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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 IT llyyn(4) A ITRM910248     Patent
 IT n(1-6) A IT80658     Patent
 IT n(1-7) A IT941530   AD 19891231 Patent
 IT llccyyn(4) A0 ITRM20000643     Patent application filed
 IT llyyn(4) A0 ITRM970141     Patent application filed
 IT n(6) A0 IT342698     Patent application filed
 IT yyn(5) A0 IT7830952     Patent application filed
 IT llccyyn(4) A1 ITAG20010001     Published patent application
 IT llyyn(4) A1 ITAG970007     Published patent application
 IT n(12) A1 IT201600072749     Patent application
 IT yyn(5) A1 IT9000001     Published patent application
 IT llccyyn(4) A2 None     Divisional application
 IT llyyn(4) A2 None     Divisional application
 IT llccyyn(4) A3 None     Application also filed as Utility
 IT llyyn(4) A3 ITBA950039   AD 19991231 Application also filed as Utility
 IT llccyyn(4) A4 ITMI20002560     Application transformed
 IT llyyn(4) A4 ITSP980001   AD 19991231 Application transformed
 IT n(7) B IT1241031 AD 19900101   Patent
 IT n(7) B1 IT1264089     Granted patent
 IT n(7) B2 None     Complementary protection certificate
 IT llccyyn(4) T1 ITMI20001868     Translated granted patent
 IT llyyn(4) T1 ITPS980005     Translated granted patent
 IT llyyn(4) T3 ITPD980068     Translated utility model application
 IT n(1-8) U IT207446     Utility model patent
 IT llccyyn(4) U0 ITRM20020028     Utility model application filed
 IT llyyn(4) U0 ITPS920021     Utility model application filed
 IT yyn(5) U0 IT8034403     Utility model application filed
 IT llccyyn(4) U1 ITAL20000007     Utility model application
 IT llccyyn(5) U1 ITUB201556641     Utility model application
 IT llyyn(4) U1 ITAL920003     Utility model application
 IT n(12) U1 IT201600068615     Utility model application
 IT yyn(5) U1 IT9000205     Utility model application
 IT llccyyn(4) U2 None     Divisional utility model application
 IT llyyn(4) U2 None     Divisional utility model application
 IT llccyyn(4) U3 None     Utility model application also filed as patent application
 IT llyyn(4) U3 ITAN970019     Utility model application also filed as patent application
 IT yyn(6) U3 IT90036147     Utility model application also filed as patent application
 IT llccyyn(4) U4 ITMI20020423     Application transformed
 IT llyyn(4) U4 ITVR960056     Application transformed
 IT n(6) Y1 IT225406     Granted utility model application

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