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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 HU n(1-6) A HU33429     Patent application (undefined)
 HU n(7) A0 HU0105270 PD 19720101 PD 20021231 Patent application filed
 HU yyn(5) A0 HU9904057     Patent application filed
 HU n(1-4) A1 HU2953 PN 1 PN 4000 Unexamined patent application (deferred entry)
 HU n(1-5) A2 HU1013 PN 1 PN 90000 Examined patent application
 HU n(5) A2 HU66615 PD 19690101 PD 19951231 Laid open patent application with complete examination
 HU n(7) A3 HU9400005 PN 9200000 PN 9500760 Imported patent application
 HU n(1-4) A4 HU2953     Laid open patent application with deferred examination
 HU n(6) A9 HU210540 PD 19940701   Transitional pipeline patent application
 HU yyn(5) AA HU9600031     Patent application with search report
 HU yyn(5) AB HU9800837     Patent application without search report
 HU yyn(5) AC HU0000052     Search report published
 HU n(6) B HU178631 PN 178601 PN 9999999 Patent with search report
 HU n(6) B1 HU212331     Patent without previous publication
 HU n(6) B3 HU210202     Imported patent
 HU n(7) I1 HU1600061 PD 20040501   Supplemental protection certificate application
 HU n(1-6) P HU175340 PN 1 PN 178600 Patent second publication
 HU n(6) T1 HU026940 PD 20030101   Translation of claims of a European patent application
 HU n(8) T1 HU10161767     Translation of claims of a European patent application
 HU n(6) T2 HU026939 PD 20030101   Translation of complete European patent application
 HU n(8) T2 HU05848930     Translation of a complete European patent application
 HU n(6) T3 HU026940 PD 20030101   Correction of T1
 HU n(8) T3 HU10161767     Correction of T1
 HU n(6) T4 HU026939 PD 20030101   Correction of T2
 HU n(8) T4 HU05848930     Correction of T2
 HU n(6) T5 HU015524 PD 20030101   Translation of an amended European patent
 HU n(6) T6 HU011611 PD 20030101   European patent considered void in Hungary
 HU n(1-4) U HU1007     Utility model application published
 HU yyn(5) U0 HU9900063     Utility model application filed

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