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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 AT ccyyn(1-5) A AT10642001     Laid open patent application
 AT n(1-5)yy A AT1140669     Laid open patent application
 AT n(6) A1 AT500645     Publication of application with search report
 AT n(6) A2 AT500712     Publication of application without search report
 AT n(6) A3 AT500249     Search report only
 AT n(6) A4 AT500609     Publication of application without search report published on the same day as a B1 doc.
 AT n(6) A5 AT500899     Published supplementary search report for international application (having entered national phase as patent application)
 AT n(6) A8 AT500138     Modified first page
 AT n(6) A9 AT501432     Modified complete specification
 AT n(1-6) B AT414344     Patent
 AT n(6) B1 AT500579     Patent granted
 AT n(6) B2 AT500460     Publication of patent restricted after opposition
 AT n(6) B8 AT406417     Modified first page granted patent
 AT n(6) B9 AT406210     Corrected complete granted patent
 AT n(1-6) E AT101796     EP patent valid in AT
 AT n(1-5) U1 AT3830     Utility model with search report
 AT n(1-5) U2 AT10057     Utility model without search report
 AT n(1-5) U3 AT10007     Search report only
 AT n(1-5) U8 AT10554     Modified first page utility model
 AT n(1-5) U9 AT10728     Modified complete specification utility model

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