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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 GR ccyy01n(5) A GR20080100448 PN 20000100001   Patent application
 GR n(1-5) A GR59396 PN 10000 PN 99999 Patent
 GR yyn(7) A GR890100201 PN 880100001 PN 990199999 Patent application
 GR n(5) A1 GR58029     Patent of addition
 GR n(1-5) B GR81977 PN 10000 PN 82692 Patent
 GR n(7) B GR1000018 PN 1000001   Patent
 GR yyn(4) B GR862513 PN 850001 PN 872105 Patent
 GR ccyy03n(5) T1 GR20010300001  20010300001   Translation of EP claims
 GR yy03n(5) T1 GR990300048  880300001  990300048 Translation of EP claims
 GR n(7) T3 GR3004984     Translation of EP patent
 GR n(7) T7 GR1001555     Translation of patent
 GR ccyy02n(5) U GR20130200113     Utility model application
 GR yy02n(5) U GR900200152     Utility model application
 GR n(7) Y GR2000099     Utility model patent

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AD=application date / PD=publication date / PN=publication number.
A blank in "From" or "To" = without limit going backwards / forwards respectively.