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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 BG n(5-6) A BG112197     Patent application laid open
 BG n(5) A1 BG51851     Description of invention for an inventor's certificate
 BG n(5) A2 BG16606     Additonal inventor's certificate
 BG n(5) A3 BG60186     Description of an invention for a patent
 BG n(5) A4 BG27047     Description of addition to an invention for a patent
 BG n(5) B1 BG60382     Patent first level of publication
 BG n(5) B2 BG51925     Patent second level of publication
 BG n(4-6) U BG109553     Utility model application laid open
 BG n(6) U1 BG000903     Granted registered utility model
 BG n(5-6) Y1 BG100238     Utility patent first level of publication
 BG n(5-6) Y2 BG101253     Utility patent second level of publication

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