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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 FI ccyyn(4) A FI20077126 PN 19990001   Patent application open to public inspection
 FI n(1-5) A FI10096 PN 10000 PN 37835 Patent
 FI n(4)yy A FI140074 PN 100000 PN 404373 Unexamined application open to public inspection
 FI yyn(4) A FI760401 PN 740001 PN 999999 Unexamined application open to public inspection
 FI ccyyn(4) A0 FI20060405     Patent application filed
 FI yyn(4) A0 FI873041     Patent application filed
 FI n(5) A1 FI19873 PN 19872 PN 37835 Granted patent
 FI n(4-5) A7 FI19194     Granted patent
 FI n(5) B FI65983 PN 40001 PN 99285 Document laid open for public inspection (second level of publication)
 FI n(6) B FI100001 PN 100001   Patent specification (second level of publication)
 FI n(6) B2 FI119419     Amended granted patent after opposition period
 FI n(6) B3 FI112942     Granted patent after limitation
 FI n(5) C FI47030     Patent
 FI n(5) C1 FI47030     Amended patent specification
 FI ccyyn(4) L FI20070143     Abstract published
 FI n(1-3)yy L FI873 PD 19730101 PD 19741231 Abstract published
 FI yyn(4) L FI820974 PN 750001   Abstract published
 FI n(1-5) S1 FI25218     Industrial design
 FI ccyyn(4) U0 FI20050397     Utility model application filed
 FI yyn(4) U0 FI980045     Utility model application filed
 FI n(1-5) U1 FI11484     Utility model granted

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AD=application date / PD=publication date / PN=publication number.
A blank in "From" or "To" = without limit going backwards / forwards respectively.