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PatBase enhancements November 2019

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Welcome to PatBase

PatBase 2.0 - Coming soon

PatBase 2.0 – the powerful and super-fast update for PatBase – will be launched 7th September 2020.
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To request a trial of the new system, Please contact Minesoft.

Powerful, Integrated Analytics

Envisage a birds-eye view of market trends and key competitors. A critical step in R&D, as well as competitive or patent strategy; users can create visually appealing reports that communicate results clearly to decision makers.

High-Quality, Global Patent Data

Search across quality checked data from 106 countries (74 full text!) on one platform, updated daily. Legal status information is received directly from top patent offices around the world – including JPO, USPTO, DPMA, INPI, SIPO, OEPM, and other global patent data feeds.

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