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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 GB ccyyn(5) A GB190917872     Patent specification
 GB n(5) A GB10171 PN 10000   Patent specification
 GB n(6) A GB100013 PN 100000 PN 999999 Patent specification
 GB n(7) A GB1000006 PN 1000000 PN 1999999 Patent specification
 GB ccyyn(5) A0 GB200000035 PD 20000101   Application for patent (filed)
 GB yyn(5) A0 GB7843530     Application for patent (filed)
 GB n(7) A1 GB2000124 PN 2000000 PN 1000000000 Application published
 GB n(7) A8 GB2220373 PN 2000000 PN 1000000000 Corrected first page published application
 GB n(6) A9 GB623691     Amended patent specification
 GB n(7) A9 GB2332741 PN 2000000 PN 1000000000 Corrected complete specification published application
 GB n(7) B GB1494973 PN 1 PN 1999999 Amended patent specification
 GB n(7) B2 GB2000048 PN 2000000 PN 1000000000 Patent granted
 GB n(7) B8 GB2299576 PN 2000000 PN 1000000000 Corrected first page patent specification
 GB n(7) C GB2206834 PN 2000000 PN 1000000000 Patent modified
 GB n(7) C2 GB2392831     Complete reissue of a reissued granted C specification
 GB n(7) C3 GB2350843     Complete reissue of a reissued granted C2 specification

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AD=application date / PD=publication date / PN=publication number.
A blank in "From" or "To" = without limit going backwards / forwards respectively.