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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 KR ccyyn(7) A KR20030016756     Unexamined patent
 KR ccyyn(7) A9 KR20160024737     Corrected unexamined patent
 KR 10n(7) B1 KR100582736     Patent specification
 KR n(7) B1 KR0116170     Patent specification
 KR yyn(7) B1 KR900004643     Patent specification
 KR 10n(7) B9 KR100862392     Corrected complete granted patent
 KR ccyyn(7) D KR20100000101     Unexamined design
 KR ccyyn(7) K1 KR20050027581     Non-official translation of KR - A document, not issued by patent office
 KR 10n(7) K2 KR100865690     Non-official translation of KR - B document, not issued by patent office
 KR 30n(7) S KR300259003     Design
 KR ccyyn(7) S1 KR20190001499     Unexamined design
 KR ccyyn(7) U KR19980020587     Utility model
 KR yyn(7) U KR830000998     Utility model
 KR ccyyn(7) U9 KR20150003863     Utility model (revision)
 KR 20n(7) Y1 KR200141015     Utility model specification
 KR n(7) Y1 KR0106899     Utility model specification
 KR yyn(7) Y1 KR900004648     Utility model specification
 KR 20n(7) Y9 KR200141015     Utility model specification (revision)

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AD=application date / PD=publication date / PN=publication number.
A blank in "From" or "To" = without limit going backwards / forwards respectively.