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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 NO ccyyn(4) A NO20030010     Unexamined application open to public inspection
 NO n(1-6) A NO950006     Unexamined application open to public inspection
 NO ccyyn(4) A0 NO20012444     Patent application filed
 NO yyn(4) A0 NO873271     Patent application filed
 NO n(6) B NO116780 PN 115001 PN 300000 Examined application
 NO n(6) B1 NO300007 PN 300001   Granted patent
 NO n(6) B2 NO314591 PN 300001   Granted after opposition
 NO n(6) B3 NO315610     Granted with admin. limitation
 NO n(6) C NO113558     Granted patent
 NO ccyyn(3) I1 NO2003008     Supplementary protection certificate application
 NO ccyyn(3) I2 NO2004007     Granted supplementary protection certificate
 NO ccyyn(4) L NO20093282     Abstract
 NO yyn(4) L NO991342     Abstract
 NO n(7) T3 NO2709958     Translated granted patent

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Legend: l=a-z / n=0-9 / c=century / y=year / j=Emperor year / ( ) contains the length of the numerical part.
AD=application date / PD=publication date / PN=publication number.
A blank in "From" or "To" = without limit going backwards / forwards respectively.