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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 BE n(1-6) A BE757434     Patent of invention (language undefined)
 BE n(1-6) A1 BE744641     Patent of invention (in French)
 BE n(1-6) A2 BE744408     Patent of invention (in Dutch)
 BE n(1-6) A3 BE792951     Patent specification (in German)
 BE n(1-6) A4 BE799359     Patent of improvement
 BE n(1-6) A5 BE762208     Patent of improvement
 BE n(1-6) A7 BE744672     Patent of importation
 BE n(1-6) A8 BE781727     Patent of importation
 BE n(7) A9 BE1022316     Complete corrected patent application
 BE n(7+) AA BE1005408     Application for a patent of invention
 BE n(7+) AB BE1023764   PD 20170716 20 year patent original text
 BE n(7+) AB BE1024236 PD 20170717   Patent application with search report
 BE n(7+) AC BE1012793     20 year patent modified text
 BE n(7+) AD BE1015272     AB with search report
 BE n(7+) AE BE1000150     AC with search report
 BE n(7+) AF BE1015735     20 year patent modified claims
 BE n(7+) AG BE1015252     6 year patent original text
 BE n(7+) AH BE1001661     6 year patent modified text
 BE n(7) B9 BE1024244     Complete corrected patent for an invention
 BE n(7+) BB BE1026014     Second level after A1
 BE n(7+) BD BE1010275     Second level after A3
 BE n(7+) BF BE1014324     Second level after A5
 BE n(7+) BG BE1010895     Second level after A6
 BE ccyyCn(3) I2 BE2011C013     Supplementary protection certificate
 BE n(1-6) Q BE781727     Patent of importation
 BE n(1-6) R BE762208     Patent of improvement
 BE n(1-3) T1 BE109     Patent of invention from EP in French
 BE n(1-2) T2 BE70     Patent of invention from EP in Dutch

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