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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 US n(1-7) A US3000003     U.S. patent
 US ccyyn(6) A9 US2002133136     Corrected patent application
 US ccyyn(6) AA US2008202169 PN 2000000000 PN 3000000000 First published patent application
 US ccyyn(6) AB US2009035749     Republished patent application
 US n(7) B1 US3379273     Reexamination certificate first reexamination
 US REn(5) B1 USRE34957     Reexamination certificate reissue first reexamination
 US n(7) B2 US4138670   PD 19991231 Reexamination certificate reissue, second reexamination
 US REn(1-5) B2 USRE33128   PD 20001231 Reexamination certificate reissue second reexamination
 US REn(5) B2 USRE33209     Reexamination certificate reissue, second reexamination
 US n(7) B3 None     Reexamination certificate, third reexamination
 US REn(5) B3 None     Reexamination certificate reissue, third reexamination
 US n(7) B8 None     Corrected front page granted patent
 US n(7) B9 None     Corrected complete granted patent
 US n(7) BA US7045496 PD 20010101   Granted patent, first publication
 US n(8) BA US10000005 PN 10000000   Granted patent, first publication
 US n(7) BB US7120425 PD 20010101   Granted patent, second publication
 US n(8) BB US10010028 PN 10000000   Granted patent, second publication
 US n(5) C1 US32507     First reexamination of reissue
 US n(7) C1 US4866257     First reexamination
 US n(5) C2 US32940     Second reexamination of reissue
 US n(7) C2 US5096607     Second reexamination
 US n(5) C3 None     Third reexamination of reissue
 US n(7) C3 None     Third reexamination
 US n(7) C4 None     Fourth reexamination
 US n(7) C5 None     Fifth reexamination
 US n(7) C6 None     Sixth reexamination
 US n(7) C7 None     Seventh reexamination
 US n(7) C8 None     Eight reexamination
 US n(7) C9 None     Ninth reexamination
 US REn(1-5) E USRE10013     Reissue
 US REn(5) E USRE41131   PN 99999 Reissue
 US REn(5) F1 USRE35860     Reexamination certificate reissue first reexamination
 US REn(5) F2 None PD 20010101   Reexamination certificate reissue second reexamination
 US Tn(1-6) H UST100402   PD 20001231 Defensive patent
 US Hn(1-4) H1 USH109     Statutory Invention Registration (SIR)
 US Hn(4) H1 USH1902 PD 19911203   Statutory Invention Registration (SIR)
 US Bn(1-6) I USB540078     Patent application published within the TVPP
 US Xn(1-4) I1 USX1     Patent application
 US AIn(3) I3 USAI120     Additional improvement
 US AIn(4) I3 None     Additional improvement
 US AIn(5) I3 None     Additional improvement
 US n(7) K1 US7579016 PD 20120916   Inter Partes Review Certificate
 US n(1-5) P US5016 PN 1 PN 11727 Plant patents
 US ccyyn(6) P1 US2009038043     First published plant patent application
 US n(5-6) P2 US12414 PN 11728 PN 999999 First published granted plant patent
 US n(5-6) P3 US14783     Second published granted plant patent
 US ccyyn(6) P4 None PN 2000000000 PN 3000000000 Republished plant patent application
 US ccyyn(6) P9 None PN 2000000000 PN 3000000000 Corrected plant patent application
 US Dn(1-6) S1 USD126473     Design patent

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