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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 AU ccyyn(6) A0 AU2002950186     Application filed
 AU n(1-4)yy A0 AU145295     Application filed
 AU ccyyn(5) A1 AU199742577     Open to public inspection
 AU n(1-5)yy A1 AU4904759     Open to public inspection
 AU n(6) A1 AU434923     Open to public inspection
 AU n(6) A3 AU546988     Petty patent
 AU ccyyn(5) A5 AU199742577     Open to public inspection
 AU ccyyn(6) AA AU2004270070     Open to public inspection
 AU ccyyn(6) AB AU2003244817     Amended post open to public inspection
 AU ccyy1n(5) AD AU2005100864     Granted OPI innovation patent
 AU ccyy1n(5) AE AU2005100397     Pre-grant OPI innovation patent
 AU ccyyn(6) AF AU2001100539     Amended post-grant OPI
 AU ccyyn(6) AH AU2003245630     Corrected first page
 AU ccyyn(6) AI AU2005201548     Corrected complete document
 AU n(1-5)yy B1 AU709832     Patent not preceeded by A1 lapsed
 AU n(6) B2 AU465418     Patent preceeded by A1
 AU n(6) B3 AU510652     Petty patent preceeded by A3
 AU ccyyn(6) BA AU2003257503     Patent not preceeded by OPI
 AU ccyyn(6) BB AU2001229708     Patent preceeded by OPI
 AU ccyy1n(5) BD AU2004203424     Certified innovation patent
 AU ccyyn(6) BH AU2004203424     Corrected first page of granted document
 AU ccyyn(6) BI AU2001277279     Corrected complete granted document
 AU n(6) C AU598806     Amended patent
 AU ccyy1n(5) CD AU2003203467     Amended certified innovation patent
 AU n(1+) P AU1980     Granted plant patent
 AU ccyyn(5) S AU201610985     Design
 AU n(5-6) S AU93651     Design
 AU ccyyn(3) V AU2012180     Published plant application

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