipruritics  
   A61P17/06: Antipsoriatics  
   A61P17/08: Antiseborrheics  
   A61P17/10: Anti-acne agents  
   A61P17/12: Keratolytics, e.g. wart or anti-corn preparations  
   A61P17/14: for baldness or alopecia  
   A61P17/16: Emollients or protectives, e.g. against radiation  
   A61P17/18: Antioxidants, e.g. antiradicals  
   A61P19/00: Drugs for skeletal disorders  
   A61P19/02: for joint disorders, e.g. arthritis, arthrosis  
   A61P19/04: for non-specific disorders of the connective tissue  
   A61P19/06: Antigout agents, e.g. antihyperuricemic or uricosuric agents  
   A61P19/08: for bone diseases, e.g. rachitism, Paget's disease  
   A61P19/10: . . for osteoporosis  
   A61P21/00: Drugs for disorders of the muscular or neuromuscular system  
   A61P21/02: Muscle relaxants, e.g. for tetanus or cramps  
   A61P21/04: for myasthenia gravis  
   A61P21/06: Anabolic agents  
   A61P23/00: Anaesthetics  
   A61P23/02: Local anaesthetics  
   A61P25/00: Drugs for disorders of the nervous system  
   A61P25/02: for peripheral neuropathies  
   A61P25/04: Centrally acting analgesics, e.g. opioids  
   A61P25/06: Antimigraine agents  
   A61P25/08: Antiepileptics; Anticonvulsants  
   A61P25/10: . . for petit-mal  
   A61P25/12: . . for grand-mal  
   A61P25/14: for treating abnormal movements, e.g. chorea, dyskinesia  
   A61P25/16: . . Anti-Parkinson drugs  
   A61P25/18: Antipsychotics, i.e. neuroleptics; Drugs for mania or schizophrenia  
   A61P25/20: Hypnotics; Sedatives  
   A61P25/22: Anxiolytics  
   A61P25/24: Antidepressants  
   A61P25/26: Psychostimulants, e.g. nicotine, cocaine  
   A61P25/28: for treating neurodegenerative disorders of the central nervous system, e.g. nootropic agents, cognition enhancers, drugs for treating Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia  
   A61P25/30: for treating abuse or dependence  
   A61P25/32: . . Alcohol-abuse  
   A61P25/34: . . Tobacco-abuse  
   A61P25/36: . . Opioid-abuse  
   A61P27/00: Drugs for disorders of the senses  
   A61P27/02: Ophthalmic agents  
   A61P27/04: . . Artificial tears; Irrigation solutions  
   A61P27/06: . . Antiglaucoma agents or miotics  
   A61P27/08: . . Mydriatics or cycloplegics  
   A61P27/10: . . for accommodation disorders, e.g. myopia  
   A61P27/12: . . for cataracts  
   A61P27/14: . . Decongestants or antiallergics  
   A61P27/16: Otologicals  
   A61P29/00: Non-central analgesic, antipyretic or antiinflammatory agents, e.g antirheumatic agents; Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)  
   A61P29/02: without antiinflammatory effect  
   A61P31/00: Antiinfectives, i.e. antibiotics, antiseptics, chemotherapeutics  
   A61P31/02: Local antiseptics  
   A61P31/04: Antibacterial agents  
   A61P31/06: . . for tuberculosis  
   A61P31/08: . . for leprosy  
   A61P31/10: Antimycotics  
   A61P31/12: Antivirals  
   A61P31/14: . . for RNA viruses  
   A61P31/16: . . . for influenza or rhinoviruses  
   A61P31/18: . . . for HIV  
   A61P31/20: . . for DNA viruses  
   A61P31/22: . . . for herpes viruses  
   A61P33/00: Antiparasitic agents  
   A61P33/02: Antiprotozoals, e.g. for leishmaniasis, trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis  
   A61P33/04: . . Amoebicides  
   A61P33/06: . . Antimalarials  
   A61P33/08: . . for Pneumocystis carinii  
   A61P33/10: Anthelmintics  
   A61P33/12: . . Schistosomicides  
   A61P33/14: Ectoparasiticides, e.g. scabicides  
   A61P35/00: Antineoplastic agents  
   A61P35/02: specific for leukemia  
   A61P35/04: specific for metastasis  
   A61P37/00: Drugs for immunological or allergic disorders  
   A61P37/02: Immunomodulators  
   A61P37/04: . . Immunostimulants  
   A61P37/06: . . Immunosuppressants, e.g. drugs for graft rejection  
   A61P37/08: Antiallergic agents  
   A61P39/00: General protective or antinoxious agents  
   A61P39/02: Antidotes  
   A61P39/04: Chelating agents  
   A61P39/06: Free radical scavengers or antioxidants  
   A61P41/00: Drugs used in surgical methods, e.g. surgery adjuvants for preventing adhesion or for vitreum substitution  
   A61P43/00: Drugs for specific purposes, not provided for in groups