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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 DD n(1-6) A DD100128     Number not accorded
 DD n(6) A1 DD139407 PD 19800101   Provisional economic patent (Hauptpatent)
 DD n(6) A2 DD146315 PD 19800101   Provisional economic patent (additional)
 DD n(6) A3 DD142133 PD 19800101   Economic patent
 DD n(6) A4 DD145179 PD 19800101   Economic patent (additional)
 DD n(6) A5 DD202385 PD 19800101 PD 19920506 Provisional exclusive patent
 DD n(6) A5 DD292028 PD 19920507   Patent application (incomplete treatm.)
 DD n(6) A6 DD148206 PD 19800101 PD 19920506 Provisional exclusive patent (additional)
 DD n(6) A7 DD268844 PD 19800101 PD 19920506 Exclusive patent
 DD n(6) A7 DD301547 PD 19920507   Patent application laid open
 DD n(6) A8 DD302006 PD 19800101   Exclusive patent (additional)
 DD n(6) A9 DD301924     Document laid open (first publication)
 DD n(1-6) B DD122853     Granted patents
 DD n(5-6) B1 DD103056     Economic patent (Sect. 18 (1))
 DD n(6) B1 DD241886     Granted patent (no sub. examination)
 DD n(6) B2 DD333039     Granted patent (with sub. Examination)
 DD n(5-6) B3 DD268422     Granted patent (with sub. Examination)
 DD n(6) B5 DD137443     Doc laid open (Second publication)
 DD n(4-6) C DD102725   PD 19791231 Provisional exclusive patent
 DD n(6) C2 DD226022     Economic patent (Sect. 19)
 DD n(6) C4 DD240283     Economic patent (Sect. 19)
 DD n(6) C5 DD301479     Doc. laid open (Third publication)
 DD n(4-6) D DD114247   PD 19791231 Exclusive patent
 DD n(4-5) S DD64416   PD 19791231 Exclusive patent (additional)
 DD n(3-6) T DD101090   PD 19791231 Economic patent
 DD n(6) T1 DD281507     Translation under CMEA Agreement
 DD n(3-6) U DD132705   PD 19791231 Economic patent (additional)
 DD n(1-6) U1 DD110490     Utility model
 DD n(5-6) W DD124718   PD 19791231 Provisional exclusive patent (additional)
 DD n(5-6) Y DD103077   PD 19791231 Provisional ecomonic patent (additional)
 DD n(3-6) Z DD107717   PD 19791231 Provisional economic patent (Hauptpatent)

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