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Country Number format Kind code Example From To Document type
 UY n(5) A1 UY31700 AD 19411203   Patent Application (1st publication level)
 UY n(5) A2 UY26277 AD 19411203   Divisional Application (1st publication level)
 UY n(5) A3 UY27849 AD 19411203   Revalidation Application (1st publication level)
 UY unknown B None  19411203   Granted Patent (2nd publication level)
 UY n(4) Q UY3261 AD 19760726 AD 20090930 Industrial design application
 UY n(4) S UY4389 AD 20091001   Industrial design application
 UY n(4) U UY3261 AD 19760726   Utility Model Application

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